Lego Alpha Team
Sub‑themesMission Deep Sea and Mission Deep Freeze
SubjectSecret Agents
Licensed fromThe Lego Group
AvailabilityMarch 2001–December 2005
Total sets34[1]
CharactersDash Justice, Crunch, Radia, Charge, Cam Attaway, Flex, Tee-Vee, Arrow, Diamond Tooth, Gearbox, Zed and Ogel

Alpha Team was a Lego theme that was released in 2001 and ended in 2005.[2][3] It focused on a group of secret agents and their evil nemesis named Ogel.


Lego Alpha Team was a Lego product line that was in production from March 2001 to December 2005. It centred on a group of secret agents who aimed to stop an evil character named Ogel from changing people into skeleton drones with mind controlling orbs. The backstory was driven by the Lego Alpha Team PC game and other published media. The name "Ogel" is the word "Lego" in reverse. The theme influenced the Lego Agents theme, which was released several years later in 2008.[4]


Alpha Team starts out as a basic top secret group, under the leadership of Dash Justice. In the original video game, Ogel has captured all of the Alpha Team agents except for Dash, And made evil orbs that can turn ordinary civilians into mindless drones to serve as his slaves. However, he is defeated by The Now reunited Alpha Team who break the power of the evil orbs to restore the drones back to normal. They capture Ogel and destroy the orb machine, but Ogel manages to escape.

The 2001 storyline is the exact same as the video game, Except the Alpha team agents are never captured, And they all have their own vehicles.

In the 2002 storyline, Ogel returns with more sinister looking drones. Ogel has re-engineered the evil orb so that it causes mutations and uses it to mutate sea creatures to serve him. Ogel's left hand is replaced by a transparent red hook that can still hold things. Alpha Team's helper, TeeVee (a television with legs and antennae) can now turn into a deep sea rover for small openings and scout around the sea embankment. In the webtoon, Into the Deep, Ogel's sinister plan for the mutant sea animals is destroyed when Dash reverses the orb factory controls, thus reverting all the sea animals back to normal. However, Ogel escapes again by detaching the cockpit on his Mutant Squid vehicle.

In the 2004 storyline, Alpha Team is revised. The Alpha Team symbol is changed, Crunch and Cam have been replaced by Diamond Tooth and Arrow (respectively), and Ogel has replaced his red hook with a transparent blue hook. Alpha Team has more tech and their vehicles have a new feature: they can initiate Alpha Mode, a feature that transforms one vehicle to another without disassembling and rebuilding. This time, Ogel's plan has gone from mind control to causing damage to the world. His plan is to freeze the world at his base in Antarctica with ice orbs to freeze time itself. The ice orbs are completely different from the evil orbs Ogel made earlier, as they no longer cause mutations/brainwashing, but instead freeze everything on touch. Alpha Team track him down to Antarctica. They race to Ogel's fortress in a desperate gamble to stop him from freezing time, Ogel ends up freezing almost all members of Alpha Team. However, Charge and TeeVee cannot be found in the iceboxes.

In the 2005 storyline, drones start to behave randomly and steal interesting landmarks. Then Zed, a special agent of Alpha Team, arrives at Antarctica. He melts the ice around the other agents and sets off on his own mission. While the other agents are stopping Ogel's drones, Ogel appears in the Scorpion Orb Launcher, his own vehicle that can convert into the Viper Escape. Ogel and Zed battle. The Lego Magazine invited fans to write their own stories about who would win and what would happen next. The Lego Magazine didn't show the results, but it was assumed that Zed has won the conflict and that the world has been restored to normal.


Alpha Team


Construction sets

According to Bricklink, The Lego Group released a total of 34 Lego sets and promotional polybags as part of Lego Alpha Team theme.[1] The product line was eventually discontinued by the end of 2005.[8]


The theme's first main sets and promotional polybags was released from 2001 to 2002. The original toy sets were centred around Alpha Team attacking Ogel's base, which was a control centre on a floating island. The team used a variety of vehicles to attack Ogel's base, including the Alpha Team ATV and the Cruiser. Each vehicle displayed the Alpha Team logo, which was a globe with a red ring around it. Ogel's logo was a skull face, which appeared on his control centre and ship.[4]

Mission Deep Sea

17 sets and promotional polybags was released from 2002 to 2003. The Mission Deep Sea sets were set beneath the ocean and focused on Ogel's underwater base. The toy sets also included aquatic vessels driven by Ogel, such as Mutant Squid and Mutant Killer Whale. Ogel's colour scheme of black and red was displayed on the base, mutant fish and Shark Sub, while the Alpha Team submersible vehicles were designed in yellow and black.[4]

Mission Deep Freeze

8 sets was released from 2004 to 2005. Mission Deep Freeze toy sets displayed more technical upgrades such as control panels, a new logo and new packaging. The storyline focused on Alpha Team's mission to find Ogel before he froze the world using ice orbs. His main base was a mountain fortress which was in the form of a skull.[4][9]

Video game

Main article: Lego Alpha Team (video game)

A video game, Lego Alpha Team, was developed by Digital Domain and published by Lego Media in September 2000 for Microsoft Windows,[10] with a Game Boy Color version developed by Climax Studios and published in November of the same year.[11][12][13]

It laid the groundwork for what would become the Lego alpha team theme, Which would release one year after the game.

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