State of Khairpur
Princely State of British India, later West Pakistan
c. 1853–1955
Flag of Khairpur

Location of the former princely state of Khairpur
15,730 km2 (6,070 sq mi)
• Established
c. 1853
• merged into West Pakistan
30 September 1955
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kalhora dynasty
West Pakistan
Today part ofPakistan
* Sindh
Local Government Department of Sindh

The State of Khairpur (also transliterated as Khayrpur,[1] was a princely state of British India on the Indus River in northern Sindh, modern Pakistan, with its capital city at Khairpur.


Khairpur was established by the Talpur dynasty in 1783. Conquered by the British in 1843 following the Battle of Miani, Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur eventually gave up attempts to regain control of the area after a decade and entered into treaty with the British, thereby maintaining some autonomy as a princely state. The last Mir of Khairpur opted to join the new state of Pakistan in 1947, and the dominion was thus made a Princely state of Pakistan, until it was fully amalgamated into West Pakistan in 1955.[2]

Khairpur State (marked in red) joined Pakistan as a princely state in 1947
The Faiz Mahal haveli was one of several palaces used by the Khaipur Talpur Mirs.

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