First Lady of Albania
Zonja e Parë e Shqipërisë
Armanda Begaj
since 24 July 2022
ResidencePresidential Palace of Tirana
Inaugural holderLiri Berisha (de facto)
Formation30 April 1991
WebsiteFirst Lady of Albania

The first lady of Albania (Albanian: Zonja e Parë) is the unofficial title of the wife or designee of the sitting President of Albania. The current First Lady is Armanda Ymeri, wife of President Bajram Begaj, who has held the role since July 2022.

Role of the first lady

The first lady is not an elected position, carries no official duties, and brings no salary. Nonetheless, she participates in humanitarian and charitable work in conjunction with the office of the presidency. Albanian first ladies have taken an active role in campaigning for the president with whom they are associated. She accompanies the President in state and official protocol visits abroad.

First ladies of Albania (1925–1928, 1945–1991 & 1991–present)

No. Birthname Term Begins Term Ends President of Albania
Albanian Republic (1925–1928)
1st Geraldine Apponyi[a] 1 February 1925 1 September 1928 Ahmet Zogu
People's Socialist Republic of Albania (1946–1991)
2nd Nexhmije Hoxha[b] 23 October 1944 11 April 1985 Enver Hoxha
 Republic of Albania (1991–present)
3rd Semiramis Xhuvani[c] 30 April 1991 3 April 1992 Ramiz Alia
4th Lirie Ramaj 9 April 1992 24 July 1997 Sali Berisha
5th Lidra Karagjozi 24 July 1997 24 July 2002 Rexhep Meidani
6th Milica Niça[d] 24 July 2002 24 July 2007 Alfred Moisiu
7th Teuta Mema 24 July 2007 24 July 2012 Bamir Topi
8th Odeta Kosova 24 July 2012 24 July 2017 Bujar Nishani
9th Monika Kryemadhi[e] 24 July 2017 24 July 2022 Ilir Meta
10th Armanda Ymeri 24 July 2022 Incumbent Bajram Begaj


  1. ^ Geraldine Apponyi married Ahmet Zogu a decade later.
  2. ^ As the spouse of the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania
  3. ^ Semiramis Xhuvani, the daughter of prominent scholar Aleksandër Xhuvani died before her husband took office of the presidency.
  4. ^ Milica Niça was deceased when Alfred Moisiu became President of the Republic, his youngest daughter Mirela Moisiu carried the First Lady duties.
  5. ^ Monika Kryemadhi, as a Member of Parliament and the leader of the second largest opposition party LSI, refused to take on the duties of the First Lady therefore the couple's eldest child and daughter Bora Meta carried on as First Lady.