1959 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)December 1, 1958 &
January 21, 1959
LocationWarwick Hotel
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
360 total selections in 30 rounds
First selectionRandy Duncan, QB
Green Bay Packers
Mr. IrrelevantBlair Weese, B
Baltimore Colts
Most selections (35)Los Angeles Rams
Fewest selections (23)Pittsburgh Steelers
Hall of Famers
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1960 →

The 1959 National Football League Draft had its first four rounds held on December 1, 1958, and its final twenty-six rounds on January 21, 1959. Both sessions were held at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia.[1][2] With the first overall pick in the draft, the Green Bay Packers selected quarterback Randy Duncan.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Green Bay Packers Randy Duncan Quarterback Iowa
2 Los Angeles Rams Dick Bass Running back Pacific
3 Chicago Cardinals Billy Stacy Safety Mississippi State
4 Washington Redskins Don Allard Quarterback Boston College
5 San Francisco 49ers Dave Baker Defensive back Oklahoma
6 Detroit Lions Nick Pietrosante Fullback Notre Dame
7 Chicago Bears Don Clark Running back Ohio State
8 San Francisco 49ers Dan James Tackle Ohio State
9 Los Angeles Rams Paul Dickson Defensive tackle Baylor
10 New York Giants Lee Grosscup Quarterback Utah
11 Cleveland Browns Rich Kreitling Wide receiver Illinois
12 Baltimore Colts Jackie Burkett Center Auburn

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
13 Green Bay Packers Alex Hawkins Back South Carolina
14 Chicago Cardinals Jerry Wilson End Auburn
15 Philadelphia Eagles J. D. Smith Tackle Rice
16 Los Angeles Rams Buddy Humphrey Quarterback Baylor
17 San Francisco 49ers Bob Harrison Center Oklahoma
18 Detroit Lions Charley Horton Guard Baylor
19 Detroit Lions Mike Rabold Tackle Indiana
20 Los Angeles Rams Don Brown Back Houston
21 Chicago Bears Richie Petitbon Quarterback Tulane
22 New York Giants Buddy Dial End Rice
23 Cleveland Browns Dick Schafrath Guard Ohio State
24 Baltimore Colts Dave Sherer End Southern Methodist

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
25 Green Bay Packers Boyd Dowler Back Colorado
26 Philadelphia Eagles Wray Carlton Back Duke
27 Chicago Cardinals Jimmy Butler Back Vanderbilt
28 Washington Redskins Emil Karas Tackle Dayton
29 San Francisco 49ers Eddie Dove Back Colorado
30 Detroit Lions Ron Koes Center North Carolina
31 Los Angeles Rams Larry Hickman Back Baylor
32 Chicago Bears Pete Johnson Back Virginia Military Inst
33 Los Angeles Rams Tom Franckhauser End Purdue
34 New York Giants Joe Morrison Back Cincinnati
35 Cleveland Browns Fran O'Brien Tackle Michigan State
36 Detroit Lions Ron Luciano Tackle Syracuse

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
37 Cleveland Browns Gary Prahst End Michigan
38 Chicago Cardinals Ken Beck Tackle Texas A&M
39 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Grazione Quarterback Villanova
40 Washington Redskins Jim Wood End Oklahoma State
41 San Francisco 49ers Monte Clark Tackle USC
42 Detroit Lions Art Brandriff Back Virginia Military Inst
43 Los Angeles Rams Blanche Martin Back Michigan State
44 Los Angeles Rams John Tracey End Texas A&M
45 Los Angeles Rams Bob Reifsnyder Tackle Navy
46 Detroit Lions Bob Grottkau Guard Oregon State
47 Cleveland Browns Dave Lloyd Linebacker Georgia
48 Baltimore Colts Zeke Smith Guard Auburn

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
49 Washington Redskins Bob Wetoska Tackle Notre Dame
50 Chicago Cardinals Maury Schleicher End Penn State
51 Philadelphia Eagles Nick Mumley Tackle Purdue
52 Chicago Cardinals Ted Bates Tackle Oregon State
53 Cleveland Browns John Wooten Guard Colorado
54 San Francisco 49ers Frank Geremia Tackle Notre Dame
55 Green Bay Packers Andy Cvercko Center Northwestern
56 Los Angeles Rams John Lands End Montana State
57 Chicago Bears John Adams Back Cal State-Los Angeles
58 Cleveland Browns Dick LeBeau Cornerback Ohio State
59 New York Giants Ellison Kelly Guard Michigan State
60 Baltimore Colts Don Churchwell Guard Mississippi

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
61 Green Bay Packers Willie Taylor Center Florida A&M
62 Philadelphia Eagles Al Benecick Guard Syracuse
63 Chicago Cardinals Tom Redmond Tackle Vanderbilt
64 Chicago Cardinals Mac Lewis Tackle Iowa
65 Washington Redskins Jim McFalls Tackle Virginia Military Inst
66 San Francisco 49ers Tony Bavaro Tackle Holy Cross
67 Detroit Lions Dick Guesman Tackle West Virginia
68 Chicago Bears Fred Cole Guard Maryland
69 Los Angeles Rams Dave Painter Center Tulane
70 Cleveland Browns Jim Prestel Tackle Idaho
71 Cleveland Browns Bob Denton End Pacific
72 Baltimore Colts Palmer Pyle Tackle Michigan State

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
73 Green Bay Packers Bobby Jackson Back Alabama
74 San Francisco 49ers Don Rogers Tackle South Carolina
75 Chicago Bears Jim Tucker End Tennessee-Chattanooga
76 Washington Redskins Don Lawrence Tackle Notre Dame
77 Detroit Lions Ben Donnell Center Vanderbilt
78 San Francisco 49ers Daniel Colchico End San Jose State
79 Washington Redskins Mitch Ogiego Quarterback Iowa
80 Los Angeles Rams Eddie Meador Back Arkansas Tech
81 Washington Redskins Jim Kenney End Boston University
82 Cleveland Browns Gene Miller Tackle Rice
83 Green Bay Packers Gary Raid Tackle Willamette
84 Baltimore Colts Hal Lewis Back Houston

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
85 Green Bay Packers Buddy Mayfield End South Carolina
86 Philadelphia Eagles Willmer Fowler Back Northwestern
87 Cleveland Browns Bob Ptacek Quarterback Michigan
88 Detroit Lions Jim Lenden Tackle Oregon
89 Washington Redskins Gene O'Pella End Villanova
90 San Francisco 49ers Lew Aiken End Vanderbilt
91 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Barnett Back Purdue
92 Chicago Bears Dick Clark Back Baylor
93 Los Angeles Rams Bill Conner End Jackson State
94 Chicago Bears Willie Smith Tackle Michigan
95 Green Bay Packers Bob Laraba Back Texas-El Paso
96 Baltimore Colts Tommy Joe Coffey Back West Texas State

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
97 Green Bay Packers George Dixon Back Bridgeport
98 Chicago Cardinals Gary Ferguson Tackle Southern Methodist
99 Philadelphia Eagles Gene Johnson Back Cincinnati
100 Washington Redskins Dick Haley Back Pittsburgh
101 Detroit Lions Carl Smith Back Tennessee
102 San Francisco 49ers Bobby Joe Green Back Florida
103 Pittsburgh Steelers Hal Davis Guard Houston
104 Los Angeles Rams Larry Cundiff Tackle Michigan State
105 Chicago Bears Maury Youmans Tackle Syracuse
106 Cleveland Browns Kirk Wilson Back UCLA
107 New York Giants Jack Delveaux Back Illinois
108 Baltimore Colts Tom Brown Guard Minnesota

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
109 Green Bay Packers Sam Tuccio Tackle Southern Mississippi
110 Philadelphia Eagles Rollie West Back Villanova
111 Chicago Cardinals Emil DeCantis Back North Carolina
112 Detroit Lions Jack Laraway Back Purdue
113 Washington Redskins Ron Toth Back Notre Dame
114 San Francisco 49ers Bronko Nagurski Tackle Notre Dame
115 Pittsburgh Steelers Riley Gunnels Tackle Georgia
116 Chicago Bears Bob Coronado End Pacific
117 Los Angeles Rams Alan Goldstein End North Carolina
118 New York Giants Bob Pepe End North Carolina State
119 Cleveland Browns Bob Zeman Back Wisconsin
120 Baltimore Colts Don Stewart End Southern Methodist

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
121 Green Bay Packers Bob Webb Back St. Ambrose
122 Chicago Cardinals Floyd Faucette Back Georgia Tech
123 Philadelphia Eagles Art Powell Wide receiver San Jose State
124 Washington Redskins Gerry Marciniak Guard Michigan
125 Detroit Lions Harry Jacobs Guard Bradley
126 San Francisco 49ers Jack Hayes Back Trinity (TX)
127 Pittsburgh Steelers Overton Curtis Back Utah State
128 Los Angeles Rams Joe Kelly Back New Mexico State
129 Chicago Bears Ed Gray Tackle North Texas State
130 Cleveland Browns Jerry King Guard Kent State
131 New York Giants Bob Sawyer Back Wyoming
132 Baltimore Colts Tom Stephens Back Syracuse

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
133 Green Bay Packers Larry Hall Guard Missouri Valley
134 Philadelphia Eagles Howard Keys Tackle Oklahoma State
135 Chicago Cardinals Ted Edmondson End Hardin–Simmons
136 Detroit Lions Ron Stehouwer Tackle Colorado State
137 Washington Redskins Roger Wypyszynski Tackle St. Norbert
138 San Francisco 49ers Bill Korutz Center Dayton
139 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Pavliska Back Baylor
140 Chicago Bears Justin Rowland End Texas Christian
141 Los Angeles Rams Mike Connelly Center Utah State
142 New York Giants Charlie Flowers Back Mississippi
143 Cleveland Browns Frank Palandrani Tackle North Carolina State
144 Baltimore Colts Dick Wood Quarterback Auburn

Round thirteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
145 Green Bay Packers Jim Hurd Back Albion
146 Chicago Cardinals Pat Lamberti End Richmond
147 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Stillwagon Back Purdue
148 Washington Redskins Billy Shoemake End Louisiana State
149 Detroit Lions Jim Steffen Back UCLA
150 San Francisco 49ers Bill Lopasky Guard West Virginia
151 Pittsburgh Steelers Dewey Bohling Back Hardin–Simmons
152 Los Angeles Rams Al Witcher End Baylor
153 Chicago Bears Gene Jones Back Rice
154 Cleveland Browns Ray Reese Back Bowling Green
155 New York Giants John Kompara Tackle South Carolina
156 Baltimore Colts Rudi Smith Tackle Mississippi

Round fourteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
157 Green Bay Packers Ken Kerr Guard Arizona State
158 Philadelphia Eagles Jack Smith Tackle Clemson
159 Chicago Cardinals Bob Bobo Tackle Texas-El Paso
160 Detroit Lions Jim Baldwin Center McMurry
161 Washington Redskins Kurt Schwarz Guard Maryland
162 San Francisco 49ers Mike Dukes Back Clemson
163 Pittsburgh Steelers John Peppercorn End Kansas
164 Chicago Bears Joe Robb Tackle Texas Christian
165 Los Angeles Rams Pete Davidson Tackle The Citadel
166 New York Giants Roger Ellis Center Maine
167 Cleveland Browns Elbert "Golden Wheels" Dubenion Wide receiver Bluffton
168 Baltimore Colts Ferdie Burket Back Southeastern Oklahoma

Round fifteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
169 Green Bay Packers Dick Teteak Guard Wisconsin
170 Chicago Cardinals John Schroeder End North Carolina
171 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Poteete Center Mississippi State
172 Washington Redskins Fred Hood End Northeastern Oklahoma
173 Detroit Lions Bruce Maher Back Detroit
174 San Francisco 49ers Joe Belland Back Arizona State
175 Pittsburgh Steelers J.W. "Red" Brodnax Back Louisiana State
176 Los Angeles Rams Walt Kelly Back Houston
177 Chicago Bears Roger LeClerc Center Trinity (CT)
178 Cleveland Browns Tom Salwocki Center Pittsburgh
179 New York Giants Bob Bercich Back Michigan State
180 Baltimore Colts Ted Foret Tackle Auburn

Round sixteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
181 Green Bay Packers Dan Edgington End Florida
182 Philadelphia Eagles Ken Paduch Tackle Auburn
183 Chicago Cardinals John Dingens Tackle Detroit
184 Detroit Lions George McGee Tackle Southern
185 Washington Redskins Dick Splain Tackle New Haven
186 San Francisco 49ers Bob Cook Back Idaho State
187 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Carrico Guard North Texas State
188 Chicago Bears Don Redding Tackle North Carolina
189 Los Angeles Rams Ted Royal Center Duke
190 New York Giants Bob Soltis Back Minnesota
191 Cleveland Browns Jamie Caleb Back Grambling
192 Baltimore Colts Morris Keller Tackle Clemson

Round seventeen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
193 Green Bay Packers Tom Secules Back William & Mary
194 Chicago Cardinals Pete Hart Back Hardin–Simmons
195 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Craig Tackle Villanova
196 Washington Redskins Jim Healy Guard Holy Cross
197 Detroit Lions Jack Rudolph End Georgia Tech
198 San Francisco 49ers Jerome Jurczak Center Benedictine
199 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Leeka Tackle UCLA
200 Los Angeles Rams Dave Wilemon Tackle Southern Methodist
201 Chicago Bears Willie Neal Back Jackson State
202 Cleveland Browns Homer Schmittan End Tennessee Tech
203 New York Giants Austin "Goose" Gonsoulin End Baylor
204 Baltimore Colts Leroy Bergan Tackle South Dakota State

Round eighteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
205 Green Bay Packers Dick Nearents Tackle Eastern Washington
206 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Benson Back Georgia Tech
207 Chicago Cardinals Darrell DeDecker Tackle Illinois
208 Detroit Lions Dave Holden Tackle Cal State-Los Angeles
209 Washington Redskins Joe Kapp Quarterback California
210 San Francisco 49ers Jack Cowley Tackle Trinity (TX)
211 Pittsburgh Steelers John Seinturier Tackle USC
212 Chicago Bears Ken Asbury Back Missouri Valley
213 Los Angeles Rams Dave Van Metre End Colorado College
214 New York Giants Al Ecuyer Guard Notre Dame
215 Cleveland Browns Ed Hill Guard Miami (OH)
216 Baltimore Colts Opie Bandy Tackle Tulsa

Round nineteen

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
217 Green Bay Packers Bill Butler Back Tennessee-Chattanooga
218 Chicago Cardinals Billy Dunn Back Southern Methodist
219 Philadelphia Eagles Alan Miller Back Boston College
220 Washington Redskins Bobby Lauder Back Auburn
221 Detroit Lions Rufus Granderson Tackle Prairie View A&M
222 San Francisco 49ers Tom Osborne Back Hastings
223 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Kocourek Wide receiver Wisconsin
224 Los Angeles Rams Carver Shannon Back Southern Illinois
225 Chicago Bears Chris Plain Tackle Stanford
226 Cleveland Browns Joe Schroeder Tackle Xavier
227 New York Giants George Scott Back Miami (OH)
228 Baltimore Colts Milt Crain Center Mississippi

Round twenty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
229 Green Bay Packers Charley Sample Back Arkansas
230 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Payne Guard Clemson
231 Chicago Cardinals Jerry Lee Murphy Tackle Ohio State
232 Detroit Lions Dan McGrew Tackle Purdue
233 Washington Redskins Billy Brewer Back Mississippi
234 San Francisco 49ers Toby Deese Tackle Georgia Tech
235 Pittsburgh Steelers Rudy Hayes Back Clemson
236 Chicago Bears Tony Carcaterra End Elon
237 Los Angeles Rams Ross Coyle End Oklahoma
238 New York Giants Jerry Shetler Guard Minnesota
239 Cleveland Browns Al McClain Tackle Shaw
240 Baltimore Colts Paul Balonick Center North Carolina State

Round twenty-one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
241 Green Bay Packers Dave Smith Back Ripon
242 Chicago Cardinals Dale Memmelaar Guard Wyoming
243 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Salerno Guard Colorado
244 Washington Redskins Mel Reight Back West Virginia
245 Detroit Lions Buddy Davis Back Richmond
246 San Francisco 49ers Luther Carr Back Washington
247 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnny Green Quarterback Tennessee-Chattanooga
248 Los Angeles Rams Marv Bergmann Tackle Washington
249 Chicago Bears Donnie Stone Back Arkansas
250 Cleveland Browns Jim Fraser Guard Wisconsin
251 New York Giants Fred Swearingen Guard North Carolina
252 Baltimore Colts John Hernstein Back Michigan

Round twenty-two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
253 Green Bay Packers Charlie Anderson End Drake
254 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Bowie Tackle Kentucky
255 Chicago Cardinals Glenn Shamblin Back West Virginia
256 Detroit Lions Lebron Shields Tackle Tennessee
257 Washington Redskins Art Gob End Pittsburgh
258 San Francisco 49ers Burnio McQueen End North Carolina A&T
259 Pittsburgh Steelers Burley Polk Tackle Hardin–Simmons
260 Chicago Bears Lennie Rubal Back William & Mary
261 Los Angeles Rams Bill Meglen Guard Utah State
262 New York Giants Gale Gibson End Iowa State
263 Cleveland Browns Joe Wenzel End Lehigh
264 Baltimore Colts Lonny Leatherman End Texas Christian

Round twenty-three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
265 Green Bay Packers Ben Lawver Tackle Lewis & Clark
266 Chicago Cardinals Freddie Glick Defensive back Colorado State
267 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Williams End Southern
268 Washington Redskins Clarence Alexander Back Southeastern Louisiana
269 Detroit Lions Sal Cesario Tackle Denver
270 San Francisco 49ers Bruce Dollahan Tackle Illinois
271 Pittsburgh Steelers Emye Davis Back McMurry
272 Los Angeles Rams George Deiderich Guard Vanderbilt
273 Chicago Bears Bob Haller Tackle Northwest Missouri State
274 Cleveland Browns Jim Gardner Tackle Duke
275 New York Giants Frank Kremblas Quarterback Ohio State
276 Baltimore Colts Bob Davis Back Houston

Round twenty-four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
277 Green Bay Packers Joe Hergert Center Florida
278 Philadelphia Eagles Gerry Benn Tackle Oklahoma State
279 Chicago Cardinals Jim Reed Guard East Texas State
280 Detroit Lions Fred Riddle Back Pittsburgh
281 Washington Redskins George Darrah Back Franklin & Marshall
282 San Francisco 49ers Craig Chudy End UCLA
283 Pittsburgh Steelers Wayne Farmer Tackle Purdue
284 Chicago Bears Bob Spain Tackle Baylor
285 Los Angeles Rams Tom Campbell Back Indiana
286 New York Giants Charley James Back Missouri
287 Cleveland Browns Russ Goings Guard Xavier
288 Baltimore Colts Bob Novogratz Guard Army

Round twenty-five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
289 Green Bay Packers Leroy Hardee Back Florida A&M
290 Chicago Cardinals Jim Jeffery Tackle Auburn
291 Philadelphia Eagles Dick Jamieson Quarterback Bradley
292 Washington Redskins Bob Sargent Tackle Colby
293 Detroit Lions Dan Chamberlain End Cal State-Sacramento
294 San Francisco 49ers Roy Gee Guard Trinity (TX)
295 Pittsburgh Steelers Ron Miller End Vanderbilt
296 Los Angeles Rams Bob Borah End Houston
297 Chicago Bears Tom Huhn Center St. Joseph's (IN)
298 Cleveland Browns Ernie Spycholski Tackle Ohio State
299 New York Giants Lou Reale Center Buffalo
300 Baltimore Colts Ed Kieffer Back Syracuse

Round twenty-six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
301 Green Bay Packers Ken Higginbotham End Trinity (TX)
302 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Burks Tackle Virginia Tech
303 Chicago Cardinals Joe Chuha Center USC
304 Detroit Lions Jim Bradley Back Lincoln (MO)
305 Washington Redskins Gene Grabosky Tackle Syracuse
306 San Francisco 49ers Ed Young End Louisville
307 Pittsburgh Steelers Jack Scott Tackle Ohio State
308 Chicago Bears Bob Kunde Tackle Capital
309 Los Angeles Rams Bill Strumke Back Georgia
310 New York Giants Frank Doretti Center California
311 Cleveland Browns Homer Floyd Back Kansas
312 Baltimore Colts Rene Lorio Back Southern Mississippi

Round twenty-seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
313 Green Bay Packers Timothy Brown Running back Ball State
314 Chicago Cardinals Bob Corrigan Guard Indiana
315 Philadelphia Eagles Lowell Jenkins Tackle Wisconsin
316 Washington Redskins Norm Odyniec Back Notre Dame
317 Detroit Lions Bill Jerry Tackle South Carolina
318 San Francisco 49ers Mel Semenko Tackle Colorado
319 Pittsburgh Steelers Charley Tolar Back Northwestern State (LA)
320 Los Angeles Rams Alex Kroll Center Rutgers
321 Chicago Bears John Aveni End Indiana
322 Cleveland Browns Larry Baker Tackle Bowling Green
323 New York Giants Joe Biscaha End Richmond
324 Baltimore Colts Terry Thurman Back Rice

Round twenty-eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
325 Green Bay Packers Jerry Epps Guard West Texas State
326 Philadelphia Eagles Leo Sexton End Auburn
327 Chicago Cardinals Don Fleming Defensive back Florida
328 Detroit Lions Vince Matthews Back Texas
329 Washington Redskins Bill Austin Back Rutgers
330 San Francisco 49ers Mike McCluskey Back Washington
331 Pittsburgh Steelers Ronnie Hall Back Missouri Valley
332 Chicago Bears Bob Williams Back Notre Dame
333 Los Angeles Rams Rafer Johnson Back UCLA
334 New York Giants Dolphus Williams Tackle Morgan State
335 Cleveland Browns Pete Abadie End Tulane
336 Baltimore Colts Fred Long Back Iowa

Round twenty-nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
337 Green Bay Packers Jack Flara Back Pittsburgh
338 Chicago Cardinals Jim O'Connor Center Marshall
339 Philadelphia Eagles John Stolte Tackle Kansas State
340 Washington Redskins Don Lockwood Guard Tulane
341 Detroit Lions Dave Sime End Duke
342 San Francisco 49ers Jack Bolton Tackle Puget Sound
343 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Loncar Tackle Notre Dame
344 Los Angeles Rams Ernie Moore End Alabama State
345 Chicago Bears Eddie Southern End Texas
346 Cleveland Browns Ron Nietupski Tackle Illinois
347 New York Giants Henry Christopher End Southern Methodist
348 Baltimore Colts Perry McGriff End Florida

Round thirty

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
349 Green Bay Packers Dick Emerich Tackle West Chester
350 Philadelphia Eagles Angelo Mosca Tackle Notre Dame
351 Chicago Cardinals Rabe Walton Back North Carolina
352 Detroit Lions Ron Stover End Oregon
353 Washington Redskins Jim Colclough Back Boston College
354 San Francisco 49ers Bob Carter Tackle Denver
355 Pittsburgh Steelers Willus Fjerstad Back Minnesota
356 Chicago Bears Cliff Jackson Back North Carolina Central
357 Los Angeles Rams Don Millich Back Washington
358 New York Giants Dave Sington Tackle Alabama
359 Cleveland Browns Carl Ketchie Back Washington State
360 [4] Baltimore Colts Blair Weese Back West Virginia Tech
= Pro Bowler [3]

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.[5]

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Chicago Bears Lionel Taylor  WR New Mexico Highlands Frontier (NM)
Los Angeles Rams John LoVetere  DT Compton Junior College N/A
San Francisco 49ers Paul Lowe  RB Oregon State PCC
Washington Redskins Tom Flores QB Pacific Ind. (Univ.)
Washington Redskins Ben Scotti  S Maryland ACC


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