Koki Naga
Native toBurma
Native speakers
2,000 (2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nxk

Koki (Konke, Kokak), or Koki Naga, is an unclassified Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Burma. Speakers are included under the wider Naga ethnicity. It has been documented in Shintani (2018).[2]


Koki is currently unclassified within Tibeto-Burman. Ethnologue (21st edition) notes that Koki shares 19%–32% lexical similarity with Tangkhul Naga [ntx] in Myanmar, 23% with Akyaung Ari Naga [nqy], and 22%–24% with Jejara Naga [pzn].[3]


It is spoken in 10 villages of southern Leshi Township, Hkamti District, Sagaing Region, Myanmar.[3]


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