1986 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)April 29–30, 1986
LocationNew York Marriott Marquis
in New York City, NY
333 total selections in 12 rounds
First selectionBo Jackson, RB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mr. IrrelevantMike Travis, DB
San Diego Chargers
Most selections (17)Cincinnati Bengals
San Diego Chargers
Fewest selections (8)Cleveland Browns
Hall of Famers
← 1985
1987 →

The 1986 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 29–30, 1986, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, New York.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The first overall selection of the draft, Bo Jackson, had told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the draft that he would refuse to sign with the team. Disputes with team owner Hugh Culverhouse intensified after Jackson was ruled ineligible to play college baseball due to a trip he took with Culverhouse. This angered Jackson, as Culverhouse had assured him that the visit would not cause any NCAA violations. It was said that Jackson, who was having what he called his best year playing baseball in school, made the Buccaneers nervous and that by getting him somehow ruled ineligible to play baseball, he would be forced to focus on football.[3] Prior to the 1987 NFL Draft, the Buccaneers forfeited their rights to Jackson.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler[4] = Hall of Famer
* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[4]
= Hall of Famer[5]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back EDGE Edge
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker[a] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ Also known as placekicker (PK)

Round one

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bo Jackson  RB Auburn SEC
1 2 Atlanta Falcons Tony Casillas  NT Oklahoma Big Eight
1 3 Houston Oilers Jim Everett  QB Purdue Big Ten
1 4 Indianapolis Colts Jon Hand  DE Alabama SEC
from New Orleans
1 5 St. Louis Cardinals Anthony Bell  LB Michigan State Big Ten
1 6 New Orleans Saints Jim Dombrowski  OT Virginia ACC
from Indianapolis
1 7 Kansas City Chiefs Brian Jozwiak  OT West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
1 8 San Diego Chargers Leslie O'Neal  DE Oklahoma State Big Eight
from Minnesota
1 9 Pittsburgh Steelers John Rienstra  OG Temple Ind. (I-A)
1 10 Philadelphia Eagles Keith Byars  FB Ohio State Big Ten
1 11 Cincinnati Bengals Joe Kelly  LB Washington Pac-10
1 12 Detroit Lions Chuck Long  QB Iowa Big Ten
1 13 San Diego Chargers James FitzPatrick  OT USC Pac-10
1 14 Minnesota Vikings Gerald Robinson  DE Auburn SEC
from Green Bay via San Diego
1 15 Seattle Seahawks John L. Williams  FB Florida SEC
1 16 Buffalo Bills Ronnie Harmon  RB Iowa Big Ten
1 17 Atlanta Falcons Tim Green  LB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
1 18 Dallas Cowboys Mike Sherrard  WR UCLA Pac-10
1 19 New York Giants Eric Dorsey  DE Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
1 20 Buffalo Bills Will Wolford  OT Vanderbilt SEC
from Dallas via San Francisco
1 21 Cincinnati Bengals Tim McGee  WR Tennessee SEC
from Denver
1 22 New York Jets Mike Haight  OT Iowa Big Ten
1 23 Los Angeles Rams Mike Schad  OT Queen's OQIFC
1 24 Los Angeles Raiders Bob Buczkowski  DE Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
1 25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roderick Jones  CB SMU SWC
from Miami
1 26 New England Patriots Reggie Dupard  RB SMU SWC
1 27 Chicago Bears Neal Anderson  RB Florida SEC

Round two

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
2 28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jackie Walker  LB Jackson State SWAC
2 29 Detroit Lions Garry James  RB LSU SEC
from Buffalo via San Francisco
2 30 Washington Redskins Markus Koch  DE Boise State Big Sky
from Atlanta
2 31 New Orleans Saints Dalton Hilliard  RB LSU SEC
2 32 St. Louis Cardinals John Lee  K UCLA Pac-10
2 33 Dallas Cowboys Darryl Clack  RB Arizona State Pac-10
from Indianapolis
2 34 Houston Oilers Ernest Givins  WR Louisville Ind. (I-A)
2 35 Kansas City Chiefs Dino Hackett  LB Appalachian State SoCon
2 36 Pittsburgh Steelers Gerald Williams  DE Auburn SEC
2 37 Philadelphia Eagles Anthony Toney  RB Texas A&M SWC
2 38 Cincinnati Bengals Lewis Billups  CB North Alabama Gulf South
2 39 San Francisco 49ers Larry Roberts  DE Alabama SEC
from Detroit
2 40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kevin Murphy  LB Oklahoma Big Eight
from Minnesota via Miami
2 41 Green Bay Packers Kenneth Davis  RB TCU SWC
2 42 New England Patriots Mike Ruth  DT Boston College Ind. (I-A)
from Seattle
2 43 Cleveland Browns Webster Slaughter  WR San Diego State WAC
2 44 New York Giants Mark Collins  CB Cal State Fullerton PCAA
from San Diego via Minnesota
2 45 Washington Redskins Walter Murray  WR Hawaii WAC
from San Francisco
2 46 New York Giants Erik Howard  DT Washington State Pac-10
2 47 Indianapolis Colts Jack Trudeau  QB Illinois Big Ten
from Dallas
2 48 Philadelphia Eagles Alonzo Johnson  LB Florida SEC
from Washington via L. A. Raiders
2 49 New York Jets Doug Williams  OT Texas A&M SWC
2 50 Los Angeles Rams Tom Newberry  OG Wisconsin–La Crosse WSUC
2 51 New York Giants Pepper Johnson  LB Ohio State Big Ten
from Denver
2 52 Miami Dolphins John Offerdahl  LB Western Michigan MAC
2 53 New York Giants Greg Lasker  S Arkansas SWC
from L. A. Raiders via Minnesota
2 54 New England Patriots Vencie Glenn  S Indiana State Ind. (I-AA)
2 55 Chicago Bears Vestee Jackson  CB Washington Pac-10

Round three

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
3 56 San Francisco 49ers Tom Rathman  FB Nebraska Big Eight
from Buffalo
3 57 New Orleans Saints Rueben Mayes  RB Washington State Pac-10
from Tampa Bay
3 58 Cincinnati Bengals Jim Skow  DE Nebraska Big Eight
from Atlanta
3 59 St. Louis Cardinals Gene Chilton  C Texas SWC
3 60 New Orleans Saints Pat Swilling  LB Georgia Tech ACC
from Indianapolis
3 61 Houston Oilers Allen Pinkett  RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
3 62 New Orleans Saints Barry Word  RB Virginia ACC
3 63 Kansas City Chiefs Leonard Griffin  DE Grambling State SWAC
3 64 San Francisco 49ers Tim McKyer  CB Texas–Arlington
from Philadelphia
3 65 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Hammerstein  DE Michigan Big Ten
3 66 San Diego Chargers Terry Unrein  DE Colorado State WAC
from Minnesota
3 67 Pittsburgh Steelers Bubby Brister  QB Northeast Louisiana Southland
3 68 Seattle Seahawks Patrick Hunter  CB Nevada Big Sky
3 69 Detroit Lions Joe Milinichik  OT NC State ACC
from Cincinnati
3 70 San Diego Chargers Jeff Walker  OT Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
3 71 Los Angeles Rams Hugh Millen  QB Washington Pac-10
from Detroit via San Francisco
3 72 Green Bay Packers Robbie Bosco  QB BYU WAC
3 73 New York Giants John Washington  DE Oklahoma State Big Eight
3 74 Dallas Cowboys Mark Walen  DT UCLA Pac-10
3 75 Washington Redskins Alvin Walton  S Kansas Big Eight
3 76 San Francisco 49ers John Taylor  WR Delaware State MEAC
3 77 Buffalo Bills Leonard Burton  C South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
from L. A. Rams
3 78 Cincinnati Bengals David Fulcher  S Arizona State Pac-10
from Denver
3 79 New York Jets Crawford, TimTim Crawford  LB Texas Tech SWC
3 80 Los Angeles Raiders Brad Cochran  CB Michigan Big Ten
3 81 Miami Dolphins T. J. Turner  DT Houston SWC
3 82 Chicago Bears David Williams  WR Illinois Big Ten

Round four

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
4 83 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Craig Swoope  S Illinois Big Ten
4 84 Green Bay Packers Tim Harris  LB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
from Buffalo
4 85 Los Angeles Raiders Mike Wise  DE UC Davis NCAC
from Atlanta
4 86 Indianapolis Colts Bill Brooks  WR Boston University Yankee
4 87 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Baugh  C Southern Illinois Gateway
from Houston
4 88 New Orleans Saints Kelvin Edwards  WR Liberty Ind. (Div. II)
4 89 St. Louis Cardinals Carl Carter  CB Texas Tech SWC
4 90 Kansas City Chiefs Charles Fox  WR Furman SoCon
4 91 Cincinnati Bengals Eric Kattus  TE Michigan Big Ten
4 92 Detroit Lions Devon Mitchell  S Iowa Big Ten
4 93 Minnesota Vikings Joe Phillips  DT SMU SWC
4 94 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Callahan  DB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
4 95 San Diego Chargers Ty Allert  LB Texas SWC
from Philadelphia
4 96 San Francisco 49ers Charles Haley DE James Madison Ind. (I-AA)
from Cleveland via L. A. Rams
4 97 San Diego Chargers Taylor, TommyTommy Taylor  LB UCLA Pac-10
4 98 Green Bay Packers Knight, DanDan Knight  OT San Diego State WAC
4 99 Cincinnati Bengals Doug Gaynor  QB Long Beach State PCAA
from Seattle
4 100 Dallas Cowboys Max Zendejas  K Arizona Pac-10
4 101 San Francisco 49ers Steve Wallace  OT Auburn SEC
from Washington via L. A. Rams
4 102 San Francisco 49ers Kevin Fagan  DT Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
4 103 Los Angeles Raiders Vance Mueller  RB Occidental N/A
from N. Y. Giants
4 104 Denver Broncos Jim Juriga  OT Illinois Big Ten
4 105 New York Jets Rogers Alexander  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
4 106 Philadelphia Eagles Matt Darwin  C Texas A&M SWC
from L. A. Rams
4 107 Miami Dolphins James Pruitt  WR Cal State Fullerton PCAA
4 108 Los Angeles Raiders Napoleon McCallum  RB Navy Ind. (I-A)
4 109 New England Patriots Gieselman, ScottScott Gieselman  TE Boston College Ind. (I-A)
4 110 Chicago Bears Paul Blair  OT Oklahoma State Big Eight

Round five

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
5 111 Buffalo Bills Carl Byrum  RB Mississippi Valley State SWAC
5 112 Tampa Bay Buccaneers J. D. Maarleveld  OT Maryland ACC
5 113 Washington Redskins Ravin Caldwell  LB Arkansas SWC
from Atlanta
5 114 Houston Oilers Jeff Parks  TE Auburn SEC
5 115 New Orleans Saints Reggie Sutton  CB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
5 116 St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Tupper  DE Oklahoma Big Eight
5 117 Indianapolis Colts Scott Kellar  DE Northern Illinois MAC
5 118 San Diego Chargers Doug Landry  LB Louisiana Tech Southland
from Kansas City
5 119 Detroit Lions Oscar Smith  RB Nicholls State Gulf Star
5 120 Minnesota Vikings Hassan Jones  WR Florida State Ind. (I-A)
5 121 Philadelphia Eagles Ray Criswell  P Florida SEC
5 122 Pittsburgh Steelers Erroll Tucker  CB Utah WAC
5 123 Cincinnati Bengals Leon White  LB BYU WAC
5 124 Indianapolis Colts Gary Walker  C Boston University Yankee
from San Diego
5 125 Green Bay Packers Matt Koart  DT USC Pac-10
5 126 Seattle Seahawks Bobby Joe Edmonds  WR Arkansas SWC
5 127 Cleveland Browns Nick Miller  LB Arkansas SWC
5 128 Philadelphia Eagles Dan McMillen  DE Colorado Big Eight
from Washington via Atlanta
5 129 San Diego Chargers Donald Brown  CB Maryland ACC
from San Francisco
5 130 New York Giants Vince Warren  WR San Diego State WAC
5 131 San Francisco 49ers Pat Miller  LB Florida SEC
from Dallas
5 132 New York Jets Ron Hadley  LB Washington Pac-10
5 133 San Diego Chargers Johnson, MattMatt Johnson  DB USC Pac-10
from L. A. Rams
5 134 Denver Broncos Tony Colorito  DT USC Pac-10
5 135 Pittsburgh Steelers Brent Jones  TE Santa Clara
from L. A. Raiders
5 136 Miami Dolphins Kevin Wyatt  CB Arkansas SWC
5 137 New England Patriots Greg Robinson  OG Sacramento State Western
5 138 Chicago Bears Lew Barnes  WR Oregon Pac-10

Round six

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
6 139 New York Giants Ron Brown  WR Colorado Big Eight
from Tampa Bay via Denver
6 140 Dallas Cowboys Thornton Chandler  TE Alabama SEC
from Buffalo
6 141 Kansas City Chiefs Hagood, KentKent Hagood  RB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
from Atlanta via Washington
6 142 New Orleans Saints Robert Thompson  WR Youngstown State OVC
6 143 Green Bay Packers Burnell Dent  LB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
from St. Louis
6 144 Los Angeles Rams Robert Jenkins  OT UCLA Pac-10
from Indianapolis
6 145 Houston Oilers Ray Wallace  RB Purdue Big Ten
6 146 Washington Redskins Mark Rypien  QB Washington State Pac-10
from Kansas City
6 147 Minnesota Vikings Rooks, ThomasThomas Rooks  RB Illinois Big Ten
6 148 Pittsburgh Steelers Domingo Bryant  S Texas A&M SWC
6 149 Philadelphia Eagles Bob Landsee  C Wisconsin Big Ten
6 150 Dallas Cowboys Stan Gelbaugh  QB Maryland ACC
from Detroit
6 151 Denver Broncos Orson Mobley  TE Salem N/A
from Green Bay
6 152 Cincinnati Bengals Gary Hunt  CB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
6 153 Seattle Seahawks Eddie Anderson  S Fort Valley State SIAC
6 154 Atlanta Falcons Floyd Dixon  WR Stephen F. Austin Gulf Star
from Cleveland via Buffalo
6 155 San Diego Chargers Curt Pardridge  WR Northern Illinois MAC
6 156 Washington Redskins Jim Huddleston  OG Virginia ACC
from San Francisco
6 157 New York Giants Solomon Miller  WR Utah State Big West
6 158 Dallas Cowboys Yancey, LloydLloyd Yancey  OG Temple Ind. (I-A)
6 159 Atlanta Falcons Keith Williams  RB SW Missouri State Gateway
from Washington
6 160 Los Angeles Rams Williams, LynnLynn Williams  RB Kansas Big Eight
6 161 Denver Broncos Mark Jackosn  WR Purdue Big Ten
6 162 San Francisco 49ers Don Griffin  CB Middle Tennessee OVC
from N. Y. Jets
6 163 Miami Dolphins Sowell, BrentBrent Sowell  DT Alabama SEC
6 164 Los Angeles Raiders Doug Marrone  OT Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
6 165 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kevin Walker  CB East Carolina Ind. (I-A)
from New England
6 166 Chicago Bears Jeff Powell  RB Tennessee SEC

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
167 Cleveland Browns Jim Meyer Tackle Illinois State
168 Buffalo Bills Bob Williams Tight end Penn State
169 Philadelphia Eagles Cornelius Redick Wide receiver Fullerton State
170 St. Louis Cardinals Eric Swanson Wide receiver Tennessee
171 Indianapolis Colts Steve O'Malley Defensive tackle Northern Illinois
172 Indianapolis Colts Chris White Kicker Illinois
173 New Orleans Saints Gill Fenerty Running back Holy Cross
174 Cleveland Browns Mike Norseth Quarterback Kansas
175 Pittsburgh Steelers Rodney Carter Running back Purdue
176 Philadelphia Eagles Byron Lee Linebacker Ohio State
177 Cincinnati Bengals Pat Franklin Running back Southwest Texas State
178 Buffalo Bills Mark Pike Linebacker Georgia Tech
179 Minnesota Vikings Carl Hilton Tight end Houston
180 Buffalo Bills Butch Rolle Tight end Michigan State
181 Seattle Seahawks Paul Miles Running back Nebraska
182 San Diego Chargers Fred Smalls Linebacker West Virginia
183 Green Bay Packers Ed Berry Defensive back Utah State
184 New York Giants Jon Francis Running back Boise State
185 Dallas Cowboys Johnny Holloway Wide receiver Kansas
186 Washington Redskins Rick Badanjek Running back Maryland
187 New England Patriots Ray McDonald Wide receiver Florida
188 Denver Broncos Raymond Phillips Linebacker North Carolina State
189 New York Jets Bob White Tackle Rhode Island
190 Indianapolis Colts Tommy Sims Defensive back Tennessee
191 Los Angeles Raiders Bill Lewis Center Nebraska
192 New England Patriots Brent Williams Defensive end Toledo
193 Miami Dolphins Larry Kolic Linebacker Ohio State
194 Chicago Bears Bruce Jones Defensive back North Alabama

Round eight

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
195 Los Angeles Rams Steve Jarecki Linebacker UCLA
196 Kansas City Chiefs Lewis Colbert Punter Auburn
197 Atlanta Falcons Kevin Hudgens Defensive end Idaho State
198 Indianapolis Colts Trell Hooper Defensive back Memphis State
199 Houston Oilers Larry Griffin Defensive back North Carolina
200 New Orleans Saints Filipo Mokofisi Linebacker Utah
201 St. Louis Cardinals Ray Brown Guard Arkansas State
202 Buffalo Bills Tony Furjanic Linebacker Notre Dame
203 San Francisco 49ers Jim Popp Tight end Vanderbilt
204 Cincinnati Bengals David Douglas Guard Tennessee
205 Detroit Lions Allyn Griffin Wide receiver Wyoming
206 Minnesota Vikings Gary Schippang Tackle West Chester (PA)
207 Pittsburgh Steelers Cap Boso Tight end Illinois
208 Philadelphia Eagles Seth Joyner Linebacker Texas-El Paso
209 San Diego Chargers Mike Perrino Tackle Notre Dame
210 Green Bay Packers Michael Cline Defensive tackle Arkansas State
211 Seattle Seahawks Alonzo Mitz Defensive end Florida
212 Dallas Cowboys Topper Clemons Running back Wake Forest
213 Washington Redskins Kurt Gouveia Linebacker Brigham Young
214 New York Giants Steve Cisowski Tackle Santa Clara
215 New York Jets Robert Ducksworth Defensive back Southern Mississippi
216 Los Angeles Rams Hank Goebel Tackle Fullerton State
217 Denver Broncos Bruce Klosterman Linebacker South Dakota State
218 Miami Dolphins John Stuart Tackle Texas
219 Los Angeles Raiders Joe Mauntel Linebacker Eastern Kentucky
220 New England Patriots Greg Baty Tight end Stanford
221 Chicago Bears Maurice Douglass Defensive back Kentucky

Round nine

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
222 Buffalo Bills Reggie Bynum Wide receiver Oregon State
223 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tommy Barnhardt Punter North Carolina
224 Atlanta Falcons Kevin Starks Tight end Minnesota
225 Houston Oilers Bob Sebring Linebacker Illinois
226 New Orleans Saints Merlon Jones Linebacker Florida A&M
227 St. Louis Cardinals Kent Kafentzis Defensive back Hawaii
228 Indianapolis Colts Bob Brotzki Tackle Syracuse
229 Kansas City Chiefs Gary Baldinger Defensive end Wake Forest
230 Cincinnati Bengals Cary Whittingham Linebacker Brigham Young
231 Detroit Lions Lyle Pickens Defensive back Colorado
232 Minnesota Vikings Mike Slaton Defensive back South Dakota
233 Philadelphia Eagles Clyde Simmons Defensive end Western Carolina
234 Pittsburgh Steelers Anthony Henton Linebacker Troy State
235 San Diego Chargers Mike Zordich Defensive back Penn State
236 Green Bay Packers Brent Moore Defensive tackle USC
237 Seattle Seahawks Mike Black Tackle Sacramento State
238 Cleveland Browns Danny Taylor Defensive back Texas-El Paso
239 Washington Redskins Wayne Asberry Defensive back Texas A&M
240 San Francisco 49ers Tony Cherry Running back Oregon
241 New York Giants Jim Luebbers Defensive end Iowa State
242 Dallas Cowboys John Ionata Guard Florida State
243 Los Angeles Rams Elbert Watts Defensive back USC
244 Denver Broncos Joe Thomas Wide receiver Mississippi Valley State
245 New York Jets Nuu Faaola Running back Hawaii
246 Los Angeles Raiders Zeph Lee Running back USC
247 Miami Dolphins Reyna Thompson Defensive back Baylor
248 New England Patriots George Colton Guard Maryland
249 Chicago Bears John Teltschik Punter Texas

Round ten

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
250 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Benton Reed Defensive end Mississippi
251 Buffalo Bills Guy Teafatiller Defensive tackle Illinois
252 Atlanta Falcons Tony Baker Running back East Carolina
253 New Orleans Saints Jon Dumbauld Defensive end Kentucky
254 St. Louis Cardinals Vai Sikahema Running back Brigham Young
255 St. Louis Cardinals Wes Smith Wide receiver East Texas State
256 Houston Oilers Don Sommer Guard Texas-El Paso
257 Kansas City Chiefs Ike Readon Defensive tackle Hampton
258 Detroit Lions Tracy Johnson Linebacker Morningside
259 Minnesota Vikings Joe Cormier Wide receiver USC
260 Pittsburgh Steelers Warren Seitz Wide receiver Missouri
261 Philadelphia Eagles Junior Tautalatasi Running back Washington State
262 Cincinnati Bengals Jeff Shaw Defensive tackle Salem
263 Green Bay Packers Gary Spann Linebacker Texas Christian
264 Seattle Seahawks Don Fairbanks Defensive end Colorado
265 Cleveland Browns Willie Smith Tight end Miami (FL)
266 Indianapolis Colts Peter Anderson Guard Georgia
267 San Francisco 49ers Elliston Stinson Wide receiver Rice
268 New York Giants Jerry Kimmel Linebacker Syracuse
269 Dallas Cowboys Bryan Chester Guard Texas
270 San Francisco 49ers Harold Hallman Linebacker Auburn
271 Denver Broncos Victor Hall Tight end Jackson State
272 New York Jets Carl Carr Linebacker North Carolina
273 Los Angeles Rams Garrett Breeland Linebacker USC
274 Miami Dolphins Jeff Wickersham Quarterback Louisiana State
275 Los Angeles Raiders Jeff Reinke Defensive end Mankato State
276 New England Patriots Cletis Jones Running back Florida State
277 Chicago Bears Barton Hundley Defensive back Kansas State

Round eleven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
278 Buffalo Bills Tony Garbarczyk Defensive tackle Wake Forest
279 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Drenth Tackle Purdue
280 Atlanta Falcons Chris Hegg Quarterback N.E. Missouri State
281 St. Louis Cardinals Wayne Dillard Linebacker Alcorn State
282 Buffalo Bills Billy Witt Defensive end North Alabama
283 Houston Oilers Mark Cochran Tackle Baylor
284 New Orleans Saints Pat Swoopes Defensive tackle Mississippi State
285 Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Pearson Linebacker Mississippi State
286 Minnesota Vikings John Armstrong Wide receiver Richmond
287 Pittsburgh Steelers Larry Station Linebacker Iowa
288 Philadelphia Eagles Steve Bogdalek Guard Michigan State
289 Cincinnati Bengals Tim Stone Tackle Kansas State
290 Detroit Lions Leland Melvin Wide receiver Richmond
291 Seattle Seahawks David Norrie Quarterback UCLA
292 Cleveland Browns Randy Dausin Running back Texas A&M
293 San Diego Chargers Chuck Sanders Running back Slippery Rock
294 Cincinnati Bengals Tom Flaherty Linebacker Northwestern
295 New York Giants Len Lynch Guard Maryland
296 Dallas Cowboys Garth Jax Linebacker Florida State
297 Washington Redskins Kenny Fells Running back Henderson State
298 San Diego Chargers Drew Smetana Tackle Oregon
299 New York Jets Vince Amoia Running back Arizona State
300 Los Angeles Rams Chul Schwanke Running back South Dakota
301 Denver Broncos Thomas Dendy Running back South Carolina
302 Los Angeles Raiders Randell Webster Linebacker SW Oklahoma
303 Miami Dolphins Arnold Franklin Tight end North Carolina
304 New England Patriots Gene Thomas Wide receiver Pacific
305 Chicago Bears Glen Kozlowski Wide receiver Brigham Young

Round twelve

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
306 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clay Miller Guard Michigan
307 Dallas Cowboys Chris Duliban Linebacker Texas
308 Atlanta Falcons Steve Griffin Wide receiver Purdue
309 Indianapolis Colts Steve Wade Defensive tackle Vanderbilt
310 Houston Oilers Chuck Banks Fullback West Virginia Tech
311 New Orleans Saints Sebastian Brown Wide receiver Bethune-Cookman
312 St. Louis Cardinals Kent Austin Quarterback Mississippi
313 Buffalo Bills Brian McClure Quarterback Bowling Green
314 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Williams Linebacker Tulsa
315 Philadelphia Eagles Reggie Singletary Defensive end North Carolina State
316 Cincinnati Bengals Steve Bradley Quarterback Indiana
317 Detroit Lions Allan Durden Defensive back Arizona
318 Minnesota Vikings Jesse Solomon Linebacker Florida State
319 Cleveland Browns King Simmons Defensive back Texas Tech
320 San Diego Chargers Jeff Sprowls Defensive back Brigham Young
321 Seattle Seahawks John McVeigh Linebacker Miami (FL)
322 Dallas Cowboys Tony Flack Defensive back Georgia
323 Washington Redskins Eric Yarber Wide receiver Idaho
324 Houston Oilers Mike Crawford Running back Arizona State
325 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Howard Running back Indiana
326 Indianapolis Colts Isaac Williams Defensive tackle Florida State
327 Los Angeles Rams Marcus Dupree Running back Oklahoma
328 New York Jets Sal Cesario Tackle Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
329 Miami Dolphins Rickey Isom Running back North Carolina State
330 Los Angeles Raiders Larry Shepherd Wide receiver Houston
331 Buffalo Bills Derek Christian Linebacker West Virginia Tech
332 New England Patriots Don McAulay Kicker Syracuse
333[7] San Diego Chargers Mike Travis Defensive back Georgia Tech
= Pro Bowler[4]

Supplemental draft

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
7 Philadelphia Eagles Charles Crawford  RB Oklahoma State Big Eight

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2015.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[4]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Mike Busch  QB South Dakota State NCC
Atlanta Falcons Joe Costello  DE Central Connecticut State Ind. (Div. II)
Atlanta Falcons Joe Caravello  TE Tulane Ind. (I-A)
Atlanta Falcons Jamie Dukes  C Florida State Ind. (I-A)
Atlanta Falcons Aubrey Matthews  WR Delta State Gulf South
Atlanta Falcons Ron Middleton  TE Auburn SEC
Atlanta Falcons Robert Moore  S Northwestern State Gulf Star
Buffalo Bills Steve Clark  DB Liberty Ind. (Div. II)
Buffalo Bills Jason Staurovsky  K Tulsa MVC
Buffalo Bills Vince Villanucci  DT Bowling Green State MAC
Buffalo Bills John Wojciechowski  OT Michigan State Big Ten
Chicago Bears Egypt Allen  SS TCU SWC
Chicago Bears Mike Dwyer  DT UMass Yankee
Chicago Bears Steve Jacobson  OG Abilene Christian LSC
Cleveland Browns Reggie Carr  DE Jackson State SWAC
Cleveland Browns Mark Harper  CB Alcorn State SWAC
Cleveland Browns Mike Siano  WR Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
Dallas Cowboys Pat Ballage  DB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
Dallas Cowboys Tony Dollinger  RB Evangel Ind. (NAIA)
Dallas Cowboys Ron Heller  TE Oregon State Pac-10
Dallas Cowboys Manny Hendrix  CB Utah WAC
Dallas Cowboys Stuart Rindy  T Wisconsin–Whitewater WSUC
Dallas Cowboys Mark Royals  P Appalachian State SoCon
Dallas Cowboys Lee Weigel  RB Wisconsin–Eau Claire WSUC
Denver Broncos Ken Bell  RB Boston College Ind. (I-A)
Denver Broncos Joe Dudek  RB Plymouth State NEFC
Denver Broncos Mike Hold  QB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
Denver Broncos Ken Karcher  QB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
Denver Broncos Eldridge Milton  LB Clemson ACC
Denver Broncos Jay Norvell  LB Iowa Big Ten
Detroit Lions Paul Butcher  LB Wayne State GLIAC
Green Bay Packers Freddie Parker  RB Mississippi Valley State SWAC
Green Bay Packers Miles Turpin  LB California Pac-10
Houston Oilers Eric Fairs  LB Memphis Ind. (I-A)
Houston Oilers Mark Gehring  TE Eastern Washington Ind. (I-AA)
Indianapolis Colts Brad Saar  LB Ball State MAC
Indianapolis Colts Geno Zimmerlink  TE Virginia ACC
Kansas City Chiefs Tim Cofield  DE Elizabeth City State CIAA
Kansas City Chiefs Jack Epps  S Kansas State Big Eight
Kansas City Chiefs Richard Estell  WR Kansas Big Eight
Kansas City Chiefs Don King  DB SMU SWC
Kansas City Chiefs J.C. Pearson  S Washington Pac-10
Kansas City Chiefs Lavale Thomas  RB Fresno State PCAA
Kansas City Chiefs Mark Walczak  TE Arizona Pac-10
Los Angeles Rams Alvin Wright  DT Jacksonville State Gulf South
Miami Dolphins Warren Loving  RB William Penn IIAC
Miami Dolphins Tom O'Connor  P South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
Miami Dolphins Joe Stepanek  DT Minnesota Big Ten
Minnesota Vikings Neal Guggemos  KR St. Thomas (MN) MIAC
New England Patriots George Benyola  K Louisiana Tech Southland
New England Patriots Tony Brown  OT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
New England Patriots Wayne Coffey  WR Texas State Gulf Star
New England Patriots Darrell Grymes  WR Central State Ind. (NAIA)
New England Patriots Lawrence Jackson  OG Presbyterian SAC
New England Patriots Larry Linne  WR UTEP WAC
New Orleans Saints Curtis Burrow  K Central Arkansas Arkansas
New Orleans Saints James Campen  C Tulane Ind. (I-A)
New Orleans Saints Bennie Thompson  S Grambling State SWAC
New York Giants Damian Johnson  OG Kansas State Big Eight
New York Jets Marty Horn  QB Lehigh Ind. (I-AA)
Pittsburgh Steelers Brian Blankenship  OG Nebraska Big Eight
Pittsburgh Steelers Gordon Brown  RB Tulsa MVC
Pittsburgh Steelers Gilvanni Johnson  WR Michigan Big Ten
Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Sheffield  CB Albany State SIAC
St. Louis Cardinals Evan Arapostathis  P Eastern Illinois Gateway
St. Louis Cardinals Tom Brown  WR Augustana (SD) NCC
St. Louis Cardinals Scott Holman  WR Oregon Pac-10
St. Louis Cardinals Broderick Sargent  RB Baylor SWC
San Diego Chargers Greg Maahan  WR Bowling Green MAC
San Francisco 49ers Jerry Keeble  LB Minnesota Big Ten
Seattle Seahawks Veno Belk  TE Michigan State Big Ten
Seattle Seahawks Stan Eisenhooth  C Towson Ind. (Div. II)
Seattle Seahawks Rory Graves  OT Ohio State Big Ten
Seattle Seahawks Kevin Juma  WR Idaho Big Sky
Seattle Seahawks Keith Kartz  C California Pac-10
Seattle Seahawks Darryl Pollard  CB Weber State Big Sky
Seattle Seahawks Sean Salisbury  QB USC Pac-10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rick DiBernardo  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nathan Wonsley  RB Ole Miss SEC
Washington Redskins Todd Bowles  S Temple Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Anthony Copeland  LB Louisville Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Todd Frain  TE Nebraska Big Eight
Washington Redskins Alec Gibson  DE Illinois Big Ten
Washington Redskins John Guzik  DT Ohio MAC
Washington Redskins James Noble  WR Stephen F. Austin Gulf Star
Washington Redskins Anthony Sagnella  DT Rutgers Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Ron Tilton  OG Tulane Ind. (I-A)
Washington Redskins Robert Williams  WR Baylor SWC


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