1952 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)January 17, 1952
LocationHotel Statler
in New York City
360 total selections in 30 rounds
First selectionBill Wade, QB
Los Angeles Rams
Mr. IrrelevantJohn Saban, B
Cleveland Browns
Most selections (36)Cleveland Browns
Fewest selections (27)Detroit Lions
Hall of Famers
← 1951
1953 →

The 1952 National Football League Draft was held on January 17, 1952, at Hotel Statler in New York.[1][2] Selections made by New York Yanks were assigned to the new Dallas Texans.

This was the sixth year that the first overall pick was a bonus pick determined by lottery, with the previous five winners (Chicago Bears in 1947, Washington Redskins in 1948, Philadelphia Eagles in 1949, Detroit Lions in 1950, and New York Giants in 1951) ineligible from the draw;[3] it was won by the Los Angeles Rams, who selected quarterback Bill Wade.

The Washington Post sportswriter Mo Siegel later claimed that Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall let him choose a late-round pick. Siegel, he said, chose Tennessee Tech's Flavious Smith to force the first black player onto the all-white Redskins. If true, Marshall likely persuaded NFL Commissioner Bert Bell to remove the choice from the official records. (Smith, who did not hear the story until years later, was white.)[4]

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [5] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Los Angeles Rams (Lottery bonus pick) Bill Wade Quarterback Vanderbilt
2 New York Yanks Les Richter Guard California
3 Chicago Cardinals Ollie Matson Halfback San Francisco
4 Green Bay Packers Babe Parilli Quarterback Kentucky
5 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Bright Back Drake
6 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Modzelewski Fullback Maryland
7 Washington Redskins Larry Isbell Back Baylor
8 Chicago Bears Jim Dooley Back Miami (FL)
9 San Francisco 49ers Hugh McElhenny Halfback Washington
10 Cleveland Browns (From Detroit Lions) Bert Rechichar Back Tennessee
11 New York Giants Frank Gifford Halfback USC
12 Cleveland Browns Harry Agganis Quarterback Boston University
13 Los Angeles Rams Bob Carey End Michigan State

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
14 New York Yanks Gino Marchetti Defensive end San Francisco
15 Green Bay Packers Billy Howton End Rice
16 Chicago Cardinals Johnny Karras Back Illinois
17 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Weatherall Tackle Oklahoma
18 Pittsburgh Steelers George Tarasovic Center LSU
19 Washington Redskins Andy Davis Back George Washington
20 Chicago Bears Eddie Macon Back Pacific
21 Chicago Cardinals Pete Brewster End Purdue
22 San Francisco 49ers Bob Toneff Tackle Notre Dame
23 New York Giants Ray Beck Guard Georgia Tech
24 Cleveland Browns Bill Hughes Center Michigan State
25 Los Angeles Rams Bob Griffin Tackle Arkansas

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
26 Cleveland Browns Don Klosterman Quarterback Loyola (CA)
27 San Francisco 49ers Gene Shannon Back Houston
28 Green Bay Packers Bobby Dillon Back Texas
29 Philadelphia Eagles Lum Snyder Tackle Georgia Tech
30 Pittsburgh Steelers Steve Wadiak Back South Carolina
31 Washington Redskins Al Dorow Quarterback Michigan State
32 Chicago Bears Bill McColl End Stanford
33 San Francisco 49ers Billy Tidwell Back Texas A&M
34 Detroit Lions Yale Lary Safety Texas A&M
35 New York Giants Don Heinrich Quarterback Washington
36 Cleveland Browns Joe Campanella Tackle Ohio State
37 Los Angeles Rams Dewey McConnell End Wyoming

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
38 New York Giants Merwin Hodel Back Colorado
39 Cleveland Browns Elmer Costa Guard NC State
40 Los Angeles Rams Ken Casner Tackle Baylor
41 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Ulrich Tackle Illinois
42 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Gearding Tackle Xavier
43 Washington Redskins Dick Hightower Center SMU
44 Chicago Bears Herman Clark Tackle Oregon State
45 Detroit Lions Pat Summerall Kicker Arkansas
46 San Francisco 49ers Marion Campbell Tackle Georgia
47 New York Giants Don Menasco End Texas
48 Cleveland Browns Ray Renfro Back North Texas State
49 Los Angeles Rams Skeets Quinlan Back San Diego State

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
50 New York Yanks Jack Jorgenson Tackle Colorado
51 Chicago Cardinals Dick Fugler Tackle Tulane
52 Green Bay Packers Dave Hanner Tackle Arkansas
53 New York Yanks Mel Sinquefield Center Ole Miss
54 Chicago Bears Jack Hoffman End Xavier
55 Washington Redskins Jim Clark Guard Oregon State
56 Chicago Bears Fred Williams Tackle Arkansas
57 San Francisco 49ers Pat O'Donahue End Wisconsin
58 Detroit Lions Bob Miller Tackle Virginia
59 New York Giants Bob Patton Tackle Clemson
60 Cleveland Browns Keever Jankovich End Pacific
61 Los Angeles Rams Gordon Polofsky Back Tennessee

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
62 New York Yanks Dave Cianelli Center Maryland
63 Green Bay Packers Tom Johnson Tackle Michigan
64 Chicago Cardinals John Hancock Guard Baylor
65 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Lemmon Back California
66 Los Angeles Rams Duane Putnam Guard Pacific
67 Washington Redskins Ed Kensler Guard Maryland
68 Chicago Bears Ed Brown Back San Francisco
69 Detroit Lions Gordon Cooper End Denver
70 San Francisco 49ers Jim Beasley Center Tulsa
71 New York Giants Jim MacKenzie Tackle Kentucky
72 Cleveland Browns Burrell Shields Back John Carroll
73 Los Angeles Rams Jerrell Price Tackle Texas Tech

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
74 New York Yanks John Petitbon Back Notre Dame
75 Chicago Cardinals Harry Jabbusch Center South Carolina
76 Green Bay Packers Bill Reichardt Back Iowa
77 Philadelphia Eagles John Thomas End Oregon State
78 Pittsburgh Steelers Claude Hipps Back Georgia
79 Washington Redskins Vic Janowicz[6] Halfback Ohio State
80 Chicago Bears Joe Fortunato Back Mississippi State
81 San Francisco 49ers Don Robison Back California
82 Detroit Lions Wes Gardner Center Utah
83 New York Giants Val Joe Walker Back SMU
84 Cleveland Browns John Pace Tackle Mississippi State
85 Los Angeles Rams Burt Delavan Tackle Pacific

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
86 Cleveland Browns Stan Williams End Baylor
87 Green Bay Packers Mel Becket Center Indiana
88 Chicago Cardinals Don Coleman Tackle Michigan State
89 Philadelphia Eagles Wayne Robinson Center Minnesota
90 Chicago Bears Bill Bishop Tackle North Texas State
91 Washington Redskins Hubert Johnston Tackle Iowa
92 Chicago Bears Billy Jurney End Arkansas
93 Detroit Lions Tom Dublinski Back Utah
94 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Smith Tackle Wisconsin
95 New York Giants Billy Shipp Tackle Alabama
96 Cleveland Browns Herschel Forester Guard SMU
97 Los Angeles Rams Tom McCormick Back Pacific

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
98 New York Yanks Jim Lansford Tackle Texas
99 Chicago Cardinals Malcolm Cook Back Georgia
100 Green Bay Packers Deral Teteak Guard Wisconsin
101 Philadelphia Eagles Maury Nipp Guard Loyola (CA)
102 Pittsburgh Steelers Herky Payne Back Tennessee
103 Washington Redskins Dick Alban Safety Northwestern
104 Chicago Bears Bobby Cross Tackle Stephen F. Austin
105 San Francisco 49ers Glen Christian Back Idaho
106 Detroit Lions Sonny Gandee End Ohio State
107 New York Giants John Kastan Back Boston University
108 Cleveland Browns Bob Finnell Back Xavier
109 Los Angeles Rams Byron Townsend Back Texas

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
110 New York Yanks Jim Hammond Back Wisconsin
111 Green Bay Packers Art Kleinschmidt Guard Tulane
112 Chicago Cardinals John Feltch Tackle Holy Cross
113 Philadelphia Eagles Gerry McGinley Guard Penn
114 Pittsburgh Steelers George Gilmartin Back Xavier
115 Washington Redskins Chet Ostrowski End Notre Dame
116 Green Bay Packers William Roffler Back Washington State
117 Detroit Lions Steve Dowden Tackle Baylor
118 San Francisco 49ers Carl West Back Ole Miss
119 New York Giants Pat Knight End SMU
120 Cleveland Browns Pat Ribiero Tackle Pacific
121 Los Angeles Rams Luke Welch Tackle Baylor

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
122 New York Yanks Pat Cannamela Guard USC
123 Chicago Cardinals Leo Sugar End Purdue
124 Green Bay Packers Billy Burkhalter Back Rice
125 Philadelphia Eagles Ralph Goldston Back Youngstown
126 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Spinks Back Alcorn A&M
127 Washington Redskins Orlando Mazza End Michigan State
128 Chicago Bears Bill Miller Back Wake Forest
129 San Francisco 49ers J. D. Kimmel Tackle Houston
130 Detroit Lions Keith Flowers Center TCU
131 New York Giants Charlie Harris Center California
132 Cleveland Browns Dick Logan Tackle Ohio State
133 Los Angeles Rams Sam Baker Back Oregon State

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
134 New York Yanks Jim Mutscheller End Notre Dame
135 Green Bay Packers Bill Wilson Tackle Texas
136 Chicago Cardinals Joe Masnaghetti Tackle Marquette
137 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Blount Tackle Mississippi State
138 Pittsburgh Steelers Marv McFadden Tackle Michigan State
139 Washington Redskins Frank Middendorf Center Cincinnati
140 Chicago Bears Andy Kozar Back Tennessee
141 Detroit Lions Jim Roshto Back LSU
142 San Francisco 49ers Fred Snyder End Loyola (CA)
143 New York Giants Dick Ochoa Back Texas
144 Cleveland Browns Roy Thompson Back Florida State
145 Los Angeles Rams Jake Roberts Back Tulsa

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
146 New York Yanks Bill Ward Guard Arkansas
147 Chicago Cardinals Mel Massucco Back Holy Cross
148 Green Bay Packers Billy Hair Back Clemson
149 Philadelphia Eagles Ed Hamilton Back Kentucky
150 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Flood Back Notre Dame
151 Washington Redskins Ray Potter Tackle LSU
152 Chicago Bears Rich Athan Back Northwestern
153 San Francisco 49ers Rudy Yeager Tackle LSU
154 Detroit Lions Carroll McDonald Center Florida
155 New York Giants Pat Brady Back Nevada
156 Cleveland Browns Tom Cosgrove Center Maryland
157 Los Angeles Rams Red Phillips Center Texas Tech

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
158 New York Yanks Paul Williams End Texas
159 Green Bay Packers Jack Morgan Tackle Michigan State
160 Chicago Cardinals Tom Tofaute Center NC State
161 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Stringer Back Tulsa
162 Pittsburgh Steelers June Davis Guard Texas
163 Washington Redskins Doug Conway Tackle TCU
164 Chicago Bears Gale Galloway Center Baylor
165 Detroit Lions Ray Oliverson Back BYU
166 San Francisco 49ers Frank Simons End Nebraska
167 New York Giants Hal Mitchell Tackle UCLA
168 Cleveland Browns Steve Ruzich Guard Ohio State
169 Los Angeles Rams Joe Moss Tackle Maryland

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
170 New York Yanks Jack Bighead End Pepperdine
171 Chicago Cardinals John Davis Back Indiana
172 Green Bay Packers Bobby Jack Floyd Back TCU
173 Philadelphia Eagles Malcolm Schmidt End Iowa State
174 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Pivirotto Back Princeton
175 Washington Redskins Julius Wittman Tackle Ohio State
176 Chicago Bears Dick Kazmaier[7] Halfback Princeton
177 San Francisco 49ers Haldo Norman End Gustavus Adolphus
178 Detroit Lions John Burgamy Guard Georgia
179 New York Giants Paul Bischoff End West Virginia
180 Cleveland Browns Holly Alpin End Tampa
181 Los Angeles Rams Bill Hegarty Tackle Villanova

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
182 New York Yanks Vince Kaseta End Tennessee
183 Green Bay Packers Johnny Coatta Back Wisconsin
184 Chicago Cardinals Mike Mergen Guard San Francisco
185 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Brewer Guard North Texas State
186 Pittsburgh Steelers Pete Ladygo Guard Maryland
187 Washington Redskins Marv Berschet Tackle Illinois
188 Chicago Bears Bob Spears Back Yale
189 Cleveland Browns Herb Neathery Back Illinois
190 San Francisco 49ers Bob Meyers Back Stanford
191 New York Giants Paul Burns Guard Notre Dame
192 Cleveland Browns Ed Rowlands Tackle Oklahoma
193 Los Angeles Rams Bob Hooks End USC

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
194 New York Yanks Dick Horn Back Stanford
195 Chicago Cardinals Darrell Crawford Back Georgia Tech
196 Green Bay Packers Don Peterson Back Michigan
197 Philadelphia Eagles John Weigle End Oklahoma A&M
198 Pittsburgh Steelers Pat Smithwick End St. Norbert
199 Washington Redskins Gil Bocetti Back Washington & Lee
200 Chicago Bears John Carroll Tackle Houston
201 San Francisco 49ers Al Baldock End USC
202 Detroit Lions Hank Lauricella Back Tennessee
203 New York Giants Bob Karpe Tackle California
204 Cleveland Browns Stew Sheets Tackle Penn State
205 Los Angeles Rams John Griggs Center Kentucky

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
206 New York Yanks Les Molnar Tackle Buffalo
207 Green Bay Packers Howard Tisdale Tackle Stephen F. Austin
208 Chicago Cardinals Bill Pyron Tackle Mississippi State
209 Philadelphia Eagles Ed Romanowski Back Scranton
210 Pittsburgh Steelers Andy MacDonald Back Central Michigan
211 Washington Redskins Ed Bartlett End California
212 Chicago Bears Tommy O'Connell Back Illinois
213 Detroit Lions Stan Campbell Guard Iowa State
214 San Francisco 49ers Bill Carey End Michigan State
215 New York Giants Gene Little Guard Rice
216 Cleveland Browns Ken Mirich Guard Santa Clara
217 Los Angeles Rams Bob Dees Tackle Southwest Missouri State

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
218 New York Yanks Gene Felker End Wisconsin
219 Chicago Cardinals Ed Listopad Tackle Wake Forest
220 Green Bay Packers Johnny Pont Back Miami (OH)
221 Philadelphia Eagles Talbott Trammell End Washington & Lee
222 Pittsburgh Steelers Gary Kerkorian Quarterback Stanford
223 Washington Redskins Joe Marvin Back UCLA
224 Chicago Bears Ken Reidenbach Tackle Drake
225 Cleveland Browns Sam Talarico Tackle Indiana
226 Detroit Lions Blaine Earon End Duke
227 New York Giants Frank Cahill End Northern Illinois State
228 Cleveland Browns Mike Maccioli Back Purdue
229 Los Angeles Rams Harry Geldien Back Wyoming

Round twenty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
230 New York Yanks John Adams End Texas
231 Green Bay Packers Chuck Boerio Center Illinois
232 Chicago Cardinals Frank Fischel End Arkansas
233 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Blaik Back Colorado College
234 Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Simeone Tackle Villanova
235 Washington Redskins Roger Kinson Center Missouri
236 Chicago Bears Jimmy Lesane Back Virginia
237 Detroit Lions Gil Mains Tackle Murray State
238 San Francisco 49ers Jess Yates End LSU
239 New York Giants Rex Boggan Tackle Ole Miss
240 Cleveland Browns Bob Brandenberry Back Kansas
241 Los Angeles Rams Ed Weber Back William & Mary

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
242 New York Yanks Harry Hugasian Back Stanford
243 Chicago Cardinals Wade Musgrove Guard Hardin–Simmons
244 Green Bay Packers Herb Zimmerman Guard TCU
245 Philadelphia Eagles Les Wheeler Tackle Abilene Christian
246 Pittsburgh Steelers Harry Babcock End Georgia
247 Washington Redskins Dick Jenkins Tackle Illinois
248 Chicago Bears Ted Daffer Guard Tennessee
249 San Francisco 49ers Gene Offield Center Hardin–Simmons
250 Detroit Lions Showboat Boykin Back Ole Miss
251 New York Giants Jim Creamer Center Michigan State
252 Cleveland Browns Dick Calhoun Guard Baylor
253 Los Angeles Rams Art Preston Back San Diego State

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
254 New York Yanks Dean Schneider Back USC
255 Green Bay Packers Karl Kluckhohn End Colgate
256 Chicago Cardinals Glenn Lippman Back Texas A&M
257 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Turco Back Holy Cross
258 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Byrne Back Montana State
259 Washington Redskins Jim O'Rourke Back NC State
260 Chicago Bears Dick Gregory Back Minnesota
261 Detroit Lions Jim David End Colorado A&M
262 San Francisco 49ers Jim Cozad Tackle Santa Clara
263 New York Giants Bob Raley Back Texas
264 Cleveland Browns Corky Johnson Tackle UC Santa Barbara
265 Los Angeles Rams Joe Pahr Back Valparaiso

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
266 New York Yanks Chet Freeman Back LSU
267 Chicago Cardinals Red Stephens Guard San Francisco
268 Green Bay Packers Frank Kapral Guard Michigan State
269 Philadelphia Eagles Maury Schnell Back Iowa State
270 Pittsburgh Steelers Vic Pollock Back Army
271 Washington Redskins Ken Barfield Tackle Ole Miss
272 Chicago Bears Paul Nestor Tackle Maryland
273 San Francisco 49ers Bill Glazier End Arizona
274 Detroit Lions Hal Maxwell End Ole Miss
275 New York Giants Bob Bickel Back Duke
276 Cleveland Browns Bobby Robertson Back Indiana
277 Los Angeles Rams Don Greene Tackle Miami (OH)

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
278 New York Yanks Bob Ward Guard Maryland
279 Green Bay Packers John Schuetzner End South Carolina
280 Chicago Cardinals E. J. Moore Guard Abilene Christian
281 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Tyrrell Guard Temple
282 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Bestwick Back Pittsburgh
283 Washington Redskins Ted Kirkland End Vanderbilt
284 Chicago Bears Dick Mundinger Tackle Minnesota
285 Detroit Lions Bob Werckle Tackle Vanderbilt
286 San Francisco 49ers Ralph Kreuger Tackle California
287 New York Giants Wes Mitchell End Pacific
288 Cleveland Browns Junior Wren Back Missouri
289 Los Angeles Rams Rich Kelnhofer Guard St. Ambrose

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
290 New York Yanks Jim Monihan Back Rutgers
291 Chicago Cardinals Cliff Anderson End Indiana
292 Green Bay Packers Charlie LaPradd Tackle Florida
293 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Kelley Center West Texas State
294 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Robinson Back Lincoln (MO)
295 Washington Redskins Sal Gero Tackle Elon
296 Chicago Bears Bob Stoddard Tackle Utah State
297 San Francisco 49ers Bud Laughlin Back Kansas
298 Detroit Lions By Bailey Back Washington State
299 New York Giants Bill Kelley Center Pacific
300 Cleveland Browns Billy Reddell Back Florida
301 Los Angeles Rams Len Teeuws Tackle Tulane

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
302 New York Yanks George Young Tackle Bucknell
303 Green Bay Packers Charlie Stokes Tackle Tennessee
304 Chicago Cardinals Charley Fry Tackle Maryland
305 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Albert Back Bucknell
306 Pittsburgh Steelers Bobby Wilson Back Alabama
307 Washington Redskins Dunny Goode Back Hardin–Simmons
308 Chicago Bears Bucky McElroy Back Mississippi Southern
309 Detroit Lions Buddy Terry End Stephen F. Austin
310 San Francisco 49ers Dick Kane Guard Cincinnati
311 New York Giants Tom Lavery End Boston University
312 Cleveland Browns Joe Vernasco End Illinois
313 Los Angeles Rams Frank Fuller Tackle Kentucky

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
314 New York Yanks Gil Bartosh Back TCU
315 Chicago Cardinals Sam Moses Tackle Texas A&M
316 Green Bay Packers I. D. Russell Back SMU
317 Philadelphia Eagles Chuck Hill Back New Mexico
318 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Doyle Back Ohio State
319 Washington Redskins Ben White End SMU
320 Chicago Bears Bob Reid Back Baylor
321 San Francisco 49ers Waldo Schaaf Tackle Oklahoma A&M
322 Detroit Lions Bob Trout End Baylor
323 New York Giants Duane Morrison Back Arizona State
324 Cleveland Browns Bill Maletzky Guard Maryland
325 Los Angeles Rams Hugh Meyer Center Texas A&M

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
326 New York Yanks Doug Moseley Center Kentucky
327 Green Bay Packers Billy Barrett Back Notre Dame
328 Chicago Cardinals Harold Lutz End Alabama
329 Philadelphia Eagles Johnny Brewer Back Louisville
330 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerry Hanifan Back St. Bonaventure
331 Washington Redskins Ron Engel Back Minnesota
332 Chicago Bears Karney Scioscia Back Maryland
333 Detroit Lions Hal Turner End Tennessee A&I State
334 San Francisco 49ers Joe Palumbo Guard Virginia
335 New York Giants Alton Patterson Tackle McMurry
336 Cleveland Browns John Pietro Guard Brown
337 Los Angeles Rams Granville Hart Back Mississippi Southern

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
338 New York Yanks Russ Hudeck Tackle Texas A&M
339 Chicago Cardinals Don Kasperan Back Purdue
340 Green Bay Packers Bill Stratton Back Lewis
341 Philadelphia Eagles Zippy Morocco Back Georgia
342 Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Warriner End Pittsburgh
343 Washington Redskins John Pappa Back California
344 Chicago Bears Teddy Riggs Back Rice
345 San Francisco 49ers Chuck Mosher End Colorado
346 Detroit Lions Art Hudson Back Western Illinois
347 New York Giants Jim Dillon Back California
348 Cleveland Browns Walt Klevay Back Ohio State
349 Los Angeles Rams Gerry Perry Tackle California

Round thirty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
350 New York Yanks Ray Suchy Guard Nevada
351 Green Bay Packers Jack Fulkerson Tackle Mississippi Southern
352 Chicago Cardinals Will Stolk Back Miami (FL)
353 Philadelphia Eagles Don Stevens Back Illinois
354 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed Kissell Back Wake Forest
355 Washington Redskins Bob Linn Back Western Reserve
356 Chicago Bears Bob Shemonski Back Maryland
357 Detroit Lions Ray Don Dillon Back Prairie View A&M
358 San Francisco 49ers Dick Patrick Center Oregon
359 New York Giants Joe Arnold Guard Texas
360 [8] Cleveland Browns John Saban Back Xavier
= Pro Bowler [5] = Hall of Famer

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[5] = Hall of Famer[9]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Philadelphia Eagles Ed Bawel  HB Evansville ICC
Los Angeles Rams Howie Ferguson  HB    
Los Angeles Rams Night Train Lane CB Scottsbluff JC N/A
Washington Redskins Bob Sykes  FB San Jose State Ind.
Chicago Cardinals Ralph Thomas  E San Francisco Ind.

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1970.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1972.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1972.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1974.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1977.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1979.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2011.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2020.
Inducted: For his Executive achievements Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020.


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