Native toBurma
EthnicityBwe people
Native speakers
(17,000 cited 1983 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3kvl

Brek, also known as Brek Karen, Bwe, and Kayaw, is a Karen language of Burma.



Writing system

Kayaw alphabet[2]
Majuscules A Ǎ Ā B C D E Ě Ē È È̌ È̄ G H I Î Î̌ Î̄ J K L M N O Ǒ Ō Ò Ò̌ Ò̄ Ô Ô̄ P R S T U Ǔ Ū Û Û̌ Û̄ W Y
Minuscules a ǎ ā b c d e ě ē è è̌ è̄ g h i î î̌ î̄ j k l m n o ǒ ō ò ò̌ ò̄ ô ô̄ p r s t u ǔ ū û û̌ û̄ w y


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