Lego Club Magazine
FrequencyEvery other month
Founded1987; 37 years ago (1987) (as Brick Kicks)
Final issueJanuary/February 2017 (2017-02) (merged into Lego Life)
CompanyLego Group
WebsiteOfficial website

Lego Club Magazine (formerly known as Brick Kicks in the US and Bricks 'n' Pieces in the UK then Lego MANIA Magazine and simply Lego Magazine until 2008) was the official magazine for Lego, or, more specifically, the Lego Club. It features many things such as LEGO products, special offers, comics, games, contests, modeling tips, and more. In 2017, LEGO Club Magazine ended with a final issue for January/February and was eventually rebranded as LEGO Life Magazine. There are various types of Lego Magazines, such as:

List of magazines (Winter 1987 – present)

Brick Kicks issues

(Winter 1987 – Fall 1994)

Released: Featured: Comic:
Winter 1987
Summer 1987
Winter 1988
Spring 1989
Fall 1989
Winter 1989
Spring 1990
Summer 1990
Fall 1990 Lego Factory
Winter 1990
Spring 1991
Summer 1991 Lego Cars of the Future
Fall 1991
Winter 1991 Mount Rushmore
Spring 1992 Lego Pirates
Summer 1992 Ancient Egypt
Fall 1992
Winter 1992 Lego Imagination Center
Spring 1993 Building Contest
Summer 1993 Robots/Future
Fall 1993 Lego Castle
Winter 1993
Spring 1994 Dinosaurs
Summer 1994 Inventions
Fall 1994 Lego Space

Lego Mania Magazine issues

(Winter 1994-March/April 2002)

Released: Featured: Comic:
Winter 1994 Lego Pirates Lego Pirates and the Islanders' Treasure
Mar/April 1995 Lego Town
May/June 1995 Lego themes
July/Aug 1995 Lego Castle
Sep/Oct 1995 Lego Pirates
Nov/Dec 1995 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 1996 Lego Space
Mar/Apr 1996 Lego Pirates
May/June 1996 Lego Town
July/Aug 1996 Lego Time Cruisers
Sep/Oct 1996 Lego Wild West
Nov/Dec 1996 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 1997 Lego Castle
Mar/Apr 1997 Lego Space
May/June 1997 Lego Divers Lego Divers
July/Aug 1997 Lego Aquazone Aquaraiders
Sep/Oct 1997 Lego Space UFO
Nov/Dec 1997 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 1998 Lego Adventurers Egypt
Mar/Apr 1998 Lego Aquazone Hydronauts/Stingrays
May/June 1998 Lego Town
July/Aug 1998 Lego Castle
Sep/Oct 1998 Lego Space Insectoids
Nov/Dec 1998 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 1999 Lego Adventurers Amazon
Mar/Apr 1999 Lego Star Wars Classic
May/June 1999 Lego Star Wars Episode I
July/Aug 1999 Lego Space
Sep/Oct 1999 Lego Rock Raiders
Nov/Dec 1999 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 2000 Lego Town
Mar/Apr 2000 Lego Star Wars
May/June 2000 Lego Knights Kingdom
July/Aug 2000 Lego Soccer
Sep/Oct 2000 Lego Adventurers
Nov/Dec 2000 Lego Studios
Jan/Feb 2001 Lego Space
Mar/Apr 2001 Lego Alpha Team Lego Alpha Team
May/June 2001 Lego Dinosaurs
July/Aug 2001 Lego Jack Stone
Sep/Oct 2001 Lego Harry Potter
Nov/Dec 2001 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 2002 Lego Alpha Team
Mar/Apr 2002 Lego Soccer Note: This was the last issue the Great Redini appeared in.

Lego Magazine issues

(May-June 2002 - March-April 2008)

Released: Featured: Comic:
May/June 2002 Lego Star Wars
July 2002 Lego Galidor
July/Aug 2002 Island Xtreme Stunts
Sep/Oct 2002 Lego Harry Potter
Nov/Dec 2002 Lego themes
Jan/Feb 2003 Lego Sports
Mar/Apr 2003 Lego Adventurers
May/June 2003 Lego Make and Create
July/August 2003 Lego Make and Create
Sep/Oct 2003 Bionicle
Nov/Dec 2003 Lego Sports
January 2004 Lego Star Wars
February 2004 Bionicle
March/April 2004 Bionicle
May/June 2004 Lego Harry Potter
July/Aug 2004 Lego Knights Kingdom
Sep/Oct 2004 Lego Alpha Team
Nov/Dec 2004 Lego Make and Create
Jan/Feb 2005 Bionicle
Mar/Apr 2005 Lego Racers
May/June 2005 Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars
July/Aug 2005 Lego Knight Kingdom
Sep/Oct 2005 Bionicle
Nov/Dec 2005 Dino Attack Lego themes on Christmas
Jan/Feb 2006 Lego Exo-Force
Mar/Apr 2006 Lego Racers
May/June 2006 Lego Batman Lego Batman
July/Aug 2006 Bionicle
Sep/Oct 2006 Lego Star Wars
Nov/Dec 2006 Lego Exo-Force
Jan/Feb 2007 Lego Aqua Raiders Lego Aqua Raiders
Mar/Apr 2007 Bionicle
May/June 2007 Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars
July/Aug 2007 Lego Mars Mission
Sep/Oct 2007 Lego Castle
Nov/Dec 2007 Lego Exo-Force Mars Mission, Lego SpongeBob SquarePants
Jan/Feb 2008 Bionicle Lego Exo-Force, Lego Indiana Jones (In Brickmaster)
Mar/Apr 2008 Lego Racers Star Wars

Lego Club Magazine issues

(May/June 2008 - January 2017)

Released: Featured: Comic: Building Instructions:
May/June 2008 Lego Indiana Jones Lego Speed Racer, Lego Indiana Jones None
July/August 2008 Lego Agents Lego Batman, Lego City Lego Batman (Redbird VTOL Aero-Car)
September/October 2008 Lego Star Wars (Clone Wars) Lego Mars Mission, Lego Racers, Lego Batman (In Brickmaster) Lego Star Wars (T-22 Armored Airspeeder), Lego Creator (Turbo Cycle) (In Brickmaster)
November/December 2008 Bionicle, Lego Agents, Lego Castle, Lego Mars Mission, Lego City Coast Guard Bionicle, and Lego Indiana Jones None
January/February 2009 Bionicle, Lego Star Wars, Lego Pirates Bionicle, Lego Star Wars, Power Miners None
March/April 2009 Power Miners, Pirates, Lego City, Lego Star Wars Bionicle, Lego Star Wars, Power Miners Lego Indiana Jones (Crystal Cannon Truck) Bionicle (Sand Stalker) (In Brickmaster)
May/June 2009 Pirates
September/October 2009 Bionicle, Lego City, Lego Star Wars Pirates, Lego Star Wars None (Includes Road Rescue game in place of instructions)
January/February 2010(3-D) Lego Atlantis, Lego Star Wars, Power Miners, Lego City, Lego Universe Lego Atlantis, Lego Star Wars None
March/April 2010 Lego Prince of Persia, Lego Ben 10, Lego Star Wars, Bionicle, Lego Atlantis, Lego Space Police, Lego Technic, Lego Rock Band, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Universe Bionicle, Lego Star Wars None
September/October 2010 Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars, Lego Universe, Lego Atlantis, Lego Space Police, Hero Factory Hero Factory, Lego Star Wars, Lego Space Police None
November/December 2010 Lego City, Lego Pharaoh's Quest, Lego Star Wars, Lego World Racers, Lego Castle, Lego Atlantis Lego Star Wars None
March/April 2011 Lego City, Hero Factory, Lego Pharaoh's Quest Hero Factory, Lego Star Wars, Lego City None
July/August 2011 Lego Alien Conquest, Bionicle, Lego Cars, Lego Spongebob, Lego Master Builder Academy, Lego Kingdoms, Lego Harry Potter Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego Star Wars, Lego Ninjago, Lego Heroica None
September/October 2013 Lego Legends of Chima Lego Superman, Lego Star Wars, Lego Spiderman, Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles None


The July/August 2011 edition of the Lego Club Magazine included a DVD containing promotional material for several LEGO properties and animated music videos. Multiple segments on the DVD featured Lego Club Characters.

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