First Lady of Ivory Coast
Dominique Ouattara
since 11 April 2011
Inaugural holderMarie-Thérèse Houphouët-Boigny
Formation3 November 1960

The first lady of Ivory Coast (French: Première dame de Côte d'Ivoire) is the title attributed to the wife of the president of Ivory Coast. The current first lady is Dominique Ouattara, who has held the office since 11 April 2011. (Dominique Ouattara and her predecessor, Simone Gbagbo, were the co-claimants of the office from 4 December 2010 to 11 April 2011.)

First ladies of Ivory Coast

Name Term Begins Term Ends President or Head of State Notes
Marie-Thérèse Houphouët-Boigny 3 November 1960 7 December 1993 Félix Houphouët-Boigny [1]
Henriette Konan Bédié 7 December 1993 24 December 1999 Henri Konan Bédié Born Henriette Koizan Bomo, she married Bédié in 1957.[2]
Rose Doudou Guéï 24 December 1999 26 October 2000 Robert Guéï
Simone Gbagbo* 26 October 2000 11 April 2011* Laurent Gbagbo*
Dominique Ouattara* 11 April 2011* Present Alassane Ouattara*

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