First Lady of Madagascar
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Andry et Mialy Rajoelina, allée des Baobabs, 22 avril 2012.jpg
Mialy Rajoelina

since January 19, 2019
ResidenceIavoloha Palace
Inaugural holderJustine Tsiranana
FormationJune 26, 1960
WebsiteFirst Lady of Madagascar

First Lady of Madagascar (French: Première Dame du Madagascar) is the title attributed to the wife of the president of Madagascar.[1][2] The country's current first lady is Voahangy Rajaonarimampianina, wife of President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who had held the position since January 25, 2014. There has been no first gentlemen of Madagascar to date.

First ladies of Madagascar

Name Portrait Term Began Term Ended President of Madagascar Notes
Justine Tsiranana
Justine Tsiranana.jpg
June 26, 1960 October 11, 1972 Philibert Tsiranana Born Justine Kalitody, Tsiranana was the inaugural First Lady of Madagascar. She married Philibert Tsiranana on January 29, 1933, at a ceremony in the village of Antsirabe, Mandritsara District.[1]
Marcelle Larguier October 11, 1972 February 5, 1975 Gabriel Ramanantsoa Marcelle Larguier married Ramanantsoa at a Catholic ceremony in Faravohitra on May 26, 1934.[1]
Thérèse Ratsimandrava February 5, 1975 February 11, 1975 Richard Ratsimandrava Born Thérèse Razafindramoizina, she married Colonel Richard Ratsimandrava on September 22, 1956. The couple had five children.[1] Her husband became head of the military government on February 5, 1975. Ratsimandrava was first lady just six days before Colonel Ratsimandrava's assassination on February 11, 1975.[1] Thérèse Ratsimandrava died in August 2001.[1]
Unknown February 12, 1975 June 15, 1975 Gilles Andriamahazo General Gilles Andriamahazo was the transitional president of the military government following Ratsimandrava's assassination. He never appeared with his wife in public during his short tenure.[1]
Céline Ratsiraka June 15, 1975 March 27, 1993 Didier Ratsiraka The country's longest tenured first lady, Ratsiraka was born Céline Velonjara.[1] In 1964, she married a young naval officer, Didier Ratsiraka, in a Catholic ceremony.[1] They have four children - Olga, Annick, Xavier, and Sophie.[1]
Thérèse Zafy March 27, 1993 September 5, 1996 Albert Zafy Born Thérèse Auguste Zafimahova, she was the wife of President Albert Zafy. The couple had three children.[1] Former President Zafy died in October 2017.
Sahondra Rakotondravaly Ratsirahonana September 5, 1996 February 9, 1997 Norbert Ratsirahonana Born Sahondra Rakotondravaly, she was the wife of interim president Norbert Ratsirahonana. Rakotondravaly died in Réunion on April 23, 2014.[3]
Céline Ratsiraka February 9, 1997 May 6, 2002 Didier Ratsiraka Céline Ratsiraka's second tenure as first lady
Lalao Ravalomanana
Lalao Ravalomanana.jpg
May 6, 2002 March 17, 2009 Marc Ravalomanana Lalao Ravalomanana married her husband, Marc Ravalomanana, in 1974. In April 2013, shortly after returning from exile in South Africa, Lalao Ravalomanana announced her candidacy in the 2013 presidential election.[4] However, Lalao Ravalomanana was barred from running for not having lived in Madagascar for 6 months before the poll[5] In 2015, she was elected Mayor of Antananarivo.
Mialy Rajoelina
Andry et Mialy Rajoelina, allée des Baobabs, 22 avril 2012.jpg
March 17, 2009 January 25, 2014 Andry Rajoelina Born Mialy Razakandisa, she met Andry Rajoelina in 1994 while completing her senior year at a high school in Antananarivo. The couple dated long-distance for six years while she completed her undergraduate and masters studies in Paris. The couple married in 2000.
Voahangy Rajaonarimampianina
Voahanagy Rajaonarimampianina.jpg
January 25, 2014 September 7, 2018 Hery Rajaonarimampianina The couple married at a ceremony held at the Ambohinaorina Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM) in Sabotsy Namehana.[1]
Name Unknown September 7, 2018 January 19, 2019 Rivo Rakotovao (acting)
Mialy Rajoelina
Andry et Mialy Rajoelina, allée des Baobabs, 22 avril 2012.jpg
January 19, 2019 Incumbent Andry Rajoelina


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