Rawngtu Chin
Native speakers
5,000 (2008)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3weu
Glottolog(insufficiently attested or not a distinct language)

Welaung, also known as Rawngtu Chin, is a purported Kuki-Chin-Mizo languages of Burma. It is spoken in Mindat township, Chin State, as well as in 2 villages of Htilin township, Magway Region.[2]

The Rawngtu dialects, which include Kyonnam, Welaung, Boishi, and Shitwanu, share 90% lexical similarity.[2] The Kyonnam variety is adequately comprehended by most Rawngtu, but not by the Matu, who do not self-identify as Rawngtu.[2] Rawngtu shares 84%–89% lexical similarity with Matupi Daai, 67%–74% with Kaang Chin, 71%–83% with Matu varieties, and less than 70% with Rungtu.[2]


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