1970 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)January 27–28, 1970
LocationBelmont Plaza Hotel
New York City, NY
442 total selections in 17 rounds
First selectionTerry Bradshaw, QB
Pittsburgh Steelers
Mr. IrrelevantRayford Jenkins, DB
Kansas City Chiefs
Most selections (22)Atlanta Falcons,
St. Louis Cardinals
Fewest selections (13)New York Giants
Hall of Famers
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1971 →

The 1970 National Football League Draft was the 35th National Football League Draft and the first of the league's modern era, following the merger of the National Football League with the American Football League. It was held on January 27–28, 1970, at the Belmont Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York.[1][2]

The first overall pick of the draft was quarterback Terry Bradshaw from Louisiana Tech University, who was taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bradshaw was one of two future NFL Hall of Fame inductees drafted by the Steelers; the other being Mel Blount from Southern University in Round 3.

The last remaining active player from the 1970 draft class was kicker Mark Moseley, who played his final NFL game in the 1986 season, although he missed the 1973 season.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer
* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[3]
= Hall of Famer[4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker[a] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ Also known as Placekicker (PK)

Round 1

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshawdouble-dagger QB Louisiana Tech Gulf States
1 2 Green Bay Packers Mike McCoy  DT Notre Dame Ind. from Chicago
1 3 Cleveland Browns Mike Phipps  QB Purdue Big Ten from Miami
1 4 Boston Patriots Phil Olsen  DT Utah State Ind. (Univ.)
1 5 Buffalo Bills Al Cowlings  LB USC Pac-8
1 6 Philadelphia Eagles Steve Zabel  TE/LB Oklahoma Big Eight
1 7 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Reid  DT Penn State Ind.
1 8 St. Louis Cardinals Larry Stegent  RB Texas A&M SWC
1 9 San Francisco 49ers Cedrick Hardman  DE North Texas State MVC
1 10 New Orleans Saints Ken Burrough  WR Texas Southern SWAC
1 11 Denver Broncos Bobby Anderson  RB Colorado Big Eight
1 12 Atlanta Falcons John Small  LB The Citadel SoCon
1 13 New York Giants Jim Files  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
1 14 Houston Oilers Doug Wilkerson  OG North Carolina Central CIAA
1 15 San Diego Chargers Walker Gillette  WR Richmond SoCon
1 16 Green Bay Packers Rich McGeorge  TE Elon CIAC
1 17 San Francisco 49ers Bruce Taylor  CB Boston University Ind. (Coll.) from Washington
1 18 Baltimore Colts Norm Bulaich  RB TCU SWC
1 19 Detroit Lions Steve Owens  RB Oklahoma Big Eight Heisman Trophy winner [5]
1 20 New York Jets Steve Tannen  DB Florida SEC
1 21 Cleveland Browns Bob McKay  T Texas SWC
1 22 Los Angeles Rams Jack Reynolds  LB Tennessee SEC
1 23 Dallas Cowboys Duane Thomas  RB West Texas A&M Ind. (Coll.)
1 24 Oakland Raiders Raymond Chester  TE Morgan State CIAA
1 25 Minnesota Vikings John Ward  T Oklahoma State Big Eight
1 26 Kansas City Chiefs Sid Smith  T USC Pac-8

Round 2

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
27 Dallas Cowboys Bob Asher Offensive tackle Vanderbilt
28 Pittsburgh Steelers Ronnie Shanklin Wide receiver North Texas State
29 Miami Dolphins Jim Mandich Tight end Michigan
30 Buffalo Bills Dennis Shaw Quarterback San Diego State
31 Houston Oilers Leo Brooks Defensive tackle Texas
32 Cincinnati Bengals Ron Carpenter Defensive tackle North Carolina State
33 St. Louis Cardinals Jim Corrigall Defensive tackle Kent State
34 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Jones Cornerback Southern
35 Los Angeles Rams Donnie Williams Wide receiver Prairie View A&M
36 Cleveland Browns Joe "Turkey" Jones Defensive end Tennessee State
37 Denver Broncos Alden Roche Defensive end Southern
38 St. Louis Cardinals Chuck Hutchison Guard Ohio State
39 Atlanta Falcons Art Malone Running back Arizona State
40 Houston Oilers Bill Dusenbery Running back Johnson C. Smith
41 Green Bay Packers Al Matthews Safety Texas A&M – Kingsville
42 San Diego Chargers Tom Williams Defensive tackle California – Davis
43 Washington Redskins Bill Brundige Defensive tackle Colorado
44 Baltimore Colts Jim Bailey Defensive tackle Kansas
45 Detroit Lions Ray Parson Offensive tackle Minnesota
46 New York Jets Rich Caster Tight end Jackson State
47 Cleveland Browns Jerry Sherk Defensive tackle Oklahoma State
48 San Francisco 49ers John Isenbarger Running back Indiana
49 Dallas Cowboys Margene Adkins Wide receiver Trinity Valley
50 Oakland Raiders Ted Koy Tight end Texas
51 Minnesota Vikings Bill Cappleman Quarterback Florida State
52 Kansas City Chiefs Clyde Werner Linebacker Washington

Round 3

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
53 Pittsburgh Steelers Mel Blount Cornerback Southern
54 Chicago Bears George Farmer Wide receiver UCLA
55 Miami Dolphins Tim Foley Cornerback Purdue
56 Boston Patriots Mike Ballou Linebacker UCLA
57 Buffalo Bills Jim Reilly Guard Notre Dame
58 St. Louis Cardinals Charlie Pittman Running back Penn State
59 Philadelphia Eagles Lee Bouggess Running back Louisville
60 Cincinnati Bengals Chip Bennett Linebacker Abilene Christian
61 Kansas City Chiefs Billy Bob Barnett Defensive end Texas A&M
62 New Orleans Saints Clovis Swinney Defensive end Arkansas State
63 Denver Broncos John Kohler Tackle South Dakota
64 Atlanta Falcons Andy Maurer Guard Oregon
65 Atlanta Falcons Todd Snyder Wide receiver Ohio
66 Dallas Cowboys Charlie Waters Safety Clemson
67 Buffalo Bills Glenn Alexander Defensive back Grambling
68 Green Bay Packers Jim Carter Linebacker Minnesota
69 St. Louis Cardinals Eric Harris Defensive back Colorado
70 Baltimore Colts Jim O'Brien Kicker Cincinnati
71 Detroit Lions Jim Mitchell Defensive end Virginia State
72 New York Jets Dennis Onkotz Linebacker Penn State
73 Dallas Cowboys Steve Kiner Linebacker Tennessee
74 Baltimore Colts Ara Person Tight end Morgan State
75 Dallas Cowboys Denton Fox Defensive back Texas Tech
76 Oakland Raiders Gerald Irons Defensive end Maryland State
77 Minnesota Vikings Chuck Burgoon Linebacker North Park (Ill.)
78 Kansas City Chiefs David Hadley Defensive back Alcorn A&M

Round 4

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
79 Chicago Bears Lynn Larson Tackle Kansas State
80 Pittsburgh Steelers Ed George Tackle Wake Forest
81 Miami Dolphins Curtis Johnson Cornerback Toledo
82 Buffalo Bills Jerome Gantt Defensive end North Carolina Central
83 Boston Patriots Eddie Ray Defensive back LSU
84 Atlanta Falcons Paul Reed Tackle Johnson C. Smith
85 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Stevens Guard Jackson State
86 St. Louis Cardinals Greg Lens Defensive tackle Trinity
87 San Francisco 49ers Vic Washington Wide receiver Wyoming
88 New Orleans Saints Delles Howell Defensive back Grambling
89 Denver Broncos Jerry Hendren Wide receiver Idaho
90 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Evenson Running back Oregon
91 St. Louis Cardinals Don Parish Linebacker Stanford
92 Houston Oilers Spike Jones Punter Georgia
93 Green Bay Packers Ken Ellis Wide receiver Southern
94 San Diego Chargers Bill Maddox Tight end Syracuse
95 Baltimore Colts Steve Smear Defensive tackle Penn State
96 Green Bay Packers Skip Butler Kicker Texas-Arlington
97 New York Giants Wes Grant Defensive end UCLA
98 New York Jets John Ebersole Linebacker Penn State
99 Cleveland Browns Ricky Stevenson Defensive back Arizona
100 Chicago Bears Ross Brupbacher Linebacker Texas A&M
101 Dallas Cowboys John Fitzgerald Tackle Boston College
102 Oakland Raiders Tony Cline Linebacker Miami (FL)
103 Washington Redskins Paul Laaveg Tackle Iowa
104 Cincinnati Bengals Billie Hayes Defensive back San Diego State

Round 5

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
105 Pittsburgh Steelers Jon Staggers Wide Receiver Missouri
106 New Orleans Saints Glenn Cannon Defensive back Mississippi
107 Boston Patriots Bob Olson Linebacker Notre Dame
108 New York Jets Clifford McClain Running back South Carolina State
109 Buffalo Bills Steve Starnes Linebacker Tampa
110 Houston Oilers Ron Saul Guard Michigan State
111 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Lloyd Tackle Bowling Green
112 Atlanta Falcons Bruce Van Ness Running back Rutgers
113 San Francisco 49ers Gary McArthur Tackle USC
114 Washington Redskins Manny Sistrunk Defensive tackle Arkansas AM&N
115 Denver Broncos Bill McKoy Linebacker Purdue
116 Atlanta Falcons Ken Mendenhall Center Oklahoma
117 New York Giants Claude Brumfield Guard Tennessee State
118 Houston Oilers Ed Duley Defensive tackle Northern Arizona
119 San Diego Chargers Pettus Farrar Running back Norfolk State
120 Green Bay Packers Cecil Pryor Defensive end Michigan
121 Washington Redskins Danny Pierce Running back Memphis State
122 Baltimore Colts Billy Newsome Defensive end Grambling
123 Detroit Lions Bob Parker Guard Memphis State
124 New York Jets Gary Arthur Tight end Miami (OH)
125 Cleveland Browns Steve Engel Running back Colorado
126 New Orleans Saints Steve Ramsey Quarterback North Texas State
127 St. Louis Cardinals Barry Pierson Defensive back Michigan
128 Oakland Raiders Art Laster Tackle Maryland State
129 Minnesota Vikings Greg Jones Running back UCLA
130 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Oriard Center Notre Dame

Round 6

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
131 Chicago Bears Bob Cutburth Quarterback Oklahoma State
132 Pittsburgh Steelers Manuel Barrera Linebacker Kansas State
133 Miami Dolphins Dave Campbell Defensive end Auburn
134 Buffalo Bills Ken Edwards Running back Virginia Tech
135 Buffalo Bills Grant Guthrie Kicker Florida State
136 Chicago Bears Jeff Curchin Tackle Florida State
137 St. Louis Cardinals James Manuel Tackle Toledo
138 Cincinnati Bengals Sandy Durko Defensive back USC
139 San Francisco 49ers Rusty Clark Quarterback Houston
140 New Orleans Saints Mel Easley Defensive back Oregon State
141 Denver Broncos John Mosier Tight end Kansas
142 New York Giants Duane Miller Wide receiver Drake
143 Atlanta Falcons Mack Herron Running back Kansas State
144 Houston Oilers Benny Johnson Defensive back Johnson C. Smith
145 Green Bay Packers Ervin Hunt Defensive back Fresno State
146 San Diego Chargers Billy Parks Wide receiver Long Beach State
147 Atlanta Falcons Jade Butcher Wide receiver Indiana
148 Baltimore Colts Ron Gardin Defensive back Arizona
149 Detroit Lions Tony Terry Defensive tackle USC
150 New York Jets Terry Stewart Defensive back Arkansas
151 Cleveland Browns Mike Cilek Quarterback Iowa
152 Atlanta Falcons Randy Marshall Defensive end Linfield
153 Dallas Cowboys Pat Toomay Defensive end Vanderbilt
154 Oakland Raiders Alvin Wyatt Defensive back Bethune-Cookman
155 Pittsburgh Steelers Clarence Kegler Tackle South Carolina State
156 Kansas City Chiefs Robert Hews Tackle Princeton

Round 7

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
157 Pittsburgh Steelers Danny Griffin Running back Texas-Arlington
158 Philadelphia Eagles Terry Brennan Tackle Notre Dame
159 Miami Dolphins Jake Scott Safety Georgia
160 Boston Patriots Odell Lawson Running back Langston
161 Buffalo Bills Wayne Fowler Tackle Richmond
162 Los Angeles Rams Ted Provost Defensive back Ohio State
163 Cincinnati Bengals Lemar Parrish Cornerback Lincoln
164 St. Louis Cardinals Jim McFarland Tight end Nebraska
165 San Francisco 49ers Jim Strong Running back Houston
166 New Orleans Saints Lon Woodard Defensive end San Diego State
167 Denver Broncos Randy Montgomery Defensive back Weber State
168 Los Angeles Rams Bill Nelson Defensive tackle Oregon State
169 Atlanta Falcons Gary Orcutt Wide receiver USC
170 Houston Oilers Charles Olson Defensive back Concordia (Minn.)
171 San Diego Chargers Jim Fabish Defensive back Texas-El Paso
172 Green Bay Packers Cleo Walker Center Louisville
173 Washington Redskins Roland Merritt Wide receiver Maryland
174 Baltimore Colts Gordon Slade Quarterback Davidson
175 Detroit Lions Ken Geddes Linebacker Nebraska
176 New York Jets James Williams Defensive back Virginia State
177 Cleveland Browns Craig Wycinsky Guard Michigan State
178 Washington Redskins James Harris Cornerback Howard Payne
179 Dallas Cowboys Don Abbey Linebacker Penn State
180 Oakland Raiders Steve Svitak Linebacker Boise State
181 Minnesota Vikings Hap Farber Linebacker Mississippi
182 Kansas City Chiefs Clyde Glosson Wide receiver Texas-El Paso

Round 8

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
183 Chicago Bears Dana Stephenson Defensive back Nebraska
184 Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Smith Wide receiver Indiana (Pa.)
185 Miami Dolphins Narvel Chavers Running back Jackson State
186 Buffalo Bills Richard Cheek Tackle Auburn
187 New York Jets Jack Porter Guard Oklahoma
188 Cincinnati Bengals Bill Trout Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
189 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Banks Center Auburn
190 Philadelphia Eagles Ira Gordon Tackle Kansas State
191 San Francisco 49ers Carter Campbell Linebacker Weber State
192 New Orleans Saints Lawrence Estes Defensive end Alcorn A&M
193 Kansas City Chiefs Fred Barry Defensive back Boston University
194 Atlanta Falcons Larry Brewer Tight end Louisiana Tech
195 Atlanta Falcons Seth Miller Defensive back Arizona State
196 Houston Oilers Mike McClish Tackle Wisconsin
197 Green Bay Packers Tim Mjos Running back North Dakota State
198 San Diego Chargers Wayne Clark Quarterback U.S. International
199 Washington Redskins Paul Johnson Defensive back Penn State
200 Baltimore Colts Bob Bouley Tackle Boston College
201 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Holmgren Quarterback USC
202 New York Jets Mark Lomas Defensive end Northern Arizona
203 Cleveland Browns Honester Davidson Defensive back Bowling Green
204 Los Angeles Rams Rich Saul Linebacker Michigan State
205 Dallas Cowboys Jerry Dossey Guard Arkansas
206 Oakland Raiders Mike Wynn Defensive end Nebraska
207 Minnesota Vikings Mike Carroll Guard Missouri
208 Denver Broncos Louis Porter Running back Southern

Round 9

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
209 Pittsburgh Steelers Carl Crennel Linebacker West Virginia
210 Chicago Bears Linzy Cole Wide receiver Texas Christian
211 Miami Dolphins Hubert Ginn Running back Florida A&M
212 Boston Patriots Dennis Wirgowski Defensive end Purdue
213 Buffalo Bills Bill Bridges Guard Houston
214 St. Louis Cardinals Paul White Running back Texas-El Paso
215 Philadelphia Eagles David King Linebacker Stephen F. Austin
216 Cincinnati Bengals Bill Bolden Running back UCLA
217 San Francisco 49ers Preston Riley Wide receiver Memphis State
218 New Orleans Saints Jim Otis Running back Ohio State
219 Denver Broncos David Washington Linebacker Alcorn A&M
220 Atlanta Falcons Roy Robinson Defensive back Montana
221 New York Giants Pat Hughes Center Boston University
222 Houston Oilers Charlie Blossom Defensive end Texas Southern
223 San Diego Chargers Chris Fletcher Defensive back Temple
224 Green Bay Packers Bob Reinhard Guard Stanford
225 Washington Redskins Ralph Sonntag Tackle Maryland
226 Baltimore Colts Barney Harris Defensive back Texas A&M
227 Detroit Lions Herman Weaver Punter Tennessee
228 New York Jets Eddie Bell Wide receiver Idaho State
229 Cleveland Browns Geoff Brown Linebacker Pittsburgh
230 Los Angeles Rams David Graham Tackle New Mexico Highlands
231 Dallas Cowboys Zenon Andrusyshyn Kicker UCLA
232 Oakland Raiders Ike Hill Defensive back Catawba
233 Minnesota Vikings George Morrow Defensive end Mississippi
234 Kansas City Chiefs Charley Evans Tackle Texas Tech

Round 10

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
235 Chicago Bears Glen Holloway Guard North Texas State
236 Pittsburgh Steelers Isaiah Brown Defensive back Stanford
237 Miami Dolphins Dick Nittenger Guard Tampa
238 Buffalo Bills Willie Dixon Defensive back Albany State
239 Boston Patriots Henry Brown Kicker Missouri
240 Philadelphia Eagles Steve Jaggard Defensive back Memphis State
241 Cincinnati Bengals Nick Roman Linebacker Ohio State
242 St. Louis Cardinals Tony Plummer Defensive back Pacific
243 San Francisco 49ers Larry Schreiber Running back Tennessee Tech
244 New Orleans Saints Jim Brumfield Running back Indiana State
245 Denver Broncos Maurice Fullerton Defensive tackle Tuskegee
246 New York Giants Matt Fortier Defensive end Fairmont State
247 Atlanta Falcons Jim Hatcher Defensive back Kansas
248 Houston Oilers Joe Dawkins Running back Wisconsin
249 Green Bay Packers Russ Melby Defensive tackle Weber State
250 San Diego Chargers Mac Steen Guard Florida
251 Green Bay Packers Frank Patrick Tight end Nebraska
252 Baltimore Colts Dick Palmer Linebacker Kentucky
253 Detroit Lions Bruce Maxwell Running back Arkansas
254 New York Jets Cleve Dickerson Running back Miami (OH)
255 Cleveland Browns Bill Yanchar Defensive tackle Purdue
256 Los Angeles Rams Vince Opalsky Running back Miami (FL)
257 Dallas Cowboys Pete Athas Defensive back Tennessee
258 Oakland Raiders Gordon Bosserman Tackle UCLA
259 Minnesota Vikings Stu Voigt Tight end Wisconsin
260 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Stankovich Guard Arkansas

Round 11

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
261 Pittsburgh Steelers Calvin Hunt Center Baylor
262 Chicago Bears Ted Rose Tight end Northern Michigan
263 Miami Dolphins Brownie Wheless Tackle Rice
264 Boston Patriots Dennis Bramlett Tackle Texas-El Paso
265 Buffalo Bills Terry Williams Running back Grambling
266 Cincinnati Bengals Samuel Wallace Tackle Grambling
267 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Siwek Defensive tackle Western Michigan
268 Philadelphia Eagles Bill Walik Defensive back Villanova
269 San Francisco 49ers Danny Crockett Wide receiver Toledo
270 New Orleans Saints Gary Klahr Linebacker Arizona
271 Denver Broncos Cleve Bryant Defensive back Ohio
272 Atlanta Falcons Mike Brunson Running back Arizona State
273 New York Giants Alan Pitcaithley Running back Oregon
274 Houston Oilers Robert Morris Center Duke
275 San Diego Chargers Jack Protz Linebacker Syracuse
276 Green Bay Packers Dan Hook Linebacker Humboldt State
277 Washington Redskins Mack Alston Tight end Maryland State
278 Baltimore Colts George Edwards Running back Fairmont State
279 Detroit Lions Roger Laird Defensive back Kentucky State
280 New York Jets Earlie Thomas Defensive back Colorado State
281 Cleveland Browns Gene Benner Wide receiver Maine
282 Los Angeles Rams David Bookert Running back New Mexico
283 Dallas Cowboys Ivan Southerland Tackle Clemson
284 Oakland Raiders Emery Hicks Linebacker Kansas
285 Kansas City Chiefs Bill O'Neal Running back Grambling
286 Minnesota Vikings Godfrey Zaunbrecher Center LSU

Round 12

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
287 Chicago Bears Butch Davis Defensive back Missouri
288 Pittsburgh Steelers Rick Sharp Defensive tackle Washington
289 Miami Dolphins Mike Kolen Linebacker Auburn
290 Buffalo Bills Dave Simpson Tackle Drake
291 Boston Patriots Greg Roero Defensive tackle New Mexico Highlands
292 St. Louis Cardinals Charles Collins Wide receiver Kansas State
293 Philadelphia Eagles Robert Jones Defensive tackle Grambling
294 Cincinnati Bengals Thomas Truesdell Defensive end Ohio Wesleyan
295 San Francisco 49ers Bill Tant Tackle Dayton
296 New Orleans Saints Willie Davenport Defensive back Southern
297 Denver Broncos Greg Jones Running back Wisconsin–Whitewater
298 New York Giants Larry Nels Linebacker Wyoming
299 Atlanta Falcons Lonnie Holton Running back Northern Michigan
300 Houston Oilers Richard Dawkins Tight end Johnson C. Smith
301 Green Bay Packers Frank Foreman Wide receiver Michigan State
302 San Diego Chargers Howard Gravelle Tight end California-Davis
303 Washington Redskins James Kates Linebacker Penn State
304 Baltimore Colts Don Burrell Wide receiver Angelo State
305 Detroit Lions Emanuel Murrell Defensive back Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
306 New York Jets Bill Pierson Center San Diego State
307 Cleveland Browns Jerry Don Sanders Kicker Texas Tech
308 Los Angeles Rams Larry Arnold Quarterback Hawaii
309 Dallas Cowboys Joe Williams Running back Wyoming
310 Oakland Raiders Gary DeLoach Guard California-Davis
311 Minnesota Vikings James Holland Defensive back Jackson State
312 Kansas City Chiefs Rodney Fedorchak Guard Pittsburgh

Round 13

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
313 Pittsburgh Steelers Billy Main Running back Oregon State
314 Chicago Bears Jimmy Gunn Defensive back USC
315 Miami Dolphins Dave Buddington Running back Springfield (Mass.)
316 Boston Patriots Ronnie Shelly Defensive back Troy State
317 Buffalo Bills Steve Schroeder Kicker Pacific
318 Philadelphia Eagles Richard Stevens Tackle Baylor
319 Cincinnati Bengals Paul Dunn Wide receiver U.S. International
320 St. Louis Cardinals Jack Thomas Guard Mississippi State
321 San Francisco 49ers Jim Vanderslice Linebacker Texas Christian
322 New Orleans Saints Ralph Miller Tight end Alabama State
323 Denver Broncos Jim McKoy Defensive back Parsons (Iowa)
324 Atlanta Falcons Rich Stepanek Defensive tackle Iowa
325 New York Giants Gary Inskeep Tackle Wisconsin–Stout
326 Houston Oilers Jess Lewis Linebacker Oregon State
327 San Diego Chargers Bernard Bradley Defensive back Utah State
328 Green Bay Packers Dave Smith Running back Utah
329 Washington Redskins Joe Patterson Tackle Lawrence
330 Baltimore Colts Dave Polak Linebacker Bowling Green
331 Detroit Lions Dave Haverdick Defensive tackle Morehead State
332 New York Jets Walter Groth Defensive tackle Baylor
333 Cleveland Browns Larry Roberts Running back Central Missouri State
334 Los Angeles Rams Melvin Jones Wide receiver Florida A&M
335 Dallas Cowboys Mark Washington Defensive back Morgan State
336 Oakland Raiders Don Highsmith Running back Michigan State
337 Minnesota Vikings Robert Pearce Defensive back Stephen F. Austin
338 Kansas City Chiefs Troy Patridge Defensive end Texas-Arlington

Round 14

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
339 Chicago Bears Jim Morgan Wide receiver Henderson State
340 Pittsburgh Steelers Bert Askson Linebacker Texas Southern
341 Miami Dolphins Gary Brackett Guard Holy Cross
342 Buffalo Bills William Costen Tackle Morris Brown
343 Boston Patriots Garvie Craw Running back Michigan
344 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Johnson Wide receiver Johnson C. Smith
345 St. Louis Cardinals Ray Groth Wide receiver Utah
346 Philadelphia Eagles Mark Moseley Kicker Stephen F. Austin
347 San Francisco 49ers Jack King Guard Clemson
348 New Orleans Saints Doug Sutherland Defensive end Wisconsin–Superior
349 Denver Broncos Jeff Slipp Linebacker Brigham Young
350 New York Giants Rodney Brand Center Arkansas
351 Atlanta Falcons Chuck Wald Wide receiver North Dakota State
352 Houston Oilers Claire Rasmussen Guard Wisconsin–Oshkosh
353 Green Bay Packers Bob Lints Guard Eastern Michigan
354 San Diego Chargers Tyrone Caldwell Defensive tackle South Carolina State
355 Washington Redskins Tony Moro Running back Dayton
356 Baltimore Colts Tom Curtis Defensive back Michigan
357 Detroit Lions Charlie Brown Wide receiver Northern Arizona
358 New York Jets John Little Linebacker Oklahoma State
359 Cleveland Browns Jim Tharpe Linebacker Lincoln (MO)
360 Los Angeles Rams Bob Geddes Linebacker UCLA
361 Dallas Cowboys Julian Martin Wide receiver North Carolina Central
362 Oakland Raiders Don Riley Kicker Auburn
363 Minnesota Vikings Tommy Spinks Wide receiver Louisiana Tech
364 Kansas City Chiefs Glenn Dumont Running back American International

Round 15

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
365 Pittsburgh Steelers Glen Keppy Defensive tackle Wisconsin–Platteville
366 Chicago Bears Phil Abraira Defensive back Florida State
367 Miami Dolphins Pat Hauser Wide receiver East Tennessee State
368 Boston Patriots Kent Schoolfield Wide receiver Florida A&M
369 Buffalo Bills Dave Farris Tight end Central Michigan
370 St. Louis Cardinals Ron Wilson Wide receiver Western Illinois
371 Philadelphia Eagles John Carlos Wide receiver San Jose State
372 Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Weeks Defensive back Alcorn A&M
373 San Francisco 49ers Dave Delsignore Wide receiver Youngstown State
374 New Orleans Saints Jim Vest Defensive end Washington State
375 Denver Broncos Maher Barakat Kicker South Dakota Tech
376 Atlanta Falcons Keith Mauney Defensive back Princeton
377 New York Giants Warren Muir Running back South Carolina
378 Houston Oilers David Sharp Tackle Stanford
379 San Diego Chargers Eugene Childs Running back Texas-El Paso
380 Green Bay Packers Mike Carter Wide receiver Sacramento State
381 Washington Redskins Vic Lewandowski Center Holy Cross
382 Baltimore Colts Phillip Gary Defensive end Kentucky State
383 Detroit Lions Bob Haney Tackle Idaho
384 New York Jets Tom Bayless Defensive tackle Purdue
385 Cleveland Browns Guy Homoly Defensive back Illinois State
386 Los Angeles Rams Dag Azam Guard West Texas State
387 Dallas Cowboys Ken DeLong Tight end Tennessee
388 Oakland Raiders Fred Moore Wide receiver Washington State
389 Minnesota Vikings Bennie Francis Defensive end Chadron St. (Neb.)
390 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Liggett Defensive tackle Nebraska

Round 16

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
391 Chicago Bears Robert Helterbran Guard North Texas State
392 Pittsburgh Steelers Frank Yanossy Defensive tackle Tennessee
393 Miami Dolphins Charles Williams Guard Tennessee State
394 Buffalo Bills Larry Davis Wide receiver Rice
395 Boston Patriots Otis McDaniel Defensive end Tuskegee
396 Philadelphia Eagles Tuufuli Uperesa Tackle Montana
397 Cincinnati Bengals Larry Ely Linebacker Iowa
398 St. Louis Cardinals Gary Fowler Running back California
399 San Francisco 49ers Scott Perkins Defensive back Livingstone (N.C.)
400 New Orleans Saints Cliff Gasper Defensive tackle Grambling
401 Denver Broncos Bob Stewart Quarterback Northern Arizona
402 New York Giants Vic Nolting Defensive back Xavier
403 Atlanta Falcons Steve Parnell Wide receiver Massachusetts
404 Houston Oilers Chris Myers Wide receiver Kenyon
405 Green Bay Packers Jim Heacock Defensive back Muskingum
406 San Diego Chargers Mike Green Running back Nebraska
407 Washington Redskins Steve Bushore Wide receiver Emporia State
408 Baltimore Colts Jack Maitland Running back Williams
409 Detroit Lions Jerry Todd Defensive back Memphis State
410 New York Jets Claude Herard Defensive tackle Mississippi
411 Cleveland Browns John Redebaugh Tight end Bemidji State
412 Los Angeles Rams Roland Reichardt Kicker West Texas State
413 Dallas Cowboys Seabern Hill Defensive back Arizona State
414 Oakland Raiders Tim Roth Defensive back South Dakota State
415 Minnesota Vikings Bruce Cerone Wide receiver Emporia State
416 Kansas City Chiefs Randy Ross Linebacker Kansas State

Round 17

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
417 Pittsburgh Steelers Harry Key Tight end Mississippi Valley State
418 Chicago Bears Joe Brunson Defensive tackle Furman
419 Miami Dolphins George Myles Defensive tackle Morris Brown
420 Boston Patriots Joe Killingsworth Wide receiver Oklahoma
421 Buffalo Bills George Bevan Defensive back LSU
422 Cincinnati Bengals Richard Smith Running back Washington State
423 St. Louis Cardinals Cliff Powell Linebacker Arkansas
424 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Sizelove Tight end Idaho
425 San Francisco 49ers Mike Culton Punter LaVerne
426 New Orleans Saints Doug Wyatt Defensive back Tulsa
427 Denver Broncos Frank Kalfoss Kicker Montana State
428 Atlanta Falcons Bill Bell Kicker Kansas
429 New York Giants Walter Breaux Defensive tackle Grambling
430 Houston Oilers Julian Fagan Punter Mississippi
431 San Diego Chargers David Sanks Guard Louisville
432 Green Bay Packers Larry Krause Running back St. Norbert
433 Washington Redskins Earl Maxfield Defensive tackle Baylor
434 Baltimore Colts Alvin Pearman Wide receiver Colgate
435 Detroit Lions Jim Marshall Defensive tackle Centenary
436 New York Jets Dick Beard Running back Kentucky
437 Cleveland Browns Charles Tabb Running back McMurry
438 Los Angeles Rams Don Crenshaw Defensive back USC
439 Dallas Cowboys Glenn Patterson Center Nebraska
440 Oakland Raiders Eric Stolberg Wide receiver Indiana
441 Minnesota Vikings Brian Healy Defensive back Michigan
442 Kansas City Chiefs Rayford Jenkins Defensive back Alcorn A&M
Pro Bowler[a] Hall of Famer

Notable undrafted players

Pro Bowler[a] Hall of Famer[a]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Sonny Campbell  RB Northern Arizona Ind.
Buffalo Bills Al Andrews  LB New Mexico State Ind.
Buffalo Bills Tommy Pharr  DB Mississippi State SEC
Cleveland Browns Jim Langerdouble-dagger C South Dakota State NCC
Cincinnati Bengals Jim Del Gaizo  QB Tampa Ind. (Coll.)
Cincinnati Bengals Doug Dressler  RB Chico State FWC
Dallas Cowboys Cliff Harrisdouble-dagger S Ouachita Baptist Arkansas
Dallas Cowboys Ken Johnson  OT Indiana Big Ten
Houston Oilers Claude Harvey  LB Prairie View A&M SWAC
Los Angeles Rams Otis Sistrunk  DE    
Los Angeles Rams Creston Whitaker  WR North Texas MVC
Miami Dolphins Doug Swift  LB Amherst Little Three
New England Patriots Dan Kecman  LB Maryland ACC
New York Giants Ed Baker  QB Lafayette MAC
New York Giants Joe Green  S Bowling Green MAC
New York Giants Bob Tucker  TE Bloomsburg PSAC
Philadelphia Eagles Rick Arrington  QB Tulsa MVC
Philadelphia Eagles Jim Thrower  DB Texas A&M–Commerce LSC
Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Clack  C Wake Forest ACC
Pittsburgh Steelers Dennis Hughes  TE Georgia SEC
Pittsburgh Steelers Dave Kalina  WR Miami (FL) Ind.
Pittsburgh Steelers Ron McBride  RB Missouri Big Eight
Washington Redskins Terry Hermeling  OT Nevada Ind. (Coll.)
Washington Redskins Jon Jaqua  S Lewis & Clark PNWC
Washington Redskins Rusty Tillman  LB Northern Arizona Ind.

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1989.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1989.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1987.[6]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2020.[7]


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