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Legoland Japan Resort
LEGOLAND JAPAN Entrance, Kinjofuto Minato Ward Nagoya 2022.jpg
LocationMinato-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Coordinates35°03′02″N 136°50′36″E / 35.05056°N 136.84333°E / 35.05056; 136.84333Coordinates: 35°03′02″N 136°50′36″E / 35.05056°N 136.84333°E / 35.05056; 136.84333
OpenedApril 1, 2017; 5 years ago (2017-04-01)
OwnerMerlin Entertainments
ThemeLego toys and childhood amusement
Operating seasonYear-round
Area23 acres (93,000 m2)
TotalOver 40
WebsiteOfficial website

Legoland Japan Resort (Japanese: レゴランド・ジャパン, Hepburn: Regorando Japan) is a theme park in Nagoya, Japan. It opened on April 1, 2017.[1] It is the first Legoland theme park in Japan; the second in Asia, after Legoland Malaysia Resort; and the eighth worldwide.[2] The park was projected to attract over two million visitors annually.[3]


On June 30, 2014, Merlin Entertainments announced plans to open a LEGOLAND Resort in Nagoya.[4] Construction officially began on April 15, 2015.[5]

With a budget of $250 million USD, construction was implemented by Art and Project, TAA Group, and Tejix.

The park is located in Nagoya's Minato Ward, has over 40 attractions on the nine-hectare site, (22.24 acres), and uses approximately 17 million bricks. The attraction “Imagination Celebration” was completed on March 12, 2017. Cityscapes of places like Tokyo and Nagoya were created with LEGO plastic bricks in the theme park on March 17, 2017.[6]

On March 27, 2017, a commemorative Lego-themed train began running on the Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit Aonami Line to celebrate the park's opening.[7]

The commuter train, named LEGOLAND Train, began daily service on the Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit's Aonami Line, traveling from central Nagoya to the new theme park. LEGOLAND Japan's Divisional Director Torben Jensen commented on the newly developed LEGOLAND Train. “Today, I am extremely honored to be able to introduce the LEGOLAND Train, the only one of its kind in the world in Nagoya, after plans for it were put into motion nearly three years ago,” said Jenson. He also credited the city of Nagoya and the Aonami transit line for their support.[8]

LEGOLAND Japan is the eighth Lego park location in seven countries across the world. The theme park has seven areas to explore and over 40 attractions and shows.[6]

The Central Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation announced that it approved buses of three companies to serve the park. The outdoor LEGO-themed park was shown to the media before its April 1, 2017 opening.[9] The theme park offered an annual passport, and if purchased before April 2017, an early preview day would be included.[10]

Merlin Entertainments announced plans to build a LEGOLAND Hotel and a Sea Life aquarium next to the park in 2018 to help transform the area into a resort, which was expected to cost 10 billion yen.[11]

On December 1, 2017, LEGOLAND Hotel began accepting reservations for its April 2018 grand opening.[12] The Sea Life Aquarium's grand opening was set for April 15, 2018 [13] and LEGOLAND Japan Hotel opened on April 28, 2018.[14]

On February 28, 2020, the park was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The park reopened on March 23, 2020, with short business hours, staff wearing masks, and temperature checks.[15][16] The LEGOLAND Japan theme park initially was planned to reopen on March 16, 2020, but reopened Monday, March 23, 2020, out of caution due to the outbreak. However, not all services were available. LEGO Ninjago Live, the Observation Tower, Submarine Adventure, The Coral Reef buffer, and Knight's Table restaurant were not in operation. Merlin's Sea Life aquarium in Nagoya was also scheduled to reopen Monday, March 23, 2020. A statement released on behalf of LEGOLAND Japan regarding the implementation of safety measures to combat the pandemic stated: "To prevent the spread of infection and the safety and health of our guests and staff, we will strengthen measures against COVID-19 in accordance with the guidelines from administrative authorities and medical experts, but we will continue to ask each and every guest to cooperate so that children and their families can spend their time safely in the resort."[17]

Park locations

Themed areas within LEGOLAND Japan Resort[18]

LEGOLAND is located away from the mainland with three different ways to access the park: by bus, by train, and by automobile. The park provides guest transportation to those who are needing wheelchairs and offers stroller rentals. On arrival at the park, there is a waiting area for entry. Entering LEGOLAND Japan, visitors are welcomed with large art works and sculptures of LEGO creatures and life-size animals. Observation Tower is located at the center of the entrance, allowing visitors to oversee the park. Walking by LEGOLAND's iconic sign, there are colorful buildings scattered around the resort, including restaurants and shops.

Themed areas of discovery within the resort include:


This building is designed to offer several activities, workshops, and programs. The area includes robotic workshops where children of all ages can learn to program and build their own robots. Within Bricktopia, there is Build and Test and the LEGO Creative Workshop. LEGO NINJAGO Live offers guests a state-of-the-art 4D interactive experience. Other interactive Bricktopia attractions include DUPLO Play, DUPLO Express, Imagination Celebration, and Observation Tower. The Chicken Diner offers chicken meals and sandwiches and PINO Cart offers Pino ice cream in a LEGO souvenir box.


At the center of the park, Miniland features many popular tourist attractions in Japan built from LEGO bricks, including locations from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya. Over 10,496,352 LEGO bricks were used to recreate the coast-to-coast locations.[19]

City/Region Added Closed Image Description
Tokyo Tokyo 2017
Legoland Japan Shinkansen - flicker 33123079500 4e58844f74 o.jpg
Featuring models of Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya Crossing, Sensō-ji, and the Shinkansen.
Flag of Sapporo, Hokkaido.svg
2017 Featuring models of Sapporo TV Tower and Sapporo Snow Festival.
Flag of Nagoya, Aichi.svg
Nagoya Castle - flickr 33510625205 66389e3264 o.jpg
Featuring models of Nagoya Castle and Nagoya Dome.
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto 2017
Welcome to LEGOLAND - flickr 33394516022 24c7254f36 o.jpg
Featuring models of Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, Byōdō-in, and Gion.
Hyōgo Prefecture Hyōgo Prefecture 2017 Featuring models of Osaka (Tsutenkaku Tower, Dōtonbori), Kobe (Kobe Port Tower), and Himeji (Himeji Castle).
Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture 2017 Featuring a model of Miyajima, Hiroshima.


The Adventure area includes interactive games and maze-like areas for children's play. It is located on the east side of the park, where underwater attractions and adventures are located. Rides such as Submarine Adventure, S.Q.U.I.D. Surfer, Cargo Ace, and Beetle Bounce are found here. A restaurant, the Coral Reef Pizza and Pasta Buffet is in this area, as are the Artifact Shop, The Sub Shop, and Oasis Snacks.


LEGO City is on the park's north side, with fun activities for the children and family to do together, like the Junior Driving School where children learn to drive an electric car and receive a driver's license at the end of the ride. Coast Guard HQ allows the driver to take the wheel in a gentle and relaxing boat ride. Besides showing children how to drive, the Rescue Academy offers a fun experience where teamwork is needed to put out fires. The resort also has a LEGO Cinema where everyone is welcome to watch LEGO movies. LEGO City has various places to visit such as the Studio Store, Heartlake Shop, and City Shop, each shop with a different theme. There are also three places to buy snacks or lunch, Pit Stop Juice ‘n’ Drive, Brick House Burgers, and Marina Snack Shack.

Knight's Kingdom

The Knight's Kingdom is found on the park's northwest side and creates the feeling of traveling back in time. The medieval land includes attractions like the roller coasters The Dragon and Dragon's Apprentice, which accommodate younger children. There are also fun activities to do such as Merlin's Flying Machines, Merlin's Challenge, and Kingdom Games. Shops include King's Market as well as the Knight's Table Restaurant.

Pirates Shores

Pirate Shores is the land of the Pirates surrounded by water. Fun activities include Splash Bottle, Castaway Camp, Archors Away!, and Blue Coat Games. The Lost Booty Trading Post is a gift shop offering souvenirs, and Walk the Plank Snacks offers a place to refuel.


The Factory is located on the park's west south side. The LEGO Factory Tour is located in the heart of the resort's Factory area. The LEGO story displayed on the walls shares its history with park visitors as they walk through the factory corridors. On display is machinery that creates the various LEGO pieces seen throughout the park. At the tour's end, visitors each receive a new LEGO piece from the production line as a souvenir. All photos taken in the park can be picked up at The Photo Shop, which offers an original photo album with a LEGOLAND album limited edition. The Corner Shop provides stroller and wheelchair rental services and sells sundries and other useful goods. Souvenirs purchased in the park can be left here to be picked up upon leaving the park. Other shops in the area include The Big shop, Ice factory, and Factory Sandwich Company.

Rides and attractions

The theme park includes several rides as well as a miniature town that includes landmarks such as Tokyo Station, Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and Nagoya Castle.[20] The park is divided into seven zones: Factory, Bricktopia, Pirate Shores, Knight's Kingdom, Adventure, LEGO City, and Miniland.[21] Most rides were imported, installed and modified to meet Japanese regulations by Sansei Technologies, Inc. Since the opening of the LEGOLAND Japan resort in 2017, there have been new rides and attractions opening up over the years. These attractions include LEGO Ninjago World, LEGOLAND Hotel, and Sea Life Aquarium.

Roller coasters

Coaster Opened Area Description
Flying Ninjago 2019[22] LEGO NINJAGO World The ride is on the back of a dragon, and park guests have the option to rotate 360 degrees in the air. The ride reaches heights of up to 22 meters and speeds up to 50 kilometers an hour.

Height Restrictions: Must be 125 cm. Weight Restrictions: 120 kg. maximum[23]

The Dragon 2017 Knight's Kingdom This ride travels around the king's castle, with animated lego figures and a dragon along the way.

Height Restrictions: 105–195 cm.

Weight Restrictions: 130 kg. max[23]

Dragon's Apprentice 2017 Knight's Kingdom Similar to the dragon, but built for younger riders.

Height Restrictions: 90 cm.[23]

Amusement rides

Ride Opened Area Description
Lloyd's Spinjitzu


2019[24] LEGO NINJAGO World When pressing a button, the containers spin 360 degrees. Guests also may ride without spinning if they choose.

Height Restrictions: Must be 105 cm.. If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.

Age Restrictions: Must be four years or older[23]

Kai's Sky Masters 2019 LEGO NINJAGO World Each car seats four people. Shoot at the targets on the other vehicles to gain points.

Height Restrictions: 90 cm. If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Coast Guard HQ 2017 LEGO City Up to three people can fit in each plastic electric-powered boat. Drivers must steer around obstacles as they move forward.

Height Restrictions: If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Splash Battle 2017 Pirate Shores This ride has eight pirate ships in the water, each ship seating eight people. Riders must avoid getting hit with water cannons from the shore and from the other ships in the water.

Height Restrictions: If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Anchors Away! 2017 Pirate Shores This ride takes place on a pirate ship that rotates back and forth. As it rotates, it moves up and down on a U-shaped track.

Height Restrictions: 90 cm. If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Merlin's Flying Machines 2017 Knight's Kingdom Riders use pedals to send themselves far into the air as the car goes around the carousel.

Height Restrictions: 90 cm. If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Merlin's Challenge 2017 Knight's Kingdom Merry-go-round type of ride in a wooden train.

Height Restrictions: 105 cm.[23]

Lost Kingdom Adventure 2017 Adventure An Egyptian-themed ride through with a point system based on the number of targets shot with laser guns.[23]
Observation Tower 2017 Bricktopia A 60-meter tower that offers guests a 360-degree view of the entire park.

Height Restrictions: If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Other attractions

Attraction Opened Area Description
Cole's Rock Climbing


2019 LEGO NINJAGO World Meant for younger children, a small-scale rock climbing wall.[23]
Jay's Lightning Drill 2019 LEGO NINJAGO World To win, guests must tap each button on the wall as they light up within 30 seconds.[23]
Ninja Games 2019 LEGO NINJAGO World Carnival style game. Throw toy ninja stars into target frames in order to win prizes like stuffed animals.[23]
Palace Cinema 2017 LEGO City Large Indoor Movie Theater that plays 4D Lego movies throughout the day. 4D features include rain and wind.[23]
Rescue Academy 2017 LEGO City Riders use water guns on their fire engines to put out a “fire” faster than the competition.

Height Restrictions: 90 cm. If under 130 cm., must be accompanied by an adult.[23]

Driving School 2017 LEGO City Riders get their own electric car and ride around the circuit. Once done, each guest receives their own LEGOLAND driver's license.

Age Restriction: 6 to 13.[23]

Miniland 2017 Miniland This attraction features parts of 10 different cities in Japan all built out of lego pieces. Over 10 million bricks were used to create this walkthrough experience.[23]
Kingdom Games 2017 Knight's Kingdom Carnival style games with prizes on the line.[23]
Submarine 2017 Adventure An underwater attraction where guests can see fish and other sea creatures up close. Lego models are also hiding underwater.[23]
Build and Test (1F) 2017 Bricktopia Guests are able to create different lego contraptions and race each other.[23]
Lego Creative Workshop 2017 Bricktopia Multiple workshops for different age groups, including simple machines and more advanced robots.[23]
Robotic Play Centre (2F) 2017 Bricktopia Guests are able to build their own Lego Mindstorm Robot during the workshop.[23]
Lego Factory Tour 2017 Factory A walkthrough of a factory that makes real lego bricks. Guests are given a history lesson about the founding of the company and are shown how the blocks are made. A fresh piece of Lego straight from the production line is given to each guest at the end of the tour.[23]

Sea Life Nagoya

Sea Life Nagoya
SEA LIFE Nagoya.jpg
Entrance of Sea Life Nagoya
Date openedApril 2018
Major exhibits"Ryugu-castle (Under Water tunnel)"
"Stingray Bay" etc.
OwnerSea Life Centres
ManagementLEGOLAND Japan Resort

Sea Life Nagoya (ja: シーライフ名古屋, Si Laifu Nagoya) is a Public aquarium located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the LEGOLAND Japan Hotel.[25] It opened on April 15, 2018. The hall is divided into 11 sections, including an exhibition with the theme of the Kiso River and a "Ryugu Castle" zone with the theme of the fairy tale Urashima Taro. Also, since it is a part of LEGOLAND Japan Resort, there is an exhibition related to Lego blocks and seafood.[26] Admission is set separately from LEGOLAND Japan. Sea Life Nagoya is the second Sea Life in Legoland, which opened after Sea Life Aquarium in LEGOLAND California. The emphasis is on experiencing, including backyard tours where you can actually interact with animals.[25]




The park is close to Kinjō-futō Station on the Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit Aonami Line.


LEGOLAND Japan Resort offers 12 stores, located in different areas of the park. Although these stores have different themes, guests are able to pick any type of Lego they want.

Store Opened Description
Minifigure Market April 2017 The store is located near the Bricktopia.[28] The store involves mini legos, lego keychains, and lego pushies. They also let their guests build their own mini-figure lego.[29]
Pick a Brick April 2017 Pick a Brick is located in Bricktopia.[28] The store brings different types of color bricks and they allow guests to build lego buildings.[30]
Studio store April 2017 The store is located in Lego City.[28] The store offers Lego movies for purchase.[31]
Heartlake Shop April 2017 Heartlake shop is located in Lego City.[28] The Heartlake Shop is based on the Lego girl series, which is about the four girl characters.[32]
City Shop April 2017 The store is located in the City Lego and near the Driving School ride.[28] The store is part of the Driving school where guests may create or buy lego cars.[33]
The Corner Shop April 2017 The Corner Shop is near the Welcome to the Factory.[28] The store offers guests support equipment such as wheelchairs or strollers for use in the park.[34]
Lost Booty Trading Post April 2017 The store is located in the Pirate Shores.[28] Guests will find pirate legos or pirate souvenirs they can buy.[35]
Artefact Shop April 2017 Located in the Adventure.[28] The store's theme is based on ancient heritage and inside is a camel build of Lego. Guests may buy adventure Lego and Lego backpacks.[36]
The Sub Shop April 2017 In the Adventure, they also have another store, The Sub Shop.[28] This shop is connected to the Submarine Adventure ride and offers pictures of guests on the ride.[37]
King's Market April 2017 The King's Market is located in Knight's Kingdom and is connected to the Knight's Castle Restaurant. The store theme is based on the castle where the guests may buy Lego castles and dragons.[38]
The Photoshop April 2017 Located at the resort's main entrance.[28] The shop offers pictures of the seven locations. Guests may select their pictures before leaving the resort.[39]
The Big Shop April 2017 The Big Shop is near the entrance.[28] The store offers different varieties of Legos from the 12 stores. Guests may buy any type of Lego they want if they were unable to buy it in one of the 12 stores.[40]


The resort offers six restaurants, with most restaurants based on the area's theme. The family restaurants also offer entertaining activities for meal guests, providing families with feelings of welcome and the resort's luxury.

Date Restaurant Description
April 2017 Brick House Burgers Located in Lego City, this restaurant offers hamburgers.[41] The meat is guaranteed to be cooked fresh and of the best quality.[42]
April 2017 Factory Sandwich Company This restaurant is located in the Welcome to Factory area. The restaurant is on the second floor of the Corner Shop. The Factory Sandwich Company offers different types of handmade sandwiches and cool and hot drinks.
April 2017 Chicken Diner Chicken Diner is in the Bricktopia area.[43] The restaurant offers chicken sandwiches and other chicken meals. Inside Chicken Diner are Lego models to entertain guests.
April 2017 Coral Reef Pizza and Pasta Buffet The Buffet restaurant is located in Adventure.[44] They are known as a famous buffet that serves seasonal pasta and pizzas.[42]
April 2017 Knight's Table Restaurant Located in the Knight's Kingdom area.[45] The restaurant is the largest of LEGOLAND Japan Resort's six restaurants.[42] Their theme is based on castles and fantasy, with food that matches.
April 2017 Oasis Snacks This small restaurant is located in the Adventure area.[46] It is popular based on its snacks and offers two types of fries, as well as churros and fresh cheeses.[42]

Creative Workshop

The resort has a Creative Workshop that offers types of workshops such as Daruma doll crafting, Tensegrity, and Caterpillar.[47] The workshops are open for all ages except for Tensegrity. Each workshop has a designated difficulty level.

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