Savantvadi State
Flag of Sawantvadi
Coat of arms of Sawantvadi
Coat of arms
Sawantwadi 1896
Sawantwadi 1896
• Established
19312,396 km2 (925 sq mi)
• 1931
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Maratha Empire
Bombay State
Today part ofMaharashtra, India
Savantvadi State in the Imperial Gazetteer of India

Savantvadi State, also spelt Sawantwadi ruled by the Sawant Bhonsale dynasty was one of the non-salute Maratha princely states during the British Raj. It was the only state belonging to the Kolaba Agency under the Bombay Presidency, which became later part of the Deccan States Agency.[1] Its capital was at Sawantwadi, in the present-day Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.

Sawantvadi State measured 438 square kilometers in area. According to the 1931 census, the population was 250,589. The official language of the inhabitants of the state was Marathi while the local language is Malvani [2]


Sawantwadi state was founded in 1627 by Khem Sawant I, later becoming a vassal state of the Sultanate of Bijapur. Khem Sawant II made Sundarwadi his capital which later got the name of Sawantwadi as the rulers were known as Sawants.

The Sawant dynasty, the head of the Sawantwadi State, arrived in the province in the 16th century. This dynasty ruled over South Konkan for a long time. Their career is full of bravery.

These families are considered to be the kings of the Sun dynasty.

Mang Sawant of this family was the first to come here in South Konkan. He is considered to be the progenitor of the Sawantwadi dynasty. He came to this province with the army of King of Vijayanagar.

Initially, he was stationed at Gandharvagad in Chandgad taluka for some time. Therefore, he was also known as Chandgudhadhipati. After coming to Konkan, he first established his stronghold at Hodawade (Tal. Vengurle). He defeated the local chiefs who had influence in the area at that time. His fame gradually spread in the province. In the previous part, the same Mang Sawant has been referred to as having a conflict with the Lord of Kudaldesha who dominates this part.

In 1580, Mang Sawant and Kudaldeshastha Prabhu's general Dev Dalvi jointly declared war on Kudal province. The purpose behind this was to establish the power of the Marathas. The lord of Kudal got help from the emperor of Bijapur. Mang Sawant was killed in a battle between the two armies at Hodawade. It had some fortified hills, such as Manohar and Mansantosh. On 7 April 1765 Savantvadi State became a British protectorate.

Sawantwadi acceded to the Dominion of India on 15 August 1947, becoming part of Bombay State in 1948.[citation needed]


Title Raja Sar Desai

Title Raja Bahadur

The Present Head of the family is His Highness Khem Sawant VI. The erstwhile royal family is now striving hard to promote and carry forward the legacy of art of Ganjifa and Lacquer ware which was once revived by His Highness Lt. Col. Shivramraje Sawant Bhonsle and Her Highness Satvashiladevi Bhonsle in the Sawantwadi Palace. They are also coming up with a boutique hotel whose centre theme revolves around the Dashavtar Ganjifa.

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