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Power Miners
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Lego Power Miners was a product range of the construction toy Lego,[1] themed around a team of "Power Miners" who, while investigating the cause of a series of severe earthquakes, discover Rock Monsters and Energy Crystals. The theme was originally released in 2009[2] and discontinued in 2010.[citation needed]

Story and characters

The Power Miners (Doc, Duke, Rex, and Brains) are sent underground by the government to investigate a series of earthquakes that have destroyed several cities on the surface of the Lego World. While underground, they discover Energy Crystals and the Rock Monsters (Meltrox, Boulderax, Glaciator, Sulfurix, Firox, Geolix and Tremorox). They attempt to collect and mine the crystals in order to stop the monsters from consuming them and causing the earthquakes on the surface. However, a bigger threat emerges in the form of the Crystal King, the undisputed ruler of all Rock Monsters underground.[citation needed]

In January 2010, a new sub-theme called Power Miners: Core of the Underworld was introduced, with the plot having the Power Miners collapse to a lower level of caves while fighting the Crystal King with the Titanuim Command Rig, finding themselves in the inner core of the earth and encounter the Lava Monsters (Firax, Combustix, Infernox, and Eruptorr).[citation needed]

Set information

Below is a list of Power Miners sets. The first two promotional sets were released in Dec. 2008, but later in the year a few of the first wave sets were available at Toys "R" Us stores. Finally, in Jan. 2009, the entire first wave was released. A second batch of sets was released in May 2009 and a third wave of sets in August 2009. All four new sets of 2010 were released in January 2010 to Europe, while sets 8190 and 8191 were not released to America until August 2010.[citation needed]

Reference Name Released Minifigures Pieces Vehicle Notes
8907 Rock Hacker 2008 Collier 29 Limited Promotional Release
8908 Monster Launcher 2008 a Sulfurix 12 Limited promotional release
8956 Stone Chopper 2009 Collier a Meltrox 31 No1
8957 Mine Mech 2009 Brains, a Boulderax 67 No2
8958 Granite Grinder 2009 miner, a Glaciator 97 No3
8959 Claw Digger 2009 Rex, a Sulfurix 197 No4
8960 Thunder Driller 2009 Doc, Duke, a Firox 235 No5
8961 Crystal Sweeper 2009 Engineer, Brains, a Glaciator, a Meltrox 474 No6
8707 Boulder Blaster 2009 Engineer, a Glaciator 293 No7 Limited Edition
8962 Crystal King 2009 miner, Engineer 168
8963 Rock Wrecker 2009 Rex, a Geolix (Large Sulfurix) 225 No8
8708 Cave Crusher 2009 Engineer, Duke, a Tremorox (Large Meltrox) 259 No9 Special Edition
8964 Titanium Command Rig 2009 Brains, Doc, Duke, a Glaciator, a Tremorox (Large Meltrox) 706 No10
8709 Underground Mining Station 2009 Rex, Miner Collier a Geolix (Large Sulfurix) 637 No11 Limited Edition
8188 Fire Blaster 2010 Rex (Silver), a Combustix 67 No12
8189 Magma Mech 2010 Engineer (Silver), a Firax 183 No14
8190 Claw Catcher 2010 Brains (Silver), an Infernox 259 No15
8191 Lavatraz 2010 Doc (Silver), Duke (Silver), a Firax, an Eruptorr (king of lava monsters) 381 No16


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