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1966 Alabama gubernatorial election

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Lurleen Wallace.jpg
James D. Martin.jpg
Nominee Lurleen Wallace James D. Martin
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 537,505 262,943
Percentage 63.38% 31.0%

Nominee Carl Robinson
Party Independent
Popular vote 47,653
Percentage 5.62%

1966 Alabama gubernatorial election results map by county.svg
County results
L. Wallace:      40–50%      50–60%      60–70%      70–80%      80–90%
Martin:      40–50%      50–60%

Governor before election

George Wallace

Elected Governor

Lurleen Wallace

The 1966 Alabama gubernatorial election took place on November 8, 1966, and saw the election of Lurleen Wallace as the governor over U.S. Representative James D. Martin. Incumbent Democrat George Wallace was term limited and could not seek a second consecutive term.

Democratic primary



The Democratic primary was handily won by Lurleen Wallace, who was running as the proxy of her husband, governor George Wallace. Wallace captured a majority of the vote cast in the first round of the primary and there was therefore no runoff necessary.

Purple denotes a county carried by Wallace, and Green by Flowers.
Purple denotes a county carried by Wallace, and Green by Flowers.
Democratic primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Lurleen Wallace 480,841 54.10
Democratic Richmond Flowers, Sr. 172,386 19.40
Democratic Carl Elliott 71,792 8.10
Democratic Bob Gilchrist 49,502 5.57
Democratic Charles Woods 41,148 4.63
Democratic John Malcolm Patterson 31,011 3.49
Democratic Jim Folsom 24,145 2.72
Democratic A.W. Todd 9,013 1.01
Democratic Sherman Powell 7,231 0.81
Democratic Eunice Gore 1,589 0.18
Total votes 888,658 100

General election

Until 1966, the official election of the Democratic nominee had been a foregone conclusion. This election proved to be a significant departure from that trend, and the showing of James D. Martin proved to the best by a Republican candidate for governor in Alabama since Reconstruction.

1966 Alabama gubernatorial election[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Lurleen Burns Wallace 537,505 63.38
Republican James D. Martin 262,943 31.00
Independent Carl Robinson 47,653 5.62
Majority 274,562 32.38
Turnout 848,101
Democratic hold


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