Tikhir Naga
Total population
11,071[1][2] Nagaland
Tikhir language
Related ethnic groups
Yimkhiung, Other Naga people

The Tikhir are a Naga tribe from Nagaland, India. They are listed as a Scheduled Tribe, in the official Census of India.[3] The word "Tikhir" means "Dew People", meaning they were the first settlers of the place as they brush up the dewdrops.


Tikhir tribe was officially recognized as a separate tribe of Nagaland on 20 January 2022 by the Government of Nagaland.


They celebrate "TSONGLAKNYI" festival, which is observed from 9–12

October every year. The word 'tsonglaknyi' is made up of two words: "Tsong" means Shield and "lak" means sanctification. Tsonglaknyi basically is a festival of the sanctification of Shield. It also means sanctification of the weapons along with their wealth and valuable assets, as well as the purification of the men folk before going out for head hunting (earlier days). In short, it is a festival of purification. This festival is one of the most important among the Tikhir festivals celebrated, stretching for four days.[4]


According to the 2011 census, the population of the Tikhir tribe in Nagaland was 7,537.


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