Sokenbicha (爽健美茶, Sōkenbicha) (/ˌskənˈbə/; Japanese pronunciation: [soːkenbit͡ɕa]) is a Japanese blended tea brand of The Coca-Cola Company[1] Introduced first to the Japanese market in 1993, it became available to the U.S. market in October 2010.[2]

In the U.S., Sokenbicha features a line of five blended teas[3] inspired by the teachings of Kampo. The product is endorsed and formulated in partnership with Nihondo, Japan's largest Kampo boutique. The products are zero calorie and unsweetened.

U.S. products

Bottle size:[4] 15.2 fl oz/450 ml

In the U.S., Sokenbicha is sold in the following five varieties: