First Lady of Cape Verde
since 9 November 2021
ResidencePresidential Palace of Cape Verde
Term length5 years
Inaugural holderCarlina Pereira
FormationJuly 8, 1975

First Lady of Cape Verde is the title attributed to the wife of the president of Cape Verde. The position is currently vacant.

First ladies of Cape Verde

No. Name Portrait Term Began Term Ended President of Cape Verde Notes
1 Carlina Pereira March 8, 1975 March 22, 1991 Aristides Pereira Independence activist and inaugural First Lady of Cape Verde.[1]
2 Tuna Mascarenhas March 22, 1991 March 22, 2001 António Mascarenhas Monteiro Mascarenhas continued to work at the clinical analysis laboratory at Agostinho Neto Hospital during her two terms as first lady.[2]
3 Adélcia Barreto Pires March 22, 2001 September 9, 2001 Pedro Pires
4 Ligia Fonseca September 9, 2011 9 November, 2021 Jorge Carlos Fonseca


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