1962 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)December 4, 1961
LocationSheraton Hotel & Towers
in Chicago, IL
280 total selections in 20 rounds
First selectionErnie Davis, back
Washington Redskins
Mr. IrrelevantMike Snodgrass, Center
Green Bay Packers
Most selections (24)San Francisco 49ers
Fewest selections (14)Minnesota Vikings
Hall of Famers
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The 1962 National Football League Draft was held on December 4, 1961 at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.[1][2]

The Washington Redskins used the first overall pick of the draft to select running back Ernie Davis, then subsequently traded him to the Cleveland Browns.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = AFL All-Star[4] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Washington Redskins Ernie Davis[5] Back Syracuse
2 Los Angeles Rams (from Minnesota Vikings via New York Giants) Roman Gabriel Quarterback North Carolina State
3 Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen HOF Defensive Tackle Utah State
4 Cleveland Browns (from Dallas Cowboys) Gary Collins Wide receiver Maryland
5 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Ferguson Back Ohio State
6 St. Louis Cardinals Fate Echols Tackle Northwestern
7 Chicago Bears Ronnie Bull Back Baylor
8 San Francisco 49ers Lance Alworth[6] HOF Wide Receiver Arkansas
9 Baltimore Colts Wendell Harris Back LSU
10 Detroit Lions John Hadl[7] Back Kansas
11 Cleveland Browns Leroy Jackson Back Western Illinois
12 St. Louis Cardinals (from Philadelphia Eagles) Irv Goode Guard Kentucky
13 New York Giants Jerry Hillebrand Linebacker Colorado
14 Green Bay Packers Earl Gros Back LSU

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
15 Washington Redskins Joe Hernandez Back Arizona
16 Los Angeles Rams Joe Carollo Tackle Notre Dame
17 Cleveland Browns Chuck Hinton Tackle North Carolina Central
18 Dallas Cowboys Sonny Gibbs Quarterback TCU
19 St. Louis Cardinals Bob Jackson Running Back NMSU
20 Chicago Bears Clyde Brock Tackle Utah State
21 Chicago Bears Bennie McRae Back Michigan
22 San Francisco 49ers Ed Pine Center Utah
23 Baltimore Colts Bill Saul Linebacker Penn State
24 Detroit Lions Eddie Wilson[8] Quarterback Arizona
25 Cleveland Browns Sandy Stephens Back Minnesota
26 New York Giants Bob Bill Tackle Notre Dame
27 Philadelphia Eagles Pete Case Tackle Georgia
28 Green Bay Packers Ed Blaine Guard Missouri

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
29 Washington Redskins Bob Mitinger[9] End Penn State
30 Minnesota Vikings Bill Miller[10] End Miami (FL)
31 Los Angeles Rams John Meyers Tackle Washington
32 Chicago Bears Jim Bates End USC
33 Los Angeles Rams John Cornett Tackle Rice
34 St. Louis Cardinals Chuck Bryant End Ohio State
35 Chicago Bears Bill Hull End Wake Forest
36 San Francisco 49ers Billy Ray Adams Back Mississippi
37 Baltimore Colts Dan Sullivan Tackle Boston College
38 Detroit Lions Bobby Thompson Back Arizona
39 Dallas Cowboys Bobby Plummer Tackle TCU
40 Philadelphia Eagles Pat Holmes Tackle Texas Tech
41 Green Bay Packers Gary Barnes End Clemson
42 Cleveland Browns John Furman Quarterback UTEP

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
43 Washington Redskins Billy Neighbors[11] Tackle Alabama
44 Los Angeles Rams Art Perkins Running Back North Texas State
45 Minnesota Vikings Roy Winston Guard LSU
46 San Francisco 49ers Chuck Sieminski Tackle Penn State
47 St. Louis Cardinals Roger Kochman[12] Running Back Penn State
48 Detroit Lions John Lomakoski Tackle Western Michigan
49 Chicago Bears Jim Cadile Tackle San Jose State
50 San Francisco 49ers Floyd Dean Tackle Florida
51 Baltimore Colts Jim Dillard Back Oklahoma State
52 Detroit Lions Larry Ferguson Back Iowa
53 Cleveland Browns Stan Sczurek Guard Purdue
54 New York Giants Glynn Griffing Quarterback Ole Miss
55 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Byrne Guard Boston College
56 Green Bay Packers Ron Gassert Tackle Virginia

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
57 Chicago Bears Mack Burton End San José State
58 New York Giants Bookie Bolin Guard Ole Miss
59 New York Giants Curtis Miranda Center Florida A&M
60 Los Angeles Rams Jim Smith Tackle Penn State
61 Baltimore Colts Jerry Croft Guard Bowling Green
62 San Francisco 49ers Ted Woods Running Back Colorado
63 Chicago Bears Bill Tunnicliff Running Back Michigan
64 San Francisco 49ers Mike Lind Running Back Notre Dame
65 Green Bay Packers Chuck Morris Back Ole Miss
66 Detroit Lions Dan Birdwell[13] Center Houston
67 Cleveland Browns Henry Rivera Running Back Oregon State
68 Los Angeles Rams Ben Wilson Running Back USC
69 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Rice End Alabama
70 Green Bay Packers Jon Schopf Guard Michigan

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
71 San Francisco 49ers Keith Luhnow Back Santa Ana
72 New York Giants Bill Triplett Back Miami (OH)
73 Minnesota Vikings Larry Bowie Tackle Purdue
74 Dallas Cowboys Donnie Davis End Southern
75 St. Louis Cardinals John Elwell End Purdue
76 San Francisco 49ers Jerry Brown Guard Mississippi
77 Philadelphia Eagles Gus Gonzales Guard Tulane
78 San Francisco 49ers Bill Winter Tackle West Virginia
79 Green Bay Packers John Sutro Tackle San José State
80 Detroit Lions Mike Bundra Tackle USC
81 Cleveland Browns Sam Tidmore End Ohio State
82 Dallas Cowboys George Andrie End Marquette
83 Philadelphia Eagles John McGeever Running Back Auburn
84 Green Bay Packers Oscar Donahue End San José State

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
85 Washington Redskins Bert Coan [14] Running Back Kansas
86 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Perkins Tackle Colorado
87 Los Angeles Rams Sherwyn Thorson Guard Iowa
88 Los Angeles Rams Jim Bakken Quarterback Wisconsin
89 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Collins Running Back Texas
90 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Kirchiro Guard Maryland
91 Chicago Bears Ed O'Bradovich End Illinois
92 San Francisco 49ers John Burrell End Rice
93 Baltimore Colts Fred Miller Tackle LSU
94 Detroit Lions Tom Hall End Minnesota
95 Cleveland Browns John Havlicek[15] Wide Receiver Ohio State
96 Philadelphia Eagles Frank Budd Wide Receiver Villanova
97 New York Giants Ken Byers Tackle Cincinnati
98 Green Bay Packers Gary Cutsinger Tackle Oklahoma State

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
99 Washington Redskins Ron Hatcher Running back Michigan State
100 Los Angeles Rams Dick Farris Guard North Texas State
101 Minnesota Vikings Paul White Running back Florida
102 Dallas Cowboys Ken Tureaud Back Michigan
103 St. Louis Cardinals George Gross[16] Tackle Auburn
104 Pittsburgh Steelers Gary Ballman Back Michigan State
105 Chicago Bears Ed Reynolds Tackle Tulane
106 San Francisco 49ers Jim Vollenweider Back Miami (FL)
107 Baltimore Colts Pete Brokaw Back Syracuse
108 Detroit Lions Murdock Hopper Tackle Houston
109 Detroit Lions Frank Imperiale Guard Southern Illinois
110 Chicago Bears Larry Onesti[17] Center Northwestern
111 Philadelphia Eagles Ralph "Catfish" Smith End Mississippi
112 Green Bay Packers Jim Tullis Back Florida A&M

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
113 Washington Redskins Dave Viti End Boston University
114 Minnesota Vikings Marshall Shirk Tackle UCLA
115 Los Angeles Rams Ike Lassiter[18] Tackle St. Augustine's
116 Baltimore Colts Roy Walker Running back Purdue
117 Pittsburgh Steelers John Powers End Notre Dame
118 St. Louis Cardinals Wilburn Hollis Quarterback Iowa
119 Chicago Bears Kelton Winston Running back Wiley
120 San Francisco 49ers Jim Roberts Tackle Mississippi
121 Baltimore Colts Walt Rappold Quarterback Duke
122 Detroit Lions Todd Grant Center Michigan
123 Cleveland Browns Charles Dickerson Tackle Illinois
124 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Butler Tackle Kentucky
125 New York Giants Reed Bohovich Tackle Lehigh
126 Green Bay Packers Peter Schenck Back Washington State

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
127 Washington Redskins John Childress Guard Arkansas
128 Los Angeles Rams Jim Norris Tackle Houston
129 Cleveland Browns Jerry Goerlitz Center Northern Michigan
130 Dallas Cowboys John Longmeyer Guard Southern Illinois
131 St. Louis Cardinals George Fracovitch Guard Syracuse
132 Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Vignali Guard Pittsburgh
133 Chicago Bears LeRoy Weaver Back Adams State
134 San Francisco 49ers Regis Coustillac Guard Pittsburgh
135 Baltimore Colts Fred Moore Tackle Memphis State
136 Detroit Lions Jerry Archer Center Pittsburg State
137 Cleveland Browns Albert White Back Capital
138 New York Giants J.R. Williams Center Fresno State
139 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Skaggs Guard Washington
140 Green Bay Packers Gale Weidner Quarterback Colorado

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
141 Washington Redskins Carl Palazzo Tackle Adams State
142 Cleveland Browns Ronnie Meyers End Villanova
143 Los Angeles Rams Bert Wilder Tackle North Carolina State
144 Dallas Cowboys Larry Hudas End Michigan State
145 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Wills End California
146 St. Louis Cardinals James Saxton Back Texas
147 Chicago Bears Jerry Robinson Running back Grambling
148 San Francisco 49ers Larry Jepson Center Furman
149 Baltimore Colts Scott Tyler Back Miami (OH)
150 Detroit Lions Karl Anderson Tackle Bowling Green
151 Cleveland Browns Clifton McNeil End Grambling
152 Philadelphia Eagles George Horne Tackle Brigham Young
153 New York Giants Dave Bishop Back Connecticut
154 Green Bay Packers Jim Thrush Tackle Xavier

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
155 Washington Redskins Terry Terrebonne Running back Tulane
156 Los Angeles Rams Marv Marinovich Tackle USC
157 Minnesota Vikings Gary Fallon Running back Syracuse
158 Green Bay Packers Joe Thorne Back South Dakota State
159 St. Louis Cardinals Bob O'Billovich Back Montana
160 Pittsburgh Steelers Sam Mudie Back Rutgers
161 Chicago Bears Bill Watts Tackle Miami (FL)
162 San Francisco 49ers Milton McPike End Northeast Missouri State
163 Baltimore Colts Bake Turner Running back Texas Tech
164 Detroit Lions Gale Sprute Center Winona State
165 Cleveland Browns Ted Stute End Ohio
166 New York Giants Al Gursky Running back Penn State
167 Philadelphia Eagles Larry Thompson Center Tulane
168 Green Bay Packers Tom Pennington[19] Back Georgia

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
169 Washington Redskins Bill Whisler End Iowa
170 Minnesota Vikings Roger Van Cleef Tackle Southwestern Oklahoma
171 Los Angeles Rams Bob Fearnside Running back Bowling Green
172 Dallas Cowboys Bob Moses End Texas
173 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Woodward Tackle Auburn
174 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Diamond Guard Miami (FL)
175 Chicago Bears Joe Perkowski Back Notre Dame
176 San Francisco 49ers George Pierovich Back California
177 Baltimore Colts Charles Holmes Running back Maryland-Eastern Shore
178 Detroit Lions Sherlock Knight Tackle Central State (OH)
179 Cleveland Browns Frank Gardner Tackle North Carolina Central
180 Philadelphia Eagles George McKinney Back Arkansas
181 New York Giants Billy Joe Booth Tackle Louisiana State
182 Green Bay Packers Tom Kepner Tackle Villanova

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
183 Washington Redskins Jim Costen Running back South Carolina
184 Los Angeles Rams Gary Henson End Colorado
185 Minnesota Vikings Patrick Russ Tackle Purdue
186 Dallas Cowboys Harold Hays Guard Southern Mississippi
187 St. Louis Cardinals George Mans End Michigan
188 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Whitaker End Nevada-Reno
189 Chicago Bears Andy Von Sonn Center UCLA
190 San Francisco 49ers Dick Easterly Back Syracuse
191 Baltimore Colts Stinson Jones Back Virginia Military Inst
192 Detroit Lions Jim Davidson Back Maryland
193 Cleveland Browns Jim Shorter Back Detroit
194 New York Giants Greg Mather End Navy
195 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Schwab End Penn State
196 Green Bay Packers Ernie Green Back Louisville

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
197 Washington Redskins Len Vella Tackle Georgia
198 Minnesota Vikings Larry Guilford End Pacific
199 Los Angeles Rams Walter Kikirk Tackle Houston
200 Dallas Cowboys Guy Reese Tackle Southern Methodist
201 Pittsburgh Steelers Vern Hatch End North Carolina Central
202 St. Louis Cardinals Dick Barlund End Maryland
203 Chicago Bears Kent Martin Tackle Wake Forest
204 San Francisco 49ers Ray Osborne Tackle Mississippi State
205 Baltimore Colts Joe Monte Guard Furman
206 Detroit Lions Dick Broadbent End Delaware
207 Cleveland Browns Tom Goosby Guard Baldwin–Wallace
208 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Woulfe Guard Colorado
209 New York Giants Joe Taylor Running back North Carolina A&T
210 Green Bay Packers Roger Holdinsky Back West Virginia

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
211 Washington Redskins Tommy Brooker End Alabama
212 Los Angeles Rams Ron Skufca Tackle Purdue
213 Minnesota Vikings John Contoulis Tackle Connecticut
214 Dallas Cowboys Bob Johnston Tackle Rice
215 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Wegener Guard Missouri
216 Pittsburgh Steelers Bobby Ply Back Baylor
217 Chicago Bears John Nelson Center Xavier
218 San Francisco 49ers Ron Frank Tackle South Dakota State
219 Baltimore Colts Ray Abruzzese[20] Running back Alabama
220 Detroit Lions Tom Sestak[21] End McNeese State
221 Cleveland Browns Dennis Biodrowski End Memphis State
222 New York Giants Roger Johnson Running back Oregon State
223 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Mazzanti Tackle Arkansas
224 Green Bay Packers Jimmy Field Back Louisiana State

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
225 Washington Redskins Alan Miller Guard Ohio
226 Minnesota Vikings Ron Staley End Wisconsin
227 Los Angeles Rams Dave Steadman Tackle Georgia Tech
228 Dallas Cowboys Ray Jacobs Tackle Howard Payne
229 Pittsburgh Steelers Nat Tucker Back Florida A&M
230 St. Louis Cardinals Don Kasso Running back Oregon State
231 Chicago Bears Glenn Glass Running back Tennessee
232 San Francisco 49ers Wally Foltz End De Pauw
233 Baltimore Colts Bill Knocke Running back Fresno State
234 Detroit Lions Rucker Wickline Center Marshall
235 Cleveland Browns Herbert Harlan End Baylor
236 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Martin Tackle Washington State
237 New York Giants Ken Schaffer Tackle Marquette
238 Green Bay Packers Buck Buchanan[22] Tackle Grambling

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
239 Washington Redskins Carl Charon Back Michigan State
240 Los Angeles Rams Charlie Furlow Quarterback Mississippi State
241 Minnesota Vikings Junior Hawthorne Tackle Kentucky
242 Dallas Cowboys Dave Cloutier Back Maine
243 St. Louis Cardinals Don Donatelli Center Florida State
244 Pittsburgh Steelers Ferrell Yarbrough Tackle Northwestern State (LA)
245 Chicago Bears Tommy Neck Back Louisiana State
246 San Francisco 49ers Gary Brown Tackle Illinois
247 Baltimore Colts Mel Rideout Quarterback Richmond
248 Detroit Lions Joe Zuger Quarterback Arizona State
249 Cleveland Browns Sonny Bishop[23] Guard Fresno State
250 New York Giants Bill Winter Running back St. Olaf
251 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Larscheid Back Utah State
252 Green Bay Packers Bob Joiner Quarterback Presbyterian

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
253 Washington Redskins Claude Crabb Back Colorado
254 Minnesota Vikings Tomy Minteer Back Baylor
255 Los Angeles Rams Gerard Barto Tackle Drake
256 Dallas Cowboys Paul Holmes Tackle Georgia
257 Pittsburgh Steelers John Kuprok End Pittsburgh
258 St. Louis Cardinals Don Smith Back Langston
259 Chicago Bears Bill Kellum Tackle Tulane
260 San Francisco 49ers Robert Burton, Sr. Tackle Murray State
261 Baltimore Colts Fred Gillett Back Cal State-Los Angeles
262 Detroit Lions Jim Bernhardt Tackle Linfield
263 Cleveland Browns Jon Anabo Quarterback Fresno State
264 Philadelphia Eagles Harold Ericksen Guard Georgia Tech
265 New York Giants Bob Stem Center Syracuse
266 Green Bay Packers Jerry Scattini Back California

Round twenty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
267 Washington Redskins Ed Trancyier Quarterback Florida State
268 Los Angeles Rams Foster Andersen Tackle UCLA
269 Minnesota Vikings Terry Cagaanan Running Back Utah State
270 Dallas Cowboys Amos Bullocks Back Southern Illinois
271 St. Louis Cardinals Judge Dickson Back Minnesota
272 Pittsburgh Steelers John Knight Back Valparaiso
273 Chicago Bears Jack Roberts Tackle Ohio State
274 San Francisco 49ers Roger McFarland Back Kansas
275 Baltimore Colts Herm McKee Back Washington State
276 Detroit Lions Bob Brown End Michigan
277 Cleveland Browns Paul Flatley Back Northwestern
278 New York Giants Jim Moss Tackle South Carolina
279 Philadelphia Eagles Ron Turner End Wichita State
280 [24] Green Bay Packers Mike Snodgrass Center Western Michigan
= Pro Bowler [3] = AFL All-Star [4] = Hall of Famer

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1978.[25]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1982.[26]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2015.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3] = Hall of Famer[27]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Dallas Cowboys Mike Gaechter  S Oregon Ind.
Dallas Cowboys Cornell Green  CB Utah State MSC
Dallas Cowboys Dave Manders  LB Michigan State Big Ten
Green Bay Packers Howie Williams  S Howard CIAA
Minnesota Vikings John McCormick  QB UMass Yankee
Minnesota Vikings Mick Tingelhoff C Nebraska MVIAA
St. Louis Cardinals Garland Boyette  LB Grambling State SWAC

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