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This is a list of yard and district craft of the United States Navy. It covers the various types of craft and ships that support the bases and harbors of the United States Navy. The hull classification symbols for these craft begin with (Y).

Ship status is indicated as either currently active [A] (including ready reserve), inactive [I], or precommissioning [P]. Ships in the inactive category include only ships in the inactive reserve, ships which have been disposed from US service have no listed status. Ships in the precommissioning category include ships under construction or on order.

Historical overview

This list demonstrates that the US Navy constantly recycles and repurposes its small craft for new roles. Some craft on this list have had as many as six such conversions in their history. Some of these conversions have been surprising from an environmental viewpoint, such as the conversion of fuel oil barges into water barges. Some conversions have been surprising from an economic viewpoint, such as the simultaneous conversions of open barges to covered barges during the conversions of covered barges to open barges, which can be justified only by relatively high transportation costs.

The District auxiliary, miscellaneous (YAG) designation has been used as a cover for at least two ships employed in classified tests of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons (aka WMD).

Some of these vessels have held prior or later classifications as unclassified miscellaneous (IX), or more rarely as auxiliaries miscellaneous (AG, T-AG).

Ash barges (YA)

District auxiliary, miscellaneous (YAG)

For similar lists of 'miscellaneous' ships see

List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy § Miscellaneous ships (AG, T-AG)


List of unclassified miscellaneous vessels of the United States Navy (IX)

Radar picket ships (YAGR)

Further information: Radar picket § Converted merchant ships

Guardian-class radar picket ship

All Guardian-class ships were reclassed as AGR in 1958; they were originally intended to be classed as District auxiliaries, miscellaneous (YAG) - see YAG-41 through YAG-44 - but this was not done.

Open barges (YC, YCK)

The YCK hull symbol denoted a wooden barge.

Coaling derricks (YCD)

Car floats (YCF)

Further information: car float

Aircraft transportation barges (YCV)

Floating derricks (YD)

Further information: Crane vessel

Degaussing craft (YDG)

Main article: List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy § Degaussing craft (YDG)

Diving tenders (YDT)

Ammunition barges (YE)

Covered barges (YF, YFN)

YF barges are self-propelled, YFN barges are not.[51]

Hull numbers 1 through 256 were built before World War II. [52]

Hull numbers 257 through 1153 were built during World War II.[53][54]

Hull numbers starting with 1154 were built after World War II.[57]

Yard ferry boats or launches (YFB)

Yard floating drydocks (YFD)

Further information: Auxiliary floating drydock § Yard Floating Dock (YFD)

All YFDs were reclassified as AFDMs in 1945 (see List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy § Medium auxiliary floating dry docks (AFDM)).

Large covered barges, non-self propelled (YFNB)

Dry dock companion craft, non-self propelled (YFND)

Barges, special purpose, non-self propelled (YFNX)

Floating power barges (YFP)

Refrigerated covered barges (YFR, YFRN)

YFR barges are self-propelled, YFRN barges are not.

The YFR and YFRN hull numbers are part of the YF and YFN sequence.

Range tenders (YFRT)

Torpedo transportation barges (YFT)

Harbor utility craft (YFU)

Most if not all of the early YFU vessels were LCUs which had been retired from amphibious duties due to age.

YFU-71-class: 11 "Skilak" lighters purchased as Commercial off-the-shelf for the Vietnam War[62]

Garbage barges (YG, YGN)

YG barges are self-propelled, YGN barges are not.

Ambulance boats / Small medical support vessels (YH)

Main article: List of United States Navy hospital ships § Ambulance boats and transports

Houseboats (YHB)

Salvage lift craft, heavy (YHLC)

Heating scows (YHT)

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Open landing barges (YLA)

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Salvage lift craft (YLC)

Salvage lift craft, light (YLLC)

Dredges (YM, YMN)

Further information: Dredging

YM dredges are self-propelled, YMN dredges are not.

Mud scows (YMD)

Salvage lift craft medium (YMLC)

Motor mineplanters (YMP)

Main article: List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy § Motor mineplanters (YMP)

Auxiliary motor mine sweepers (YMS)

Main article: List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy § Auxiliary motor mine sweepers (YMS)

Yard motor tugs (YMT)

Yard net tenders (YN)

Further information: Net laying ship § US Navy

All specially-built yard net tenders were reclassified in 1944 as auxiliary net laying ships, see List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy § Net laying ships (AN) for the reclassification result. The 24 impressed tugboats were reclassed as Net tender tugs (YNT), later some as tugboats (YTB or YTL).

Aloe-class net laying ships

The 24 impressed commercial tugboats.

Ailanthus-class net laying ships

Cohoes-class net laying ships

Net gate craft (YNG)

Net tender tugs (YNT)

All these ships were former Yard net tenders (YN)

Fuel oil barges (YO, YON)

YO barges are self-propelled, YON barges are not.

Gasoline barges (YOG, YOGN)

YOG barges are self-propelled, YOGN barges are not.

Oil storage barges (YOS)

Patrol craft (YP)

Further information: Yard patrol boat

During World War II many private fishing and United States Fish & Wildlife Service (US FWS) vessels were pressed into naval service as patrol craft. A small number would be modified for delivering refrigerated food to small isolated island bases, most without any reclassification.

Later purpose-built yard patrol craft would be assigned mainly to train US Naval Academy and US Merchant Marine Academy midshipmen.

Floating pile drivers (YPD)

Pontoon storage barges (YPK)

Floating workshops (YR)

Repair and berthing barges (YRB)

Repair, berthing and messing barges (YRBM)

Submarine rescue chambers (YRC)

Floating dry dock workshops, hull (YRDH)

Floating dry dock workshops, machine (YRDM)

Covered barges repair (YRL)

Radiological repair barges (YRR)

Salvage craft tenders (YRST)

Stevedoring barges (YS)

Yard seaplane derricks (YSD)

YSD-11-class crane ship

Salvage barges (YSP)

Sludge removal barges (YSR)

Yard tugs (YT)

Many of these tugs were later assigned YTB, YTL, or YTM classifications.




Large harbor tugs (YTB)


Small harbor tugs (YTL)

Medium harbor tugs (YTM)

Torpedo trials craft (YTT)

Further information: Torpedo trials craft

Cape Flattery-class

Drone aircraft catapult control craft (YV)

Catapult barges (YVC)

This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. (June 2022)

See also: List of auxiliaries of the United States Navy § Seaplane catapult, light (AVC)

Water barges (YW, YWN)

YW barges are self-propelled, YWN barges are not.

Unclassified vessels

Barrier boats

Barrier Boat (19BB)

The 19 foot, 9.5 ton Barrier Boats (19BB) were built to deploy and maintain port security booms surrounding Navy ships and installations in port. A total 13 unnamed boats were first delivered in 2003.[105]

Other Barrier Boats are 30-foot Modutech work boats.[106]


See also

Similar United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) designations:


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