Spouse of the Prime Minister of Cambodia
Bun Rany cropped.jpg
Bun Rany
since 30 November 1998
StyleHer Excellency
(formal, diplomatic)
ResidencePeace Palace
Formation18 March 1945; 77 years ago (1945-03-18)

The spouse of the prime minister of Cambodia refers to the wife or husband of the head of government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Prime Minister. Since 1993, 3 women have been the spouse of the Prime Minister of Cambodia. The title "First Lady"[1] is also commonly used.

The spouse of the current prime minister is Dr. Bun Rany.


The position is not an elected position, thus the spouse of the prime minister does not hold any official duties. The spouse of the prime minister of Cambodia frequently participates in humanitarian and charitable work as well as representing the prime minister. The incumbent Bun Rany holds the position of President of the Cambodian Red Cross.

Spouses (since 1993)

Portrait Name Tenure Length of tenure Prime Minister
Photo of Norodom Marie Ranariddh
Norodom Marie Ranariddh
(b. 1947)
24 September 1993

6 August 1997
3 years, 316 days First PM
Norodom Ranariddh
m. 1968; div. 2010
Photo of Bun Rany
Bun Rany
(b. 1954)
24 September 1993

30 November 1998
5 years, 67 days Second PM
Hun Sen
m. 1976
No image.svg
Ung Malis Yvonne 6 August 1997

30 November 1998
1 year, 116 days First PM
Ung Huot
Photo of Bun Rany
Bun Rany
(b. 1954)
30 November 1998

24 years, 66 days Hun Sen
m. 1976
2nd (1998)
3rd (2003)
4th (2008)
5th (2013)
6th (2018)

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