Native speakers
18,000 (2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3clt

Lutuv, widely known by other Chins as Lautu Chin, is a Kuki-Chin language spoken in 16 villages of Myanmar: Matupi townships, Thantlang townships and Hakha townships in the Chin State.

Lutuv/Lautu - villages are: Hnaring, Khuahrang, Thang-aw, Fanthen (Aasaw), Surngen, Tisen, Sentung, Hriangpi@ Hrepuv, Sate, Lekang, Lawngthangtlang, Zuamang, Capaw, Pintia, La-u, and Lei Pi (Li Puv).


Lists the following Lutuv/Lautu villages: 1.Hnaring (township) 2. Khuahrang 3.Thang-Aw 4. Fanthen 5. Surngen 6. Tisen 7. Sentung 8. Hriangpi A. 9. Saate 10.Leikang 12. Lawngthangtlang 13.Zuamang 14.Capaw 15. Leipi 16. Pintial


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