Lego Fabuland
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Availability1979–1989 (EU) or 1983 (US)
Total sets102
CharactersEdward Elephant
Bonnie Bunny
Max Mouse
Mike Monkey
Paulette Poodle

Lego Fabuland is a defunct theme and product range of the Lego construction toy, aimed at young children. Introduced in 1979, the range aimed to fill the gap between Duplo and the standard Lego product ranges. Aimed at both boys and girls, the range encouraged storytelling, and was the first theme to be extended into books, clothing, and a claymation children's television show, Edward and Friends, that aired in the UK and Canada during the 1980s. Each episode was five minutes in length.[1]


Fabuland characters in Legoland, Denmark
Fabuland characters in Legoland, Denmark

Fabuland sets featured anthropomorphic animal characters. These pieces were larger than standard Lego Minifigures, but smaller than Duplo figures, and included movable arms, legs and head. Some of the characters appeared in more than one set, and were given names, and sometimes even stories. Recurring characters included Edward Elephant, Bonnie Bunny, Max Mouse, Clive Crocodile, Walter (Wilfred) Walrus, Wally Walrus, Lucy Lamb, Lisa Lamb, Ricky Raccoon, Roger Raccoon, Freddy Fox, Bruno Bear, Bernard Bear, Billy Bear, Perry Panda, Patrick Panda, Bertie Bulldog, Boris Bulldog, Buster Bulldog, Barty Bulldog, Clarke Bulldog, Mike Monkey, Mark Monkey, Gabriel Gorilla (Chester Chimp), Paulette Poodle, Harry Horse, Henry Horse, Catherine Cat, Charlie Cat, Sandy Seagull, Lionel Lion, Legal Beagle, Hannah Hippopotamus, Joe Crow, Marjorie Mouse, Mortimer Mouse, Michael Mouse, Patricia Piglet, Patrick Pig, Percy Pig, Peter Pig, Hugo Hog, Billy Goat, Gertrude Goat, Clara Cow, Doctor Dog, Paul Parrot, Robby Rabbit, Bert Bear and Ernie Elephant.[2] This was the first Lego theme where characters had names.[3] In different countries names of the same characters were different.


Fabuland had a distinctive friendly style with various animal characters that each had a job or purpose in the town of Fabuland. Fabuland featured special elements that were larger than standard Lego bricks, but were fully compatible with regular Lego. Fabuland used a primary colour scheme and the sets were aimed for children between 4-8 as a transition from Duplo to Lego. Fabuland was unique due to the special elements, such as walls, roof elements, tables, chairs, boats and cars chassis. Larger Sets included buildings with story book like instructions and the theme also had many vehicles and individual characters with accessories. Fabuland is highly sought after today among collectors and there is a large fan base that keeps the theme alive via Lego fan sites.

Fabuland was discontinued in 1989 and since then many elements have reappeared in many themes. In 2000, Lego released the Mickey Mouse theme that contained many Fabuland elements. Fabuland elements have appeared in Harry Potter, Belville, Castle/Kingdoms, Friends and Lego Games and others. The Fabuland line was referenced in the 2014 film The Lego Movie.


Name Includes
324 Ricky Raccoon on his Scooter 2 pieces, 1 minifig
325 Percy Pig with his Barrow 3 pieces, 1 minifig
121/328 Michael Mouse and his New Car (Car − Michael Mouse Goes Driving) 22 pieces, 1 minifig
329 Bernard Bear and his Delivery Lorry (Lorry − Bernard Bear Delivers The Goods) 109 pieces, 1 minifig
128/338 Blondi the Pig and Taxi Station (Taxi Station/Patrick Pig is Fabuland's Taxi Man) 37 pieces, 1 minifig
132/341 Catherine Cat's House and Mortimer Mouse (Cottage/House) 123 pieces, 2 minifig
134/344 Service Station with Billy Goat and Mike Monkey 80 pieces, 2 minifigs
137/347 Hospital - Lucy Lamb and Charlie Cat Visit Dr. Dog (Hospital) 205 pieces, 3 minifigs
140/350 Town Hall 122 pieces, 3 minifigs
Name Includes
3602 Lisa Lamb With Her Pram (Pram − Lisa Lamb Goes Walking) 3 pieces, 1 minifig
3604 Mark Monkey With His Fruit Stall 3 pieces, 1 minifig
3605 Ricky Raccoon and His Scooter (same as 324) 1 piece, 1 minifig
3634 Rubbish truck − Joe Crow Keeps Fabuland Clean and Tidy (Charlie Crow's Carry-All) 17 pieces, 1 minifig
3665 Harry Horse and Clara Cow's Ice Cream Shoppe (Ice Cream Shop − Harry Horse Helps Clara Cow) 36 pieces, 2 minifigs
Name Includes
3601 Elton Elephant (Edward Elephant's Garden Table) 6 pieces, 1 minifig
3603 Boris Bulldog and Mailbox (Boris Bulldog Postman) 5 pieces, 1 minifig
3615 Percy Pig (same as 325) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3628 Perry Panda and Chester Chimp (Window Cleaners) 3 pieces, 2 minifigs
3629 Barney Bear (Bruno Bear's Car/Mechanic's Car) 16 pieces, 1 minifig
3635 Bonnie Bunny's Camper (Mobile Home/House On Wheels) 25 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
3654 Lisa Lamb's House (The Flower Garden) 32 pieces, 1 minifig
3666 Billy Bear and Mortimer Mouse's Service Station (The Lazy Mouse) 28 pieces, 2 minifigs
3667 Pat and Freddy's Shop (The Tasty Bread) 58 pieces, 2 minifigs
3669 Fire Station (The Naughty Raccoon) 33 pieces, 3 minifigs
3672 The Motel (The Cooking Contest) 60 pieces, 3 minifigs
3678 Lionel Lion's Lodge (The Noisy Neighbours) 123 pieces, 4 minifigs
3694/3695 Fabuland Figure Collection ? pieces,[4] 80 minifigs
3701 Charlie Cat the Fisherman (Fisherman) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3703 Peter Pig the Cook (Cook) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3704 Marjorie Mouse (Housekeeper) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3706 Ernie Elephant (Street Sweeper) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3707 Clara Cow (Gardener) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3708 Rufus Rabbit (Baker's Boy) 3 pieces, 1 minifig
3781 Maximillian Mouse (Handyman) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3782 Paul Parrot (Press Photographer) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3784 Hugo Hog the Tinker (Tinker) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3786 Boris Bulldog (Postman) 8 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
3626 Roger Raccoon and His Sports Car (Roger Raccoon With Sports Car) 16 pieces, 1 minifig
3627 Bonnie Bunny (Bonny Rabbit) 18 pieces, 1 minifig
3637 Gertrude Goat the Painter (Gertrude Goat) 14 pieces, 1 minifig
3638/3642 Buster Bulldog (Fire Engine) 17 pieces, 1 minifig
3709 Henry Horse the Carpenter (Henry Horse) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3710 Patrick Panda (Peter Panda) 2 pieces, 1 minifig
3787 Hannah Hippopotamus the Public Gardener (Hannah Hippo) 8 pieces, 1 minifig
3788 Paulette Poodle's Living Room 12 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
801 Fabuland Characters 2 minifigs
3639/3643 "Paddy" Wagon (Police Van) 9 pieces, 2 minifigs
3664 Bertie Bulldog Police Chief and Constable Bulldog (Police Station) 63 pieces, 2 minifigs
3670 Service Station 52 pieces, 2 minifigs
3671 Airport 49 pieces, 3 minifigs
3711 Tubby and Tuba (Tuba Player) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3712 Robby Rabbit (Accordion Player) 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3713 Mike Monkey (Drummer) 7 pieces, 1 minifig
3789 Constable Clarke (Speed Cop) 5 pieces, 1 minifig
3791 Wally Walrus (Scooter Tourist) 6 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
3624 Flower Car (Pick Up Truck) (same as 3627) 19 pieces, 1 minifig
3625/3630 Sandy Seagull's Aeroplane (Aeroplane) 8 pieces, 1 minifig
3631 The Fabuland Big Band Peter Pig and Gabriel Gorilla (Band) 30 pieces, 2 minifigs
3641 Car and Camper (Poodle's Camper) 22 pieces, 1 minifig
3660 Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Cottage) 25 pieces, 1 minifig
3673 Paddle Steamer (Steamboat) 61 pieces, 3 minifigs
3681 Amusement Park (Fairground) 99 pieces, 4 minifigs
3714 Workman and Barrow (Bricklayer) 6 pieces, 1 minifig
3715 Hannah's Flower Stand (Hippo With Flower Stand) 14 pieces, 1 minifig
3716 Telephone (Fox At Office) 8 pieces, 1 minifig
Mouse in a Tub Fishing (Angler) 9 pieces, 1 minifig
3792 Lisa Lamb's Bedroom (Bedroom) 14 pieces, 1 minifig
3793 Boris Bulldog and Mailbox (Post Office) 12 pieces, 1 minifig
3794 Police Motorcycle (Bulldog on Motorcycle) 14 pieces, 1 minifig
3795 Catherine Cat in Her Kitchen (Catherine Cat's Kitchen/Kitchen) 28 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
1570 Fabuland Character Polybag 4 pieces, 1 minifig
3633 Motor Boat With Walter Walrus (Captain Walrus in His Motor Boat) 13 pieces, 1 minifig
3644 Mike Monkey and His Taxi (Mayor's Car) 10 pieces, 2 minifigs
3668 Merry-Go-Round With Ticket Booth (Merry-Go-Round) 42 pieces, 3 minifigs
3679 Flour Mill and Shop (Mill With Shop) 73 pieces, 2 minifigs
3718 Outdoor Cafe With Bonnie Bunny (Outdoor Cafe) 6 pieces, 1 minifig
3796 Patricia Piglet at Her Bakery (Patricia Piglet's Bakery/Little Bakery) 30 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
1516 Promotional Set (Theatre) 23 pieces, 2 minifigs
3636 Lucy Lamb's Bedroom (Lucy Lamb in Her Bedroom) 21 pieces, 1 minifig
3645 School Room (Classroom) 24 pieces, 3 minifigs
3659 Playground 16 pieces, 2 minifigs
3662 Double-Decker Bus (Bus) 32 pieces, 2 minifigs
3674 Bonny Bunnie's New House 44 pieces, 2 minifigs
3675 General Store 103 pieces, 3 minifigs
3682 Fire Station 149 pieces, 3 minifigs
3719 Bus Stop With Maximilian Mouse (Bus Stop) 5 pieces, 1 minifig
3797 Fire Chief Barty Bulldog 8 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
3622 Rowboat With Lionel Lion and Hannah Hippopotamus (Rowboat) 12 pieces, 2 minifigs
3623 Beauty Salon 24 pieces, 2 minifigs
3646 Catherine Cat in Her Kitchen (Walrus & Cat in the Kitchen) 53 pieces, 2 minifigs
3680 Caravan and Rowboat (Camping in New Caravan) 27 pieces, 3 minifigs
3683 Amusement Park 93 pieces, 4 minifigs
3721 Clive Crocodile on His Skateboard (Crocodile on Skateboard) 10 pieces, 1 minifig
3798 Hannah Hippopotamus on a Picnic (Hippo Goes Picnicing) 24 pieces, 1 minifig
Name Includes
3647 Lionel Lion's Classroom 42 pieces, 3 minifigs
3663 Max Mouse's Merry-Go-Round (Merry-Go-Round) 23 pieces, 2 minifigs
3676 Cathy Cat's Fun Park 43 pieces, 4 minifigs


Instructions for sets contained text stories with illustrations. This was the first time Lego used inspirational material.[3] There were also printed story books based on Lego Fabuland theme. These include Edward's Skyscraper, The Missing Fireworks, Catherine Cat's Birthday, Billy Bear's Holiday, Ricky at the Restaurant, Charlie Cat's Flying Circus, Lionel Lion's New Car, Morty's New Job, Henry's Night Out, The Flower Song, Edward's Butterfly, The Birthday Present, The Burblies, The Troll in the Mountain, The Fabuland Rainbow (released with a poster and a vinyl record), Max & Edward All At Sea, Adventure in the Dark, The Red Ball, The Whirlwind, The Snowstorm, The Secret Trip, Edward Elephant, Bonnie Bunny, Lionel Lion, Boris Bulldog, Marjorie Mouse, Mortimer Mouse, Doctor Dog, Freddy Fox, Gertrude Goat, Catherine Cat, Doctor Lucy Lamb, Barty Bulldog, Henry Horse, Paul Parrot, Billy Bear, Hannah Hippopotamus. Additionally seven books were released, based on Fabuland TV series "Edward and Friends". The comic strip "Fabuland, the Country of Fantasies" was included in the Italian magazine Più e il suo Gioco.[5]

Other products

For the Fabuland theme Lego introduced such licensed products as key chains, table decorations, pens, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, memory games (in association with Ravensburger), parachute toys, children cutlery sets (in association with BSF), bed cover sheets, children's clothing.[3] Fabuland characters were attached to Nestlé's Orzoro jars.[6][7] In 1979 in Germany Phonogram Inc. released on vinyl record radioplay "Stories from Fabuland" written by Sebastian Beck and directed by Michael Weckler.


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