Lego Jack Stone
SubjectJack Stone
Licensed fromThe Lego Group
Total sets25[1]
CharactersJack Stone, Fireman, Res-Q-Cap, Bank Robber, Aviator, Crewman, Airplane Pilot and Police

Lego Jack Stone (stylized as LEGO Jack Stone) was a Lego theme that was first introduced in 2001, designed for children aged 4+. It focused on Jack Stone, the main protagonist of the theme.[2][3] It was eventually discontinued by the end of 2002 and replaced with the Lego 4+ theme in 2003.[4]


The Lego Jack Stone product line focused on Jack Stone who appears in various roles such as a policeman, fireman, worker, coast guard and pilot. Each of the sets featured a small number of larger pieces, in order to be easy to build. The minifigures measured 10cm (2 in) tall and were larger than regular minifigures but with no building required. The toy sets were marketed at children aged 4+.[5]



The Lego Jack Stone theme was launched at the International Toy Fair in New York in February 2001. As part of the marketing campaign, The Lego Group released 11 Lego Jack Stone sets. Each set featured various models, including Police HQ, Fire HQ, Rapid Response Tanker, AIR Operations HQ and minifigures, including Jack Stone.[2]

Construction sets

According to Bricklink, The Lego Group released a total of 25 Lego sets as part of Lego Jack Stone theme.[1] It was discontinued by the end of 2003.[8]

2001 sets

The theme's first main sets was released in 2001. The theme included Jack Stone, police and firefighters.

2002 sets

The 11 sets was released in 2002. The theme included Jack Stone, Crewman, Re-Q, Pilot and Firefighters.

Other media

2001 VHS tape

A promotional short film was released as a VHS video tape for subscribers to Lego magazine in 2002

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