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The International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications (IUVSTA) is a union of 35 science and technology national member societies that supports collaboration in vacuum science, technique and applications.

Founded in 1958, IUVSTA is an interdisciplinary union which represents several thousands of physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers and technologists who are active in basic and applied research, development, manufacturing, sales and education. IUVSTA finances advanced scientific workshops, international schools and technical courses, worldwide.

The main purposes of the IUVSTA are to organize and sponsor international conferences and educational activities, as well as to facilitate research and technological developments in the field of vacuum science and its applications.


The history and structure of the Union are described in two articles[1][2] in scientific journals.


IUVSTA is a Union (or federation) of National Vacuum Societies. There can be only one member society (or National Committee) in any one nation. This Society must be representative of the scientific and technical fields encompassed by the Divisions of IUVSTA. Where appropriate a Society can represent more than one nation. IUVSTA can only recognise societies in geographical areas recognised by the United Nations as independent nations.

Member societies

National Vacuum Societies of the 2022-2025 Triennium
Country Name of society Common name
 Argentina Asociacion Física Argentina Argentinian Physical Society
 Australia Society of Australia Australian Vacuum Society
 Austria Österreichische Gesellschaft für Vakuumtechnik Austrian Vacuum Society
 Belgium Société Belge de Vacuologie et de Vacuotechnique/Belgische Vereniging voor Vacuologie en Vacuumtechniek (BELVAC) Belgian Vacuum Society (BELVAC)
 Brazil Sociedade Brasileria de Vácuo (SBV) Brazilian Vacuum Society
 Bulgaria Съюз на Физиците в България Union of Physicists in Bulgaria
 China Chinese Vacuum Society Chinese Vacuum Society (CVS)
 Croatia Hrvatsko Vakuumsko Drusto Croatian Vacuum Society
 Cuba Cuban Physical Society Cuban Physical Society
 Czech Republic Ceská vakuová spolecnost Czech Vacuum Society
 Finland Suomen Tyhjioseura Finnish Vacuum Society
 France Société Francaise du Vide (S.F.V) French Vacuum Society
 Germany Deutsch Vakuum-Gesellschaft (DVG) German Vacuum Society
 Hungary Magyar Vákuumtársaság Hungarian Vacuum Society
 India Indian Vacuum Society Indian Vacuum Society
 Iran Iranian Vacuum Society Iranian Vacuum Society
 Israel Israeli Vacuum Society: Science, Technology and Applications (IVS) Israeli Vacuum Society
 Italy Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia (AIV) Italian Society for Science & Technology (AIV)
 Japan Nihon Hyomen Shinku Gakkai The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
 South Korea Hankook Jinkong Hoakhoe Vacuum Society of Korea
 Mexico Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Superficies y Materiales (SMCTSM) Mexican Vacuum Society
 Netherlands Nederlandse Vacuumvereniging (NEVAC) Dutch Vacuum Society
 Pakistan Pakistan Vacuum Society Pakistan Vacuum Society
 Philippines Vacuum Society of the Philippines (VSP) Vacuum Society of the Philippines
 Poland Polskie Towarzystwo Pròzniowe Polish Vacuum Society
 Portugal Sociedade Portuguesa de Vácuo (SOPORVAC) Portuguese Vacuum Society
 Russia Russian Scientific & Technical Vacuum Society Russian Vacuum Society
 Serbia Српско вакуумско друштво (СВД) Serbian Vacuum Society
 Slovakia Slovenská vákuová spoloènost Slovak Vacuum Society
 Slovenia Drustvo za vakuumsko tehniko Slovenije Drustvo za vakuumsko tehniko Slovenije
 Spain Asociación Española del Vació y sus Aplicaciones (ASEVA) Spanish Vacuum Society
 Sweden Svenska Vakuum Sällskapet (SVS) Swedish Vacuum Society
 Switzerland Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Vakuum-Physik und -Technik (SGV)/ Societé Suisse pour la Science et la Technique du Vide (SSSTV) Swiss Vacuum Society
 United Kingdom British Vacuum Council British Vacuum Council
 United States American Vacuum Society American Vacuum Society

Technical divisions


Conference organization

Workshops and education

Standards and prizes

External affiliations

IUVSTA maintains formal links with other Non-Government Organizations involved in education, and the promotion and dissemination of science and associated techniques. With the support of IUVSTA divisions, fruitful cooperation with UNESCO, ISC, ICTP and TWAS have been initiated and developed. Such contacts facilitate the organization of specialized workshops and may offer financial support for students attending short courses, seminars and congresses. Links with other organizations such as ISO are the responsibility of the IUVSTA divisions.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

IUVSTA has been admitted to UNESCO in the “Relations Operationnelles” category.[7]

International Science Council (ISC)

IUVSTA is a Scientific Associate of the International Science Council (formerly International Council of Scientific Unions, ICSU) [8]

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

IUVSTA cooperates financially and scientifically with International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in the organization of workshops of high scientific level held in Trieste. These workshops address a post-graduate and post-doctoral audience from the lesser developed countries.[9]

Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)

Preliminary contacts have been made with Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) which foresees the organization of short courses on rough vacuum techniques and applications dedicated to technicians.

International Standards Organization (ISO)

IUVSTA has a formal liaison with the International Standards Organization (ISO). IUVSTA sends a representative to the TC/201 Surface Chemical Analysis committee and to the ISO TC/112 Vacuum Technology committee. These links are maintained via the Applied Surface Science and Vacuum Science and Technology divisions, respectively.[10]

Structure and organization

Current primary officers


President: Belgium François Reniers
President Elect: United States Jay Hendricks
Past President: FranceAnouk Galtayries
Secretary General: Austria Christoph Eisenmenger-Sittner
Scientific Director: Japan Katsuyuki Fukutani
Scientific Secretary: Australia Anton Stampfl
Treasurer: Belgium Arnaud Delcorte
Recording Secretary (non-voting officer): Portugal Ana Gomes Silva

Current national councillors

Country Councillor Alternate Councillor
 Argentina Maria Carmen Asensio Miguel Darío Sánchez
 Australia Anton P.J. Stampfl Richard Clements
 Austria Paul Heinz Mayrhofer Wolfgang Werner
 Belgium Diederik Depla François Reniers
 Brazil Pedro A. P. Nascente Marcelo J. Ferreira
 Bulgaria Evgenia Valcheva Ivan Petrov
 China Hongjun Gao Zhenchao Dong
 Croatia Maja Mičetić NIkša Krstulović
 Cuba María Sánchez Colina Kalet León Monzón
 Czech Republic Stanislav Novák Karel Mašek
 Finland Timo Sajavaara Jari Koskinen
 France Sylvie Bourgeois Grégory Marcos
 Germany Sven Ulrich Ute Bergner
 Hungary László Óvári Attila Csík
 Iran Majid Ghanaatshoar Masoud Mahjour-Shafiei
 Israel Tatyana Bendikov Ytzhak Mastai
 Italy Fabrizio Giorgis Enrico Maccallini
 Japan Yasunori Tanimoto Katsuyuki Fukutani
 South Korea Jin-Hyo Boo Junghoon Joo
 Mexico Emmanuel Haro Poniatowski Francisco Servando Aguirre Tostado
 Netherlands Sense Jan van der Molen Freek Molkenboer
 Pakistan Javaid Ahsan Bhatti Suleman Qaiser
 Philippines Christian Lorenz Mahinay Hernando Salapare III
 Poland Markowski Leszek Kwoka Monika
 Portugal Carlos Tavares Orlando Teodoro
 Serbia Suzana Petrović Ivana Cvijović-Alagić
 Slovakia Andrej Vincze Peter Šiffalovič
 Slovenia Miran Mozetič Alenka Vesel
 Spain Miguel Manso Silván Celia Rogero
 Sweden Pär Omling Ulf Karlsson
 Switzerland Jörg Patscheider Martin Wüest
 United Kingdom Timo Gans Deborah O’Connell
 United States Gregory J. Exarhos Ivan G. Petrov

List of presidents


The president under the early federation was:
1958-1962 — Belgium Prof. Dr. Emil Thomas

Past and present presidents of IUVSTA:
2022-2025 — Belgium Prof.François Reniers
2019-2022 — France Prof. Anouk Galtayries
2016-2019 — Sweden Prof. Lars Montelius
2013-2016 — Italy Prof. Mariano Anderle
2010-2013 — Belgium Prof. Jean Jacques Pireaux
2007-2010 — United States Dr. J.W. "Bill" Rogers, Jr.[13]
2004-2007 — Italy Prof. Ugo Valbusa
2001-2004 — France Dr. M.-G. Barthes-Labrousse
1998-2001 — United Kingdom Prof. D. Phillip Woodruff
1995-1998 — Australia Prof. John L. Robins
1992-1995 — United States Prof. Theodore E. Madey
1989-1992 — Spain Prof. Jose L. de Segovia
1986-1989 — Germany Prof. Dr. Heribert Jahrreiss
1983-1986 — Hungary Prof. Dr. Janos Antal
1980-1983 — United States Dr. James M. Lafferty
1977-1980 — United Kingdom Prof. Dr. Leslie Holland
1974-1977 — Netherlands Dr. Albertus Venema
1971-1974 — United States Dr. Luther E. Pruess
1968-1971 — Germany Prof. Dr. Kurt Diels
1965-1968 — France Prof. Dr. Jean Debiesse
1962-1965 — United States Mr. Medard W. Welch

Honorary presidents
2021 — Hungary Peter Barna
1989 — Belgium Prof. Dr. E. Thomas
1983 — Liechtenstein Prof. Dr. H.C. M. Auwärter
1977 — United States Mr. M. W. Welch
1962 — France Prof. Dr. L. Dunoyer
1962 — United Kingdom Prof. Dr. M. Pirani

Honorary and founding members of the Union
United Kingdom Mr. A.S.D. Barrett
France Mlle. M. Berthaud
France Prof. D. Degras
Germany Prof. K. Diels
Belgium Prof E. Thomas
Netherlands Dr. A. Venema
United States Mr. M.W. Welch


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