"Purum" written in Meitei script.jpg
Purum written in Meitei script
Native toIndia
EthnicityPurum people
Native speakers
500 (2001 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3puz

Purum (Purum Naga) is a Southern Naga language of India. Speakers consider themselves to be ethnic Naga people, rather than part of the Kuki and Chin ethnic groups. Peterson (2017)[2] classifies Purum as part of the Northwestern branch of Kuki-Chin. According Ethnologue, Purum shares a high degree of mutual intelligibility with Kharam.

Geographical distribution

Purum is spoken in Phaijol, Laikot, Thuisenpai, and Kharam Pallen villages of Senapati district, Manipur (Ethnologue).


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