Queen of Jordan
Rania Al-Yassin
since 7 February 1999
StyleHer Majesty
Formation25 May 1946; 77 years ago (1946-05-25)
ResidenceRaghadan Palace (official)
Beit Al Urdun Palace (private)

This is a list of the women who have been queen/princess consort of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since the emirate was elevated to the status of a kingdom in 1949. As all monarchs of Jordan have been required by law to be male, there has never been a queen regnant of Jordan although the law can be bypassed by royal decree.

It is necessary for the king to give his wife the title of queen consort after his accession and their marriage; otherwise she would only have the lesser title of princess consort. Only one Jordanian consort has not held the title of queen during her marriage.

List of royal consorts

Image Born as Consort as Born Marriage Consort from Consort to Died Spouse to
Musbah bint Nasser Queen Musbah 1884 1904 25 May 1946
Jordan elevated to kingdom
20 July 1951
husband's death
15 March 1961 Abdullah I
Zein al-Sharaf bint Jamil Queen Zein 2 August 1916 27 November 1934 20 July 1951
husband became king
11 August 1952
husband's abdication
26 April 1994 Talal
Dina bint Abdul-Hamid Queen Dina 15 December 1929 18 April 1955 24 June 1957
21 August 2019 Hussein
Toni Avril Gardiner Princess Muna 25 April 1941 25 May 1961[2] 21 December 1972
Alia Toukan Queen Alia 25 December 1948 24 December 1972 9 February 1977
her death
Lisa Halaby Queen Noor 23 August 1951 15 June 1978 7 February 1999
husband died
Rania Al-Yassin Queen Rania 31 August 1970 10 June 1993 7 February 1999
husband became king
incumbent Abdullah II


  1. ^ Upon divorce Dina was lowered to the title of princess and style of Royal Highness (having been styled Her Majesty as queen).
  2. ^ Renamed Muna al-Hussein upon marriage, she was given the title of princess and the style of Royal Highness on the birth of her first son Abdullah on 30 January 1962.