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Hmar people are a scheduled tribe ethnic group[2][3] from the states of Manipur,[4][5] Mizoram,[6] Assam,[7] and Meghalaya[8] in Northeast India. They use the Hmar language as their primary language.


According to the 2011 Indian Census, there were 98,988 Hmar speakers.[9]


The majority of the Hmar people practice Christianity.[10]

Place of origin

The Hmar people believe Sinlung to be their ancestral origin.[11]

Notable people

Name Notes
HT Sangliana Indian Cop and former Lok Sabha MP. A South Indian movie, Sangliyana, was made in honor of him.
Robert Romawia Royte MLA from Mizoram and owner of Aizawl FC.
Ngurdinglien Sanate Former Minister from Manipur.
Lalnghinglova Hmar Current Minister of State (Sports) and MLA from Mizoram.
Ngursanglur Sanate Current MLA from Manipur.
Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl Politician from Tripura.
Pachhunga First President of the Mizo Union.
Dr. Chaltonlien Amo Former Minister from Manipur.[12][13]
Lalmuanpuia Punte Current Political Advisor[14][15] to Lalduhoma and MLA, Mizoram.
K. Sapdanga Current Deputy Chief minister, Mizoram.
Name Contribution(s)
Lalremsiami India women's national field hockey team player
David Lalhlansanga India national football team member
Alfred Lalroutsang youngest ever player to play in the Indian Super League at the age of 16 years.
Lalrinliana Hnamte Indian professional footballer.
Lalvarmoi Hmar Indian professional footballer.
Lalram Luaha Indian professional footballer
Hmar Zothanchhunga Indian professional cricketer.
Academicians & Authors
Name Notes
Rochunga Pudaite Included the Hmar people, Paite people, Zou people, Vaiphei people, Gangte people, and Anāl people, as one of the Schedule Tribes of India, 1956, and the founder of Bibles for the World.[16]
Lal Dena Manipur historian.
Lalthlamuong Keivom Former Indian diplomat and writer of Zoram Khawvel series.
Zirsangzela Hnamte Author.
Dr. Lallukhum Fimate Former Director, Regional Institute of Medical Sciences[17] and Zoram Medical College.[18]
Singers & Musicians
Name Notes
Mami Varte Singer
Esther Hnamte Singer
Lalruotmawi Singer


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