Limbdi State
લીંબડી રિયાસત
Princely State of British India
c. 1500–1947
Coat of arms of Limbdi
Coat of arms

Location of Limbdi State in Saurashtra
• 1931
632 km2 (244 sq mi)
• 1931
• Established
c. 1500
Succeeded by

Limbdi State was a princely state and was entitled to a 9-gun salute during the British Raj. It was ruled at that time by members of the Jhala dynasty.[1] It belonged to Kathiawar Agency. After India's independence from British colonial rule in 1947, Limbdi was integrated into the Indian Union with other princely states.


During local princely states existence in Kathiyawad, there were approximately 222 small & medium princely states. During that era, Limbdi was also a princely state. During the time span from 1768 to 1948, many rulers had taken charge of Limbdi starting from Harisinhji, Bhojrajji, Harbhamji, Fatesinhji, Jashwantsinhji, Jatashankar.[citation needed]


The rulers of Limbdi had the title of Thakur Sahib.[citation needed] They also held the title of Maharana, which was rarely used.


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