1985 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)April 30 – May 1, 1985
LocationOmni Park Central Hotel
in New York City, NY
336 total selections in 12 rounds
First selectionBruce Smith, DE
Buffalo Bills
Mr. IrrelevantDonald Chumley, DT
San Francisco 49ers
Most selections (17)Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Raiders
Fewest selections (6)San Francisco 49ers
Hall of Famers
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1986 →

The 1985 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. The draft was held April 30 and May 1, 1985, at the Omni Park Central Hotel in New York City, New York.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The first six selections of the draft made at least one Pro Bowl, and three of the first 16 picks — Bruce Smith, Chris Doleman, and Jerry Rice — have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[citation needed]

For the second consecutive draft, there were no quarterbacks chosen in the first round (Day One).[3] The Buffalo Bills used the first overall pick of the draft to select defensive end Bruce Smith. Randall Cunningham was the first quarterback selected (second round) by the Philadelphia Eagles. Of note, University of Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar was taken by the Cleveland Browns in the supplemental draft several months later.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [4] = Hall of Famer

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Buffalo Bills Bruce Smith Defensive End Virginia Tech
2 Atlanta Falcons(from Houston through Minnesota) Bill Fralic Guard Pittsburgh
3 Houston Oilers(from Minnesota) Ray Childress Defensive Tackle Texas A&M
4 Minnesota Vikings(from Atlanta) Chris Doleman Defensive End Pittsburgh
5 Indianapolis Colts Duane Bickett Outside Linebacker USC
6 Detroit Lions Lomas Brown Offensive Tackle Florida
7 Green Bay Packers(from Cleveland through Buffalo) Ken Ruettgers Offensive Tackle USC
8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ron Holmes Defensive End Washington
9 Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Allen Offensive Tackle Indiana
10 New York Jets Al Toon Wide Receiver Wisconsin
11 Houston Oilers(from New Orleans) Richard Johnson Cornerback Wisconsin
12 San Diego Chargers Jim Lachey Offensive Tackle Ohio State
13 Cincinnati Bengals Eddie Brown Wide Receiver Miami (FL)
14 Buffalo Bills(from Green Bay) Derrick Burroughs Cornerback Memphis
15 Kansas City Chiefs Ethan Horton Tight End North Carolina
16 San Francisco 49ers(from New England) Jerry Rice Wide Receiver Mississippi Valley State
17 Dallas Cowboys Kevin Brooks Defensive End Michigan
18 St. Louis Cardinals Freddie Joe Nunn Outside Linebacker Mississippi
19 New York Giants George Adams Running back Kentucky
20 Pittsburgh Steelers Darryl Sims Defensive Tackle Wisconsin
21 Los Angeles Rams Jerry Gray Cornerback Texas
22 Chicago Bears William Perry Defensive Tackle Clemson
23 Los Angeles Raiders Jessie Hester Wide Receiver Florida State
24 New Orleans Saints(from Washington) Alvin Toles Linebacker Tennessee
25 Cincinnati Bengals(from Seattle) Emanuel King Outside Linebacker Alabama
26 Denver Broncos Steve Sewell Running Back Oklahoma
27 Miami Dolphins Lorenzo Hampton Running Back Florida
28 New England Patriots(from San Francisco) Trevor Matich Center BYU
- Cleveland Browns (supplemental draft) Bernie Kosar Quarterback Miami (FL)

Round two

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
29 Buffalo Bills Mark Traynowicz Guard Nebraska
30 Minnesota Vikings Issiac Holt Cornerback Alcorn State
31 Denver Broncos Vance Johnson Wide receiver Arizona
32 Indianapolis Colts Don Anderson Cornerback Purdue
33 Washington Redskins Tory Nixon Cornerback San Diego State
34 Detroit Lions Kevin Glover Center Maryland
35 Cleveland Browns Greg Allen Running back Florida State
36 Houston Oilers Richard Byrd Defensive end Southern Mississippi
37 Philadelphia Eagles Randall Cunningham Quarterback UNLV
38 New Orleans Saints Daren Gilbert Offensive Tackle Fullerton State
39 San Diego Chargers Wayne Davis Cornerback Indiana State
40 New York Jets Lester Lyles Cornerback Virginia
41 Kansas City Chiefs Jonathan Hayes Tight end Iowa
42 Buffalo Bills Chris Burkett Wide receiver Jackson State
43 Cincinnati Bengals Carl Zander Linebacker Tennessee
44 Dallas Cowboys Jesse Penn Linebacker Virginia Tech
45 Atlanta Falcons Mike Gann Defensive end Notre Dame
46 New York Giants Stacy Robinson Wide receiver North Dakota State
47 Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Behning Tackle Nebraska
48 New England Patriots Garin Veris Defensive end Stanford
49 Chicago Bears Reggie Phillips Cornerback Southern Methodist
50 Los Angeles Rams Chuck Scott Wide receiver Vanderbilt
51 St. Louis Cardinals Scott Bergold Offensive Tackle Wisconsin
52 New England Patriots Jim Bowman Cornerback Central Michigan
53 Seattle Seahawks Owen Gill Running back Iowa
54 Denver Broncos Simon Fletcher Defensive end Houston
55 San Diego Chargers Jeffery Dale Safety Louisiana State
56 New England Patriots (from San Francisco) Ben Thomas Defensive end Auburn

Round three

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
57 Buffalo Bills Frank Reich Quarterback Maryland
58 New York Giants Tyrone Davis Cornerback Clemson
59 Minnesota Vikings Kirk Lowdermilk Center Ohio State
60 Minnesota Vikings Tim Meamber Linebacker Washington
61 Indianapolis Colts Anthony Young Safety Temple
62 Detroit Lions James Johnson Linebacker San Diego State
63 Buffalo Bills Hal Garner Linebacker Utah State
64 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ervin Randle Linebacker Baylor
65 Miami Dolphins George Little Defensive tackle Iowa
66 Minnesota Vikings Tim Long Offensive Tackle Memphis State
67 New York Jets Donnie Elder Cornerback Memphis State
68 New Orleans Saints Jack Del Rio Linebacker USC
69 San Diego Chargers John Hendy Defensive back Long Beach State
70 Cincinnati Bengals Sean Thomas Defensive back Texas Christian
71 Green Bay Packers Rich Moran Guard San Diego State
72 St. Louis Cardinals Lance Smith Tackle Louisiana State
73 New York Giants Brian Johnston Center North Carolina
74 Pittsburgh Steelers Liffort Hobley Defensive back Louisiana State
75 San Francisco 49ers Ricky Moore Running back Alabama
76 Dallas Cowboys Crawford Ker Guard Florida
77 Los Angeles Rams Dale Hatcher Punter Clemson
78 Chicago Bears James Maness Wide receiver Texas Christian
79 Los Angeles Raiders Tim Moffett Wide receiver Mississippi
80 Los Angeles Raiders Stefon Adams Defensive back East Carolina
81 Seattle Seahawks Danny Greene Wide receiver Washington
82 Houston Oilers Mike Kelley Center Notre Dame
83 Miami Dolphins Alex Moyer Linebacker Northwestern
84 New England Patriots Audray McMillian Defensive back Houston

Round four

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
85 Minnesota Vikings Buster Rhymes Wide receiver Oklahoma
86 Buffalo Bills Andre Reed Wide receiver Kutztown (PA)
87 Houston Oilers Tom Briehl Linebacker Stanford
88 Indianapolis Colts Willie Broughton Defensive end Miami (FL)
89 Atlanta Falcons Emile Harry Wide receiver Stanford
90 Detroit Lions Kevin Hancock Linebacker Baylor
91 Miami Dolphins Mike Smith Defensive back Texas-El Paso
92 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Heaven Defensive back Illinois
93 Philadelphia Eagles Greg Naron Guard North Carolina
94 New York Jets Doug Allen Wide receiver Arizona State
95 New Orleans Saints Billy Allen Defensive back Florida State
96 San Diego Chargers Ralf Mojsiejenko Kicker Michigan State
97 Cincinnati Bengals Anthony Tuggle Defensive back Nicholls State
98 Green Bay Packers Walter Stanley Wide receiver Mesa State
99 Kansas City Chiefs Bob Olderman Guard Virginia
100 New York Giants Mark Bavaro Tight end Notre Dame
101 Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Turk Center Wisconsin
102 New England Patriots Tom Toth Tackle Western Michigan
103 Dallas Cowboys Robert Lavette Running back Georgia Tech
104 St. Louis Cardinals Ron Wolfley Fullback West Virginia
105 Chicago Bears Kevin Butler Kicker Georgia
106 Minnesota Vikings Kyle Morrell Defensive back Brigham Young
107 Los Angeles Raiders Jamie Kimmel Linebacker Syracuse
108 New England Patriots Gerard Phelan Wide receiver Boston College
109 Seattle Seahawks Tony Davis Tight end Missouri
110 Denver Broncos Keli McGregor Tight end Colorado State
111 Miami Dolphins Jeff Dellenbach Tackle Wisconsin
112 Buffalo Bills Dale Hellestrae Tackle Southern Methodist

Round five

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
113 Los Angeles Rams Kevin Greene Linebacker Auburn
114 Dallas Cowboys Herschel Walker[5] Running back Georgia
115 Minnesota Vikings Mark MacDonald Guard Boston College
116 St. Louis Cardinals K. D. Dunn Tight end Clemson
117 Indianapolis Colts Roger Caron Tackle Harvard
118 Detroit Lions Joe McIntosh Running back North Carolina State
119 Dallas Cowboys Matt Darwin Center Texas A&M
120 New York Jets Troy Benson Linebacker Pittsburgh
121 Philadelphia Eagles Dwayne Jiles Linebacker Texas Tech
122 Washington Redskins Raphel Cherry Defensive back Hawaii
123 Seattle Seahawks Mark Napolitan Center Michigan State
124 New York Jets Brian Luft Defensive tackle USC
125 Green Bay Packers Brian Noble Linebacker Arizona State
126 Kansas City Chiefs Bruce King Running back Purdue
127 Cincinnati Bengals Tony Degrate Defensive tackle Texas
128 Seattle Seahawks Arnold Brown Defensive back North Carolina Central
129 Cincinnati Bengals Lee Davis Defensive back Mississippi
130 Buffalo Bills Jimmy Teal Wide receiver Texas A&M
131 St. Louis Cardinals Louis Wong Guard Brigham Young
132 New York Giants Tracy Henderson Wide receiver Iowa State
133 Houston Oilers Frank Bush Linebacker North Carolina State
134 New York Jets Tony Smith Wide receiver San Jose State
135 Los Angeles Raiders Dan Reeder Running back Delaware
136 Pittsburgh Steelers Cam Jacobs Linebacker Kentucky
137 Seattle Seahawks Johnnie Jones Running back Tennessee
138 Houston Oilers Lee Johnson Kicker Brigham Young
139 Denver Broncos Billy Hinson Guard Florida
140 San Francisco 49ers Bruce Collie Tackle Texas-Arlington

Round six

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
141 Buffalo Bills Mike Hamby Defensive tackle Utah State
142 Minnesota Vikings Steve Bono Quarterback UCLA
143 Los Angeles Raiders Rusty Hilger Quarterback Oklahoma State
144 Dallas Cowboys Kurt Ploeger Defensive end Gustavus Adolphus
145 Miami Dolphins George Shorthose Wide receiver Missouri
146 Detroit Lions Stan Short Guard Penn State
147 Cleveland Browns Mark Krerowicz Guard Ohio State
148 Cincinnati Bengals Eric Stokes Tackle Northeastern
149 Kansas City Chiefs John Bostic Defensive back Bethune-Cookman
150 San Diego Chargers Terry Lewis Defensive back Michigan State
151 New York Jets Jeff Deaton Guard Stanford
152 Atlanta Falcons Reggie Pleasant Defensive back Clemson
153 Houston Oilers Joe Krakowki Linebacker Washington
154 Cincinnati Bengals Keith Lester Tight end Murray State
155 Green Bay Packers Mark Lewis Tight end Texas A&M
156 Philadelphia Eagles Ken Reeves Tackle Texas A&M
157 Dallas Cowboys Matt Moran Guard Stanford
158 St. Louis Cardinals Jay Novacek Tight end Wyoming
159 New York Giants Jack Oliver Guard Memphis State
160 Pittsburgh Steelers Gregg Carr Linebacker Auburn
161 Los Angeles Rams Michael Young Wide receiver UCLA
162 Los Angeles Rams Damone Johnson Tight end Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
163 Washington Redskins Danzell Lee Tight end Lamar
164 Minnesota Vikings Tim Newton Defensive tackle Florida
165 New York Giants Mark Pembrook Defensive back Fullerton State
166 New York Jets Rich Miano Defensive back Hawaii
167 Miami Dolphins Ron Davenport Fullback Louisville
168 San Francisco 49ers Scott Barry Quarterback California-Davis

Round seven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
169 Buffalo Bills Ron Pitts Cornerback UCLA
170 Houston Oilers Mike Akiu Wide receiver Hawaii
171 Green Bay Packers Eric Wilson Linebacker Maryland
172 Cincinnati Bengals Kim Locklin Running back New Mexico State
173 Indianapolis Colts James Harbour Wide receiver Mississippi
174 Detroit Lions Tony Staten Defensive back Angelo State
175 Cleveland Browns Reggie Langhorne Wide receiver Elizabeth City State
176 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Prior Defensive back Illinois State
177 Washington Redskins Jamie Harris Wide receiver Oklahoma State
178 Dallas Cowboys Karl Powe Wide receiver Alabama State
179 New Orleans Saints Eric Martin Wide receiver Louisiana State
180 Kansas City Chiefs Vince Thomson Defensive end Missouri Western
181 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Walter Tackle Texas Tech
182 Green Bay Packers Gary Ellerson Running back Wisconsin
183 Kansas City Chiefs Dave Heffernan Guard Miami (FL)
184 Dallas Cowboys Jim Herrmann Defensive end Brigham Young
185 Washington Redskins Lionel Vital Running back Nicholls State
186 Los Angeles Raiders Kevin Belcher Tackle Wisconsin
187 Pittsburgh Steelers Alan Andrews Tight end Rutgers
188 Los Angeles Raiders Mark Pattison Wide receiver Washington
189 Los Angeles Rams Danny Bradley Running back Oklahoma
190 Chicago Bears Charles Bennett Defensive end Southwestern Louisiana
191 Los Angeles Raiders Bret Clark Defensive back Nebraska
192 Los Angeles Raiders Nick Haden Center Penn State
193 Seattle Seahawks Ron Mattes Tackle Virginia
194 Denver Broncos Dallas Cameron Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
195 Miami Dolphins Fuad Reveiz Kicker Tennessee
196 San Diego Chargers Mark Fellows Linebacker Montana State

Round eight

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
197 Buffalo Bills Jacque Robinson Running back Washington
198 Minnesota Vikings Nikita Blair Linebacker Texas-El Paso
199 Houston Oilers Chuck Thomas Center Oklahoma
200 Indianapolis Colts Ricky Nichols Wide receiver East Carolina
201 Atlanta Falcons Ashley Lee Defensive back Virginia Tech
202 Detroit Lions Scott Caldwell Running back Texas-Arlington
203 Cleveland Browns Fred Banks Wide receiver Liberty
204 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Phil Freeman Wide receiver Arizona State
205 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Polley Linebacker UNLV
206 New Orleans Saints Joe Kohlbrand Linebacker Miami (FL)
207 San Diego Chargers Curtis Adams Running back Central Michigan
208 New York Jets Matt Monger Linebacker Oklahoma State
209 Green Bay Packers Ken Stills Defensive back Wisconsin
210 Kansas City Chiefs Ira Hillary Wide receiver South Carolina
211 Cincinnati Bengals Dave Strobel Linebacker Iowa
212 St. Louis Cardinals Rob Monaco Guard Vanderbilt
213 New York Giants Lee Rouson Running back Colorado
214 Pittsburgh Steelers Harry Newsome Punter Wake Forest
215 Atlanta Falcons Ronnie Washington Linebacker N.E. Louisiana
216 Dallas Cowboys Leon Gonzalez Wide receiver Bethune-Cookman
217 Chicago Bears Steve Buxton Tackle Indiana State
218 Los Angeles Rams Marlon McIntyre Running back Pittsburgh
219 Washington Redskins Barry Wilburn Defensive back Mississippi
220 Los Angeles Raiders Leonard Wingate Defensive tackle South Carolina State
221 Seattle Seahawks Judious Lewis Wide receiver Arkansas State
222 Denver Broncos Eric Riley Defensive back Florida State
223 Miami Dolphins Dan Sharp Tight end Texas Christian
224 New England Patriots Milford Hodge Defensive tackle Washington State
- San Francisco 49ers (supplemental draft) Roosevelt Snipes Running back Florida State

Round nine

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
225 Buffalo Bills Glenn Jones Defensive back Norfolk State
226 Houston Oilers Steve Tasker Wide receiver Northwestern
227 Minnesota Vikings Jamie Covington Running back Syracuse
228 Atlanta Falcons Micah Moon Linebacker North Carolina
229 Indianapolis Colts Mark Boyer Tight end USC
230 Detroit Lions June James Linebacker Texas
231 Philadelphia Eagles Dave Toub Center Texas-El Paso
232 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steve Calabria Quarterback Colgate
233 Philadelphia Eagles Joe Drake Defensive tackle Arizona
234 San Diego Chargers Paul Berner Quarterback Pacific
235 New York Jets Mike Waters Running back San Diego State
236 New Orleans Saints Earl Johnson Defensive back South Carolina
237 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Armentrout Defensive back SW Missouri State
238 Cincinnati Bengals Keith Cruise Defensive end Northwestern
239 Green Bay Packers Morris Johnson Guard Alabama A&M
240 New York Giants Frank Wright Defensive tackle South Carolina
241 Pittsburgh Steelers Fred Small Linebacker Washington
242 Pittsburgh Steelers Andre Harris Defensive back Minnesota
243 Dallas Cowboys Scott Strasburger Linebacker Nebraska
244 St. Louis Cardinals Scott Williams Tight end Georgia
245 Los Angeles Rams Gary Swanson Linebacker Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
246 Los Angeles Raiders Chris Sydnor Defensive back Penn State
247 Washington Redskins Mitch Geier Guard Troy State
248 Seattle Seahawks Bob Otto Defensive end Idaho State
249 Denver Broncos Daryl Smith Defensive back North Alabama
250 Chicago Bears Thomas Sanders Running back Texas A&M
251 Miami Dolphins Adam Hinds Defensive back Oklahoma State
252 San Diego Chargers Dan Remsberg Tackle Abilene Christian

Round ten

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
253 Buffalo Bills Chris Babyar Guard Illinois
254 Minnesota Vikings Juan Johnson Wide receiver Langston
255 Houston Oilers Mike Golic Defensive end Notre Dame
256 Indianapolis Colts Andre Pinesett Defensive tackle Fullerton State
257 Atlanta Falcons Brent Martin Center Stanford
258 Detroit Lions Clayton Beauford Wide receiver Auburn
259 Cleveland Browns Larry Williams Guard Notre Dame
260 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Donald Igwebuike Kicker Clemson
261 Philadelphia Eagles Mark Kelso Defensive back William & Mary
262 New York Jets Kerry Glenn Defensive back Minnesota
263 Washington Redskins Terry Orr Tight end Texas
264 San Diego Chargers David King Defensive back Auburn
265 Cincinnati Bengals Bernard King Linebacker Syracuse
266 Green Bay Packers Ronnie Burgess Defensive back Wake Forest
267 Kansas City Chiefs Jeff Smith Running back Nebraska
268 Pittsburgh Steelers Oliver White Tight end Kentucky
269 Denver Broncos Buddy Funck Quarterback New Mexico
270 Dallas Cowboys Joe Jones Tight end Virginia Tech
271 St. Louis Cardinals Dennis Williams Running back Furman
272 New York Giants Gregg Dubroc Linebacker Louisiana State
273 Chicago Bears Pat Coryatt Defensive tackle Baylor
274 Los Angeles Rams Duval Love Guard UCLA
275 Los Angeles Raiders Reggie McKenzie Linebacker Tennessee
276 Los Angeles Raiders Albert Myres Defensive back Tulsa
277 Seattle Seahawks John Conner Quarterback Arizona
278 Denver Broncos Ron Anderson Linebacker Southern Methodist
279 Miami Dolphins Mike Pendleton Defensive back Indiana
280 Seattle Seahawks James Bowers Defensive back Memphis State

Round eleven

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
281 Houston Oilers Willie Drewrey Wide receiver West Virginia
282 Buffalo Bills James Seawright Linebacker South Carolina
283 Minnesota Vikings Tim Williams Defensive back North Carolina A&T
284 Atlanta Falcons John Ayres Defensive back Illinois
285 Los Angeles Rams Doug Flutie[6] Quarterback Boston College
286 Detroit Lions Kevin Harris Defensive back Georgia
287 Cleveland Browns Travis Tucker Tight end Southern Connecticut
288 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Punkin Williams Running back Memphis State
289 Philadelphia Eagles Herman Hunter Running back Tennessee State
290 Washington Redskins Raleigh McKenzie Guard Tennessee
291 San Diego Chargers Jeff Smith Defensive tackle Kentucky
292 New York Jets Brad White Defensive end Texas Tech
293 Kansas City Chiefs Chris Jackson Center Southern Methodist
294 Green Bay Packers Joe Shield Quarterback Trinity
295 New England Patriots Paul Lewis Running back Boston University
296 Cincinnati Bengals Harold Stanfield Tight end Mississippi College
297 Dallas Cowboys Neal Dellocono Linebacker UCLA
298 St. Louis Cardinals Ricky Anderson Kicker Vanderbilt
299 New York Giants Al Young Defensive back Virginia Tech
300 Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Matichak Defensive back Missouri
301 Los Angeles Rams Kevin Brown Defensive back Northwestern
302 Chicago Bears Jim Morrissey Linebacker Michigan State
303 Los Angeles Raiders Steve Strachan Running back Boston College
304 Washington Redskins Garry Kimble Defensive back Sam Houston State
305 Seattle Seahawks Louis Cooper Linebacker Western Carolina
306 Denver Broncos Gary Rolle Wide receiver Florida
307 Miami Dolphins Mike Jones Running back Tulane
308 San Francisco 49ers David Wood Defensive end Arizona

Round twelve

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
309 Washington Redskins Dean Hamel Defensive tackle Tulsa
310 Minnesota Vikings Byron Jones Defensive tackle Tulsa
311 Houston Oilers Mark Vonder Haar Defensive tackle Minnesota
312 Indianapolis Colts Dave Burnette Tackle Central Arkansas
313 Atlanta Falcons Ken Whisenhunt Tight end Georgia Tech
314 Detroit Lions Mike Weaver Guard Georgia
315 Cleveland Browns Shane Swanson Wide receiver Nebraska
316 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jim Rockford Defensive back Oklahoma
317 Philadelphia Eagles Todd Russell Defensive back Boston College
318 San Diego Chargers Tony Simmons Defensive end Tennessee
319 New York Jets Bill Wallace Wide receiver Pittsburgh
320 New Orleans Saints Treg Songy Defensive back Tulane
321 Kansas City Chiefs Harper LeBel Center Colorado State
322 Cincinnati Bengals Louis Garza Tackle New Mexico State
323 Green Bay Packers Jim Meyer Punter Arizona State
324 Dallas Cowboys Karl Jordan Linebacker Vanderbilt
325 St. Louis Cardinals Lonnie Young Defensive back Michigan State
326 New York Giants Herb Welch Defensive back UCLA
327 Pittsburgh Steelers Jeff Sanchez Defensive back Georgia
328 New England Patriots Tony Mumford Running back Penn State
329 San Diego Chargers Bret Pearson Tight end Wisconsin
330 Tampa Bay Buccaneers James Melka Linebacker Wisconsin
331 Washington Redskins Bryant Winn Linebacker Houston
332 Los Angeles Raiders Raymond Polk Defensive back Oklahoma State
333 Buffalo Bills Paul Woodside Kicker West Virginia
334 Denver Broncos Dan Lynch Guard Washington State
335 Miami Dolphins Ray Noble Defensive back California
336 [7] San Francisco 49ers Donald Chumley Defensive tackle Georgia
= Pro Bowler [4]

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2009.[8]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2010.[9]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2012.[10]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2014.[11]
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2016.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[4]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Rick Donnelly  P Wyoming WAC
Atlanta Falcons Art Price  LB Wisconsin Big Ten
Atlanta Falcons Tiger Greene  S Western Carolina SoCon
Buffalo Bills Scott Fulhage  P Kansas State Big Eight
Buffalo Bills Todd Schlopy  K Michigan Big Ten
Chicago Bears Don Kindt Jr.  TE Wisconsin–La Crosse WSUC
Chicago Bears Keith Ortego  WR McNeese State Southland
Chicago Bears Ken Taylor  CB Oregon State Pac-10
Chicago Bears Mike Tomczak  QB Ohio State Big Ten
Cleveland Browns Steve Collier  T Bethune–Cookman MEAC
Cleveland Browns Herman Fontenot  RB LSU SEC
Cleveland Browns Felix Wright  S Drake MVC
Dallas Cowboys Pete McCartney  T Louisville Ind. (I-A)
Dallas Cowboys Bryan Wagner  P Cal State Northridge Western
Denver Broncos Greg Kragen  NT Utah State Big West
Denver Broncos Bill Lobenstein  DE Wisconsin–Whitewater WSUC
Detroit Lions Gary Mullen  WR West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
Houston Oilers Mike Clendenen  K Houston SWC
Indianapolis Colts Lamonte Hunley  LB Arizona Pac-10
Kansas City Chiefs Chris Smith  RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
Los Angeles Rams Dieter Brock  QB Jacksonville State Gulf South
Los Angeles Raiders Rod Barksdale  WR Arizona Pac-10
Los Angeles Raiders Mike Prindle  K Western Michigan MAC
New England Patriots Jon Norris  DE American International NE-10
New England Patriots Jack Peavey  C Troy State Gulf South
New Orleans Saints Brett Maxie  S Texas Southern SWAC
New Orleans Saints Chuck Pitcock  OG Tulane Ind. (I-A)
New York Giants Nick Kowgios  RB Lafayette Ind. (I-AA)
Pittsburgh Steelers Cornell Gowdy  S Morgan State MEAC
San Diego Chargers Timmie Ware  WR USC Pac-10
San Francisco 49ers Wymon Henderson  CB UNLV PCAA
Seattle Seahawks Dale Dorning  DE Oregon Pac-10
Seattle Seahawks Gale Gilbert  QB California Pac-10
Seattle Seahawks Tom Neville  OG Fresno State PCAA
Seattle Seahawks Eugene Robinson  S Colgate Ind. (I-AA)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joe Johnson  WR Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Calvin Magee  TE Southern SWAC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rick Schulte  OG Illinois Big Ten
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alan Veingrad  OT East Texas State LSC
Washington Redskins Reggie Branch  RB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Mike Wooten  T VMI SoCon

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