This is an alphabetical list of environmental issues, harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment. They are loosely divided into causes, effects and mitigation, noting that effects are interconnected and can cause new effects.



Environmental impact of aviation
Environmental impact of the petroleum industryExhaust gasWaste tiresMotor vehicle emissions and pregnancyExternalities of automobiles
Environmental impact of shipping (Cruise ships in EuropeCruise ships in the United States)
Air pollutionAtmospheric particulate matterBiological effects of UV exposureCFCEnvironmental impact of the coal industryEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingIndoor air qualityOzone depletionSmogTropospheric ozoneVolatile organic compoundUltrafine particles
Light pollution
Noise pollution
Soil pollutionAlkali soilBrownfieldResidual sodium carbonate indexSoil conservationSoil erosionSoil contaminationSoil salinationSuperfundSuperfund sites
Visual pollution
Water pollutionAcid rainAgricultural runoffAlgal bloomEnvironmental impact of the coal industryEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingEutrophicationFish killGroundwater pollutionGroundwater rechargeMarine debrisMarine pollutionMercury in fishMicroplasticsNutrient pollutionOcean acidificationOcean dumpingOil spillsSoda lakeShip pollutionThermal pollutionUrban runoffWastewater
Space pollutionSpace debrisInterplanetary contamination
ConsumerismConsumer capitalismPlanned obsolescenceOver-consumption
FishingBlast fishingBottom trawlingCyanide fishingGhost netsIllegal, unreported and unregulated fishingOverfishingShark cullingShark finningWhaling
LoggingClearcuttingDeforestationIllegal logging
MiningAcid mine drainageEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingMountaintop removal miningSlurry impoundments
Water (depletion)Anoxic watersAral SeaCalifornia Water WarsDead SeaLake ChadWater scarcity


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