Southern Rengma
Native toIndia
EthnicityRengma Naga
Native speakers
(21,000 cited 1997)[1]
65,300 total Rengma (2011 census)
Language codes
ISO 639-3nre
ELPSouthern Rengma Naga

Rengma, or Southern Rengma, is an Angami–Pochuri language spoken in Nagaland, India.[2]


Alternate names and dialect names of Rengma include Injang, Moiyui, Mon, Mozhumi, Nzong, Nzonyu, Rengma, Rengma Naga, Southern Rengma, Unza and Western Rengma (Ethnologue).


Ethnologue reports the following dialects of Rengma.

Tseminyu is the principal dialect main center. Southern Rengma and Northern Rengma are reportedly inherently unintelligible.

Geographical distribution

Ethnologue reports the following locations for Rengma.


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