Native speakers
18,000 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3clt

Lautu, widely known as Lautu Chin, is a Kuki-Chin language spoken in 16 villages in Matupi townships, Thantlang townships and Hakha townships, Chin State, Myanmar. The Lautu Chin dialects share 90%–97% lexical similarity.[2] Lautu Chin has 87%–94% lexical similarity with Mara Chin, 82%–85% with Zophe Chin, 80%–86% with Senthang Chin.[2]

The Chin Languages Research Project with Lutuv translator Sui Hnem Par have provided translations of ten short books into Lutuv.[3]


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Lutuv is spoken in the following villages: Hnaring, Khuahrang, Thang-aw, Fanthen (Aasaw), Surngen, Tisen, Sentung, Hriangpi (Hrepuv), Sate, Lekang, Lawngthangtlang, Zuamang, Capaw, Pintia, La-u, and Lei Pi (Li Puv).


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