International Union
of Immunological Societies
Formation1969; 55 years ago (1969)
HeadquartersKurfürstendamm 71
Region served
Official language
Faith Osier
Parent organization
International Council for Science (ICSU)

The International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), a member of the International Council for Science,[1] is an organization which serves as an umbrella organization for many national and regionally grouped immunological societies. The organization was founded in 1969.[1] The ten founding member societies were the American Association of Immunologists, British Society for Immunology, Canadian Society for Immunology, Dutch Society for Immunology, Gesellschaft fur Immunologie, Israel Immunological Society, Polish Society of Immunology, Scandinavian Society for Immunology, Societe Francaise d’immunologie, and Yugoslav Immunological Society. IUIS had 83 member societies in 2019.[citation needed]

The 2019–2022 executive committee of the IUIS is Faith Osier, President; Miriam Merad, Vice-President; Roslyn Kemp, Secretary General; Michael Ratcliffe, Treasurer; Alberto Mantovani, Past President.[citation needed]

Every three years the IUIS organizes an international congress, called the International Congress of Immunology (ICI), with one of its national society members. The 2016 ICI was held in Melbourne, Australia. Last ICI (rebranded as IUIS2019) took place in Beijing, China, in 2019. Cape Town, South Africa, will host IUIS2022.[2]

Frontiers in Immunology is the IUIS' official journal. Immunopaedia is the official educational provider of online pre-course material for IUIS immunology courses in the developing world and in other countries.[3][4]

The standing committees of the IUIS are Clinical Immunology, Education, Gender Equality and Career Development, Immunotherapy, Inborn Errors of Immunity, Nomenclature, Publications, Quality Assessment and Standardization, Vaccines, and Veterinary.[citation needed]

Among their activities is classification of primary immunodeficiency diseases.[5]

International Congresses and Presidents[6]
Nr. Year ICI Location Term President From
17. 2019 Beijing  China 2019–2022 Faith Osier  Kenya
16. 2016 Melbourne  Australia 2016–2019 Alberto Mantovani  Italy
15. 2013 Milan  Italy 2013–2016 Jorge Kalil  Brazil
14. 2010 Kobe  Japan 2010–2013 Stefan H. E. Kaufmann  Germany
13. 2007 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil 2007–2010 Peter C. Doherty  Australia
12. 2004 Montreal  Canada 2004–2007 Rolf Zinkernagel   Switzerland
11. 2001 Stockholm  Sweden 2001–2004 Philippa Marrack  United Kingdom
10. 1998 New Delhi  India 1998–2001 Fritz Melchers   Switzerland
9. 1995 San Francisco  United States 1995–1998 Tomio Tada  Japan
8. 1992 Budapest  Hungary 1992–1995 Henry Metzger  France
7. 1988 Berlin  Germany 1989–1992 Jacob B. Natvig  Norway
6. 1986 Toronto  Canada 1986–1989 Gustav J.V.Nossal  Australia
5. 1983 Kyoto  Japan 1983–1986 Alain L. de Weck   Switzerland
4. 1980 Paris  France 1980–1983 Baruj Benacerraf  United States
3. 1977 Sydney  Australia 1977–1980 Michael Sela  Poland/  Israel
2. 1974 Brighton  England 1974–1977 John Humphrey  United Kingdom
1. 1971 Washington, D.C.  United States 1971–1974 Bernard Cinader  Canada
Fd. 1969 Bruges  Belgium

Online immunology education

Immunopaedia, a non-profit educational website based in South Africa, is the official provider of online pre-course material for IUIS immunology courses.[7]

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