Tangkhul people
Total population
178,568 (2011 census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Tangkhul language, other Tangkhulic languages, Meitei language
Christianity, Animism.[2]
Related ethnic groups
Meitei people, Chin.

The Tangkhul people, also known as the Tangkhul , are a Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group living in the Indo–Mayanmar border area, occupying the Ukhrul district and Kamjong district in the Northeast Indian state of Manipur, and in parts of neighbouring Myanmar. Despite this international border, many Tangkhul have continued to regard themselves as "one nation".[3] The name "Tangkhul" is originated from the Meitei language words, "Tang" meaning "scarce" and "Khul" meaning "village" respectively.[4] According to another theory of origin, the term "Tangkhul" is derived from "Thankhul", meaning "Than village" in Meitei language.[5][6]


The Tangkhuls are believed to have migrated from China via Myanmar along with other Naga tribes like Mao, Poumai, Maram, Thangal and Zeliangrong and dispersed together from Makhel, Senapati.

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