The term "Aimol written in Manipuri script (Meitei script)
Regions with significant populations
Aimol language (L1)
Meitei language (L2)[1]
Related ethnic groups
Meitei people, other Chin-Kuki-Mizo peoples

The Aimol people are an ethnic group living mainly in Manipur and in parts of Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Assam,Meghalaya in India. They speak Aimol language which is a Kuki-Chin language. They identify themselves as 'Aimol' an independent tribe with no affiliates. Aimols have continued to live in harmony with neighboring communities before the independence and to this day. Aimols are closely related to Kom, Koireng, Chiru, Chothe,khelma,Biete,Biate etc. They use Meitei language as their second language (L2) according to the Ethnologue.[2]

They practice slash-and-burn agriculture and are primarily Christian. Their language is classified as Old-kuki.[3]


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