Sant State
• Established
H.H. Maharana Shri Joraver Sinhji, The Raja of Sant State c. 1922

Santrampur State (Sant State, also spelled Sunth and Soanth) is a former state located in the present-day state of Gujarat, India. It covered an area of approximately 1,367 km2 (528 sq mi) and was bounded on the north by the dominions of Dungarpur and Banswara in Rajputana. On the east was the sub division of Jhalod in the Panch Mahals. On the south it touched the small state of Sanjeli while on the west it was bounded by the State of Lunavada.The State enjoyed a hereditary salute of 9 gun and 11 gun local salute. The rulers of state claim descent from the Mahipavat branch of the Malwa dynasty.


In 1753, The Maharawal of Banswara State, killed the three sons of Rana Ratansinhjii and tried to capture the throne of Sant State; the fourth son who was an infant named Badansinghji was hidden by Kolis of Malwa and grew up in a Koli family. The Maharawal annexed the Sant State in Banswara State and established his army in Sant. After several years, when Badansinghji reached maturity, the Kolis of Malwa attacked the army of Banswara. The Kolis of Malwa defeated the army of Maharawal and threw it out of Sant state. After that, Kolis of Malwa established Rana Badansinhji at the throne of Sant State.[1]

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