TypeCitrus soda
ManufacturerThe Coca-Cola Company
DistributorCoca-Cola Norway
Country of origin Norway
IntroducedMay 1996; 27 years ago (1996-05)[1]
ColorCarotene E160a
VariantsSurge, Urge Uten Sukker (Diet)
Related productsVault

Urge is a citrus flavored soft drink produced by Coca-Cola Norway that was first introduced in the country in 1996, and later on was released in Denmark and Sweden.[2][3] It is the predecessor of the American soft drink Surge, which was introduced in the US in 1997.[4] Urge was discontinued in Denmark and Sweden in 2001.[5] In Norway, Urge sales increased greatly over the years reaching a market share near 10%[6] despite receiving no marketing since its initial launch.


Urge was available in Norway in 0.5 L and 1.5 L bottles, and later also in 0.33 L cans, but in Q1 of 1999 the 1.5 L bottles were taken off the market due to unsatisfactory sales.[7] The cans also vanished from the market a few years later, leaving only the 0.5 L bottles.

A massive campaign by the consumers on the internet community Facebook led to the relaunch of the 1.5 L bottle size on 1 September 2008.[7] It has a sugar content of 68 grams per 0.5 L bottle.[8]

In February 2017, due to fan demand, the 0.33 L cans were reintroduced in a multipack of four.[9]

Urge Intense: Energy drink variant of Urge


Urge Intense

An energy drink variant of Urge. It was launched in 2009 in association with the Facebook group that pressured Coca-Cola to relaunch the 1.5L bottles. Much like with many other energy drinks like Burn and Monster Energy, Urge Intense Triple Rush came in 0.5L cans and has a high caffeine content of 32 mg per 100 mL.

The Urge Intense range was discontinued in 2016.[10]

Name Launched Discontinued Notes
Urge Intense Triple Rush 2009 2016 The original variety.
Urge Intense Red Sting 2010 2012 A Raspberry-flavored variety.
Urge Intense Inferno 2012 2014 An orange-flavored variety.[11]
Urge Intense Wild Mango 2013 2016 A Mango-flavored variety.[12]

Urge Uten Sukker

In September 2017, a Zero Sugar version was launched known as Urge Uten Sukker, which like its regular counterpart, was made especially for Norway.[13] This sugar-free variant came in orange-tinted bottles, before switching to the clear ones regular Urge uses.

Name Launched Discontinued Notes
Urge Uten Sukker 2017 N/A Sugar-free version of Urge.
Urge Chill Guarana 2018 2019 A Guarana-flavored variant.[14]
Urge Smooth Mango 2020 N/A A Mango-flavored variant.[15]
Urge Holiday Flavor Fruity Flavor 2021 2022 A Julebrus-flavored variant, sold for the 2021 holiday season.

Nutrient Information

Nutritional facts
Per 100 mL:[4]
Energy 238 kJ / 56 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 13.5 g
Fat 0 g


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