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The Marvel Cinematic Universe task force is a collaboration between WikiProject Film and WikiProject Television to maintain and improve coverage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Wikipedia.




Television series

Short films

Digital series

Comic books

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Live attractions


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Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Marvel Cinematic Universe drafts
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Active participants

To join the Marvel Cinematic Universe task force, edit this section and add # ((User|yourusername)) to the bottom of the following list of members. Users are automatically sorted alphabetically.

  1. (a)nnihilation97 (talk · contribs)
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  16. InfiniteNexus (talk · contribs)
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  18. Jedi94 (talk · contribs)
  19. Jhenderson777 (talk · contribs)
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  26. Paintspot (talk · contribs)
  27. Richiekim (talk · contribs)
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  29. Seaweed Brain1993 (talk · contribs)
  30. SirDot (talk · contribs)
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  33. Trailblazer101 (talk · contribs)
  34. TriiipleThreat (talk · contribs)
  35. ZooBlazer (talk · contribs)

Inactive particpants

The following users have not edited Wikipedia for at least six months, retired, courtesy vanished, or have been indefinitely blocked.

  1. Doomslug1 (talk · contribs)
  2. IronManCap (talk · contribs)
  3. CreecregofLife (talk · contribs)

Participant userbox

You may place ((User Marvel Cinematic Universe task force)) on your user page to display the following userbox:

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This user participates in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe task force.

This template will add your user page to:

You may also place ((User WikiProject Film)) and ((User WikiProject Television)) on your user page.

Explanatory supplements

All film and television-related articles follow the guidelines established at both MOS:FILM and MOS:TV. There are further guidance for certain aspects of articles created through local consensus as discussed in the following sections.

Cast sections

Film casts

Marvel Cinematic Universe films follow the billing block cast order seen at the bottom of the film's poster as presented by WP:FILMCAST. An example of a billing block can be seen here.

However, before a poster has been released, the following steps are utilized when creating the cast list on an article and in the infobox:

  1. As casting announcements begin, actors indicated to be (or possibly be) in starring roles are added to the cast section and infobox as the news is released. The order should generally be based on when actors are revealed, while a past billing block may be used as a temporary guide. Any additional news regarding supporting roles or actors in unspecified roles are added to a paragraph below the bulleted list, as well as excluded from the infobox.
  2. Once any official billings or press releases by Marvel Studios are released, characters are reordered per that billing. Due note that this order should come from Marvel directly, as many news outlets, in reporting any news for the film, will create an arbitrary ordering at the bottom of, or within, their article.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed as additional castings are revealed after a most recent full cast press release/billing, and then reorder when a new press release/billing is released
  4. The last, and final reordering, should be done based on the billing on the release poster.

As always, each film is its own unique case, and these steps are meant to be followed as a general overview of the process. In some instances, additional local consensus may need to be formed, such as when a character's importance comes into question (such as with Spider-Man: Homecoming), or another billing is provided on the home media release, that is more accurate than the poster billing (such as with Captain America: The First Avenger).

TV casts

Marvel Television series generally follow the guidance as defined by WP:TVCAST for cast definition and order. For both Marvel Television and Marvel Studios series, "recurring" characters are usually defined as either 3 or 4 appearances.

Marvel Studios are approaching their Disney+ series as if they are feature films (see List of Marvel Cinematic Universe television series § Series approach and this source) in several ways, including how they credit actors for each episode. Unlike conventional television series, the series do not clearly differentiate series regulars, guest stars (regular or "special"), and co-stars. Instead, each episode has one cast list during the credits as well as a main on-end title sequence that gives billing to the series' main actors. To represent this, the series cast sections use a hybrid approach of WP:TVCAST and WP:FILMCAST. Any actor who appears in the main on-end billing is listed in the section's main bulleted list as if they were part of a film poster's "billing block" per WP:FILMCAST, and they are listed in order of first onscreen credit per WP:TVCAST. Additional actors are noted in prose below the main bulleted list as is done in the MCU film articles, with recurring and guest actors included per WP:TVCAST. To create a cast section before the premiere of a series, the methods defined above for the films should be used.[a]

In-universe links

When linking to in-universe subjects, such as a character or element, link to its MCU version instead of its comics version, if possible. Available links can be found at Category:Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, Category:Marvel Cinematic Universe features, and Category:Marvel Cinematic Universe redirects. The use of redirects are cheap, and allows articles to retain their links to MCU-appropriate redirects, should their targets change as new sections or relevant articles are created. MCU-specific links are not "broken" and do not need to be "fixed".

When creating redirects for an MCU character, element, or location, enter one of the following below the redirect target:

If a character appears in a TV series listed here, add |series_name2=[series name]. Additional parameters can be found here. Next, create a talk page with the WikiProject tags outlined below. Performing these steps will place the redirect in the appropriate categories.


A list of reliable resources can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Resources and Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Comic book films task force § Resources, which can be used across the various MCU films and television series. Additional television-specific references can be found at WP:TV/RS.

Note: (website), LRM Online (formerly Latino Review, website), Heroic Hollywood (website), The Illuminerdi (website), Murphy's Multiverse (website), MCU Exchange (website), The DisInsider (website), The Direct (website, except for exclusive interviews), and The GWW (website) are NOT reliable sources. Also be wary of reliable sources that report on information obtained from an unreliable one.

Character articles

There is local consensus that an MCU character only warrants its own article if one or more of the following criteria is met:[b]

The criteria for appearances is to provide a clearly delineated standard for justifying these articles as separate from their comics counterparts. There is no deadline that needs to be met for such articles. Such articles should be incubated in draftspace until they meet this criteria and satisfy WP:GNG, including being discussed in reliable sources beyond a trivial mention. Focus on real world details such as the casting, characterization and reception of the character. Once a draft for a character seems ready for mainspace, a discussion should be held on either the draft's talkpage, the taskforce talkpage or at Talk:Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to establish consensus on the readiness of the draft, upon which the draft will be moved to mainspace.

Tagging and assessment

Any articles that are within the scope of this project should be tagged with the relevant project banners of WikiProject Film (((WikiProject Film))) or WikiProject Television (((WikiProject Television))). You may also find ((WikiProject banner shell)) useful. To each of these banners, you should add |mcu=yes as this will automatically put the page in the appropriate categories, such as Category:Marvel Cinematic Universe task force articles.

Nominating articles for Good Article status

As a rule of thumb, feature films can be considered for Good Article nomination six months after their initial release. When there was a MCU films Good Topic, part of the retention requirements to keep the topic at its status was that new films would need to be nominated by one month after their physical home media release.[c] Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this one month after the physical home media release equated to about six months after the U.S. theatrical release date. While there are currently no longer any featured or good topics for MCU content, and a film's release to home media is happening sooner, the six-month time frame is still a good guidance to consider.

This time frame could also apply to any Disney+ limited series and subsequent episode articles for such series. For ongoing series, the "main" article (i.e. Loki) should wait until at least the creation of a second season article to consider nominating, given that the "main" article will likely go through restructuring and splitting of content to season-specific articles. Seasons and episodes of ongoing series (i.e. Loki (season 1) and its episodes) can likely also follow the six months guidance.


To-do items


Did you know?

53 MCU articles have Wikipedia:Did you know entries. They are listed here.

Recognized content

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Good article nominees

Articles to be merged


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