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Country India
 • TypeGram Panchayat
 • BodySudamda Gram Panchayat
108 m (354 ft)
 • Total8,286
 • OfficialGujarati, Sanskrit, English, Hindi
 • SpokenGujarati
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Postal Index Number
363 440
Telephone code+91 02755
Literacy59.19% (2011)[2]
Driving sideLeft

Sudamda-Dhandalpur is a pair of villages and former (joint) princely state on the Saurashtra peninsula, in Gujarat state, western India. The Dhandalpur Village Named After Saint Dhundlinath. [3]


Sudamda-Dhandalpur was a minor princely state of Jhalawar prant, which during the Kathi raj was handled by the colonial Eastern Kathiawar Agency.

History of Dhandhalpur

Tradition says that in about st. 904 Rana of Chitod having no male issue (although he had four wives) asked benediction from the saint Dhundlinath who said the Rana would have a son to each of his queens but he took a promise from the Rana to give one of these songs to the Saint. By the course of time, Rana's wives brought forth four sons and one of them named Kanidevkuvar was given by the Rana to Dhudhlinath who to the boy and made him his disciple. They came to Dhank and fought with Nagajan Jethwa. They overthrew the city of Dhank and then came and founded Dhandhalpur in St. 1114 after the name of Dhundhlinath whose large image is directed to the west of Dhandhalpur

There is another tradition connected with this place that Minaldevi mother of Siddhraj Jaysing of Patan had conception but by some supernatural means applied by Siddhraj stepmother, she could not be delivered of the child. Under these circumstances, she was in search of great yogees and ultimately came to Dhandhalpur and related the circumstances to the Saint Dhundhlinath. The latter advised her to send false information to Anhilwad that she was delivered of a son when the other queens of the raja would naturally take out the kamans for seeing and satisfying themselves. Then this was done the pregnant Rani brought forth a son who was named Sidhraj after the name of his Sidh Dhundhlinath. Siddhhraj was thus born under a khijda tree to the west of Dhandhalpur. They then went to Anhilwad after Siddhraj's accession to the gadi they again came to Dhandhalpur and constructed the stepwell.


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