Vulcan the Volcanic Man is a fictional superhero from the Golden Age of Comic Books. He first appeared in Super-Mystery Comics #1, published by Ace Comics in July 1940.[1] His creator is unknown, but some of his stories were written by Otto Binder, with Maurice Gutwirth and Jack Alderman illustrating.[2]

Vulcan is the descendant of the Roman god of Fire, born in a volcano in the South Sea Islands.[3] His powers include fire manipulation, flight, super-strength, and invulnerability. The character appeared in Super-Mystery Comics #1-14, and also in Ace's team book, Four Favorites #1-4.[2]

According to Jess Nevins' Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes, Vulcan "fights arsonists, costumed criminals looking to profit from drought, Nazis, and the Man of a Thousand Faces".[1] In one issue, he visited Berlin and burned off Adolf Hitler's mustache.[4]

He last appeared in 1942. When the company went out of business, the hero fell into the public domain.


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