Films, fictional and non-fictional, which focus on anarchism, anarchist movements, and/or anarchist characters as a theme, include:

Films with actors and fictional films

Year Title Director Genre Themes
1912 Bandits en automobile Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset Thriller Bonnot Gang, Illegalism
1913 Germinal Albert Capellani Drama Strike action
1914 La Commune Armand Guerra Drama Paris Commune
1914 Martin Eden Hobart Bosworth Drama Individualism
1915 Gus and the Anarchists John A. Murphy Comedy
1917 In Again, Out Again John Emerson Comedy Anarcho-pacifism
1919 The New Moon Chester Withey Adventure Drama Russian Revolution
1921 The Earth André Antoine Drama Property
1922 Cops Edward F. Cline and Buster Keaton Comedy Anti-police sentiment
1922 The Strangers' Banquet Marshall Neilan Drama Anarcho-syndicalism, Strike action
1923 Legally Dead William Parke Drama Prison, Capital punishment
1929 The New Babylon Grigori Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg Historical drama Paris Commune
1930 All Quiet on the Western Front Lewis Milestone War Epic Anti-war, PTSD, World War I
1930 L'Age d'Or Luis Buñuel Surrealism Modernity, Bourgeois Mores, Catholic Value system
1931 The Front Page Lewis Milestone Comedy Capital Punishment, Yellow Journalism
1932 ¡Que viva Mexico! Sergei Eisenstein Historical History of Mexico (Mexican Revolution)
1933 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Lewis Milestone Musical Hobo lifestyle
1933 Prisoner 13 Fernando de Fuentes War Drama Mexican Revolution
1933 Godfather Mendoza Fernando de Fuentes War Drama Mexican Revolution, Zapatistas
1933 Zero for Conduct Jean Vigo Comedy drama Anarchism and education
1934 L'Atalante Jean Vigo Romantic Comedy drama Marriage, Jealousy
1935 A Night at the Opera Sam Wood Comedy High society
1935 Toni Jean Renoir Drama Migrant workers
1936 The Crime of Monsieur Lange Jean Renoir Satirical Crime drama Cooperative
1936 Sabotage Alfred Hitchcock Thriller Sabotage, Propaganda of the deed, Espionage
1936 Let's Go with Pancho Villa Fernando de Fuentes War Drama Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa
1937 Aurora de esperanza Antonio Sau Drama Spanish Revolution of 1936
1937 Barrios bajos Pedro Puche Drama Prostitution, Second Spanish Republic
1938 Nuestro culpable Fernando Mignoni Comedy Expropriation
1938 No quiero! No quiero! Francisco Elías Riquelme Comedy
1938 Port of Shadows Marcel Carné Film noir Desertion
1938 You Can't Take It with You Frank Capra Romantic comedy Class divide
1940 His Girl Friday Howard Hawks Romantic comedy Feminism, Gender, Love
1940 The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin Political satire Antisemitism, Fascism
1941 Love on the Dole John Baxter Drama Great Depression, Unemployment benefits
1941 "Pimpernel" Smith Leslie Howard Thriller Anti-Nazism, World War II
1945 Espoir: Sierra de Teruel André Malraux and Boris Peskine War Spanish Civil War (Battle of Teruel)
1948 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre John Huston Western Adventure
1951 Venom and Eternity Isidore Isou Experimental drama Lettrism
1952 The Fighter Herbert Kline Film noir Mexican Revolution
1952 Viva Zapata! Elia Kazan Historical drama Emiliano Zapata, Mexican Revolution
1953 Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot Jacques Tati Comedy
1954 Animal Farm John Halas & Joy Batchelor Drama Anti-Stalinism, Russian Revolution
1954 Salt of the Earth Herbert Biberman Drama Feminism, Strike action, Syndicalism
1955 Rififi Jules Dassin Film noir Illegalism
1959 The Great War Mario Monicelli Comedy drama War film Italian front (World War I)
1959 The Death Ship Georg Tressler Adventure drama Anti-nationalism, Bureaucracy
1960 Macario Roberto Gavaldón Fantasy drama Day of the Dead, Colonial Mexico
1960 The Siege of Sidney Street Robert S. Baker & Monty Berman Historical drama Tottenham Outrage (Siege of Sidney Street)
1961 Rosa Blanca Roberto Gavaldón Thriller Petroleum politics, Political corruption
1962 A Girl... and a Million Luciano Salce Comedy drama Italian economic miracle, Anti-work
1962 Lonely Are the Brave David Miller Contemporary Western Illegal Immigration, Jailbreak
1962 Warriors Five Leopoldo Savona War Italian resistance movement
1963 Germinal Yves Allégret Drama Strike action
1963 The Organizer Mario Monicelli Drama Industrial unionism
1964 Behold a Pale Horse Fred Zinnemann War Spanish Civil War, Spanish Maquis
1964 Diary of a Chambermaid Luis Buñuel Drama Bourgeoisie, Nationalism
1964 La vita agra Carlo Lizzani Comedy Italian economic miracle, Strike action
1965 Lady L Peter Ustinov Comedy Love
1966 Here Is Your Life Jan Troell Coming-of-age Drama Revolutionary Socialism, World War I
1967 Entranced Earth Glauber Rocha Drama Anti-electoralism, Political corruption
1967 The Elusive Avengers Edmond Keosayan Adventure Russian Civil War, Ukrainian War of Independence
1967 The Wall Serge Roullet Drama Capital punishment, Existentialist anarchism, Spanish Civil War, "The Wall"
1967 Week-end Jean-Luc Godard Black comedy Bourgeoisie, Nihilism
1968 The Bofors Gun Jack Gold Drama Allied-occupied Germany
1968 if.... Lindsay Anderson Drama Insurrectionary anarchism, Anti-establishment
1968 Head Bob Rafelson Satirical Musical Adventure film Freedom of Expression
1968 La Bande à Bonnot Philippe Fourastié Crime drama Illegalism, Bonnot Gang
1969 Eros Plus Massacre Yoshishige Yoshida Biography Anarchism, Free love, Ōsugi Sakae
1969 Gaily, Gaily Norman Jewison Comedy Political corruption
1969 Sirokkó Miklós Jancsó Drama film Assassination of Alexander I of Yugoslavia, Propaganda of the deed
1969 The Secret of Santa Vittoria Stanley Kramer War Dramedy Anti-fascism
1969 The Milky Way Luis Buñuel Surrealist Comedy drama Heresy
1970 Charles, Dead or Alive Alain Tanner Drama Protests of 1968
1970 Emiliano Zapata Felipe Cazals Historical drama Emiliano Zapata, Mexican Revolution
1970 Malatesta Peter Lilienthal Biographical drama Errico Malatesta
1970 Metello Mauro Bolognini Drama Class struggle
1970 The Molly Maguires Martin Ritt Historical drama Molly Maguires, Pinkertons, Strike action, Social justice
1970 Wind from the East Dziga Vertov Group Drama Class struggle
1971 A Fistful of Dynamite Sergio Leone Epic Western Mexican Revolution
1971 Joe Hill Bo Widerberg Biopic Joe Hill, Industrial Workers of the World
1971 W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism Dušan Makavejev Fantasy Comedy Communism, Sexuality, Wilhelm Reich
1971 Sacco & Vanzetti Giuliano Montaldo Docudrama Sacco and Vanzetti
1972 Lenin, You Rascal, You Kirsten Stenbæk Musical comedy Vladimir Lenin, Ten Days That Shook the World
1972 Pink Flamingos John Waters Exploitation comedy Sexual revolution
1972 St. Michael Had a Rooster Paolo and Vittorio Taviani Drama Anarchism and Marxism
1972 Tout Va Bien Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin Political drama Class struggle, May 68
1973 Can Dialectics Break Bricks? René Viénet Comedy Situationism, Dialectics
1973 El principio Gonzalo Martínez Ortega Historical drama Mexican Revolution
1973 The Iceman Cometh John Frankenheimer Drama Anarcho-syndicalism, Existentialism
1973 Love and Anarchy Lina Wertmüller Romantic drama Anarchism, Anti-fascism, Relationship anarchy
1973 O Lucky Man! Lindsay Anderson Fantasy Comedy drama Capitalism
1973 The Year 01 Jacques Doillon, Alain Resnais, Jean Rouch Comedy Anarcho-syndicalism, Labor strike, Social ecology
1974 Allonsanfàn Paolo and Vittorio Taviani Drama Comradeship
1974 Between Wars Michael Thornhill War drama Anti-fascism, Psychiatry
1974 The Front Page Billy Wilder Black comedy Capital Punishment, Yellow journalism
1974 La prima Angélica Carlos Saura Drama Anti-fascism, Spanish Civil War
1974 Nada Claude Chabrol Social thriller Propaganda of the deed
1974 The Phantom of Liberty Luis Buñuel Surrealist comedy Mores
1974 Quebracho Ricardo Wullicher Drama Anarcho-syndicalism
1974 Rebellion in Patagonia Héctor Olivera Period drama Anarcho-syndicalism, Patagonia Rebelde
1974 We All Loved Each Other So Much Ettore Scola Comedy drama Italian resistance movement
1975 Libera, My Love Mauro Bolognini Drama Anarchism in Italy, Italian resistance movement
1975 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones Comedy Anarcho-syndicalism, King Arthur, Monarchy
1975 Mother Küsters' Trip to Heaven Rainer Werner Fassbinder Drama Anarchism and Marxism, Weimar Republic
1975 The Travelling Players Theodoros Angelopoulos Historical drama History of Greece (Greek Civil War, Greek Resistance)
1975 Winstanley Kevin Brownlow Period drama Diggers, English Revolution, Gerrard Winstanley, Ranters
1976 Letters from Marusia Miguel Littín Historical drama Marusia massacre, Strike action
1976 Long Vacations of 36 Jaime Camino Drama Bourgeoisie, Neutrality, Spanish Civil War
1976 Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 Alain Tanner Drama Protests of 1968, Intentional community, Trade unionism
1977 Spoiled Children Bertrand Tavernier Drama Tenants' union
1978 La Barricade du point du jour René Richon Historical drama Paris Commune
1978 Ora sí ¡tenemos que ganar! Raúl Kamffer Drama Magonism, Mexican Revolution
1978 A Man Called Autumn Flower Pedro Olea Drama Gender variance, Queer anarchism, Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera
1979 Heart of the Forest Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón Drama Spanish Maquis
1980 Alexander the Great Theodoros Angelopoulos Historical drama Anarcho-communism, Class conflict, Dilessi murders
1980 The Crime of Cuenca Pilar Miró Drama Crime of Cuenca, Miscarriage of justice
1980 Journeys from Berlin/1971 Yvonne Rainer Drama Anarcha-feminism, Psychoanalysis, Red Army Faction, Russian Revolution
1980 La verdad sobre el caso Savolta Antonio Drove Drama Anarcho-syndicalism, Pistolerismo
1980 The Mystery of Oberwald Michelangelo Antonioni Drama Propaganda of the deed, Class conflict
1981 Deprisa, Deprisa Carlos Saura Crime drama Juvenile delinquency
1981 Lenin in Paris Sergei Yutkevich Biopic Vladimir Lenin
1981 L'ombre rouge Jean-Louis Comolli Thriller Spanish Civil War
1981 Ragtime Miloš Forman Drama Racism
1981 Reds Warren Beatty Period drama Emma Goldman, John Reed, Russian Revolution
1982 Britannia Hospital Lindsay Anderson Black comedy National Health Service
1982 Une chambre en ville Jacques Demy Musical drama Strike action
1983 And the Ship Sails On Federico Fellini Historical drama High society, Refugees, World War I
1983 Born in Flames Lizzie Borden Science fiction Classism, Feminism, Heterosexism, Racism
1983 Sweet Bunch Nikos Nikolaidis Experimental Crime drama Anti-statism, Surveillance
1983 Vive la sociale! Gérard Mordillat Comedy Anarcho-communism
1984 Bicycles Are for the Summer Jaime Chávarri Drama Spanish Civil War
1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four Michael Radford Dystopian Sci-fi Anti-authoritarianism, Mass surveillance, Totalitarianism
1984 Suburbia Penelope Spheeris Drama/Thriller Punk subculture, Squatting
1985 Bairoletto, la aventura de un rebelde Atilio Polverini and Sebastián Larreta Historical drama Juan Bautista Bairoletto
1985 Die Küken kommen Eckhart Schmidt Comedy
1985 Mambru Went to War Fernando Fernán-Gómez Drama Death of Francisco Franco
1986 Shadows in Paradise Aki Kaurismäki Comedy drama Proletariat
1986 Year of Enlightment Fernando Trueba Coming-of-age Francoist Spain, Love
1987 Dedé Mamata Rodolfo Brandão Drama Military dictatorship in Brazil
1987 Matewan John Sayles Drama Battle of Matewan, Strike action
1988 Ariel Aki Kaurismäki Drama Proletariat
1988 They Live John Carpenter Sci-fi Action-thriller Commercialization, Subliminal messaging
1989 My 20th Century Ildikó Enyedi Comedy drama Anarcha-feminism
1990 ¡Ay Carmela! Carlos Saura Comedy drama Spanish Civil War
1990 The Match Factory Girl Aki Kaurismäki Comedy drama Proletariat
1990 Slacker Richard Linklater Comedy drama Social class, Unemployment
1991 Manuel, le fils emprunté François Labonté Refugees, Spanish Civil War
1991 Sandino Miguel Littín Biographical Augusto César Sandino, United States occupation of Nicaragua
1993 Germinal Claude Berri Epic Strike action
1993 The Strategy of the Snail Sergio Cabrera Comedy Right to housing, Squatting
1994 La Vie sexuelle des Belges 1950–1978 Jan Bucquoy Biographical Comedy Jan Bucquoy
1995 Land and Freedom Ken Loach War Barcelona May Days, POUM, Spanish Civil War
1995 Empoli 1921: film in rosso e in nero Ennio Marzocchini Drama Biennio Rosso, Anti-fascism
1995 Long Live the Hobos! Ana Poliak Biography Hobos, Immigration
1996 La Belle Verte Coline Serreau Sci-fi Comedy Utopia
1996 Libertarias Vicente Aranda War Anarcha-feminism, Mujeres Libres, Spanish Civil War
1997 The Son of Bakunin Gianfranco Cabiddu Drama Anarchism in Italy
1997 Men with Guns John Sayles Drama
1998 Le Poulpe Guillaume Nicloux Crime comedy Political corruption
1998 The Girl of Your Dreams Fernando Trueba Drama Anti-fascism, Spanish Civil War
1998 The Story of PuPu Kensaku Watanabe Comedy
1999 Butterfly's Tongue José Luis Cuerda Drama Education, Spanish Civil War
1999 Le Petit Voleur Erick Zonka Crime drama Expropriation
1999 Human Resources Laurent Cantet Comedy drama Employment, Social class
1999 Outlaw Enzo Monteleone Crime Comedy drama Horst Fantazzini, Illegalism
2000 Anarchists Yoo Young-sik Action Insurrectionary anarchism, Japanese occupation of Korea, Propaganda of the deed
2000 La Commune (Paris, 1871) Peter Watkins Historical drama Paris Commune
2000 Murderous Maids Jean-Pierre Denis Biographical Crime drama Christine and Léa Papin, Class conflict
2000 Together Lukas Moodysson Comedy drama
2001 South West 9 Richard Parry Drama Brixton Rave scene
2001 What to Do in Case of Fire? Gregor Schnitzler Action Comedy drama Gentrification, Squatting
2002 The Anarchist Cookbook Jordan Susman Romantic comedy Nihilism, The Anarchist Cookbook
2003 Acerchiata Flavio Sciolè art Antifilm, Anarchist
2004 The Edukators Hans Weingartner Crime drama Anti-capitalism
2004 Working Slowly (Radio Alice) Guido Chiesa Crime drama Autonomism, Radio Alice, Pirate radio
2005 I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed Serge Le Péron and Saïd Smihi Drama Mehdi Ben Barka
2005 This Revolution Stephen Marshall Thriller 2003 invasion of Iraq, Black Bloc, Media bias
2006 Les Brigades du Tigre Jérôme Cornuau Crime drama Bonnot Gang, Illegalism
2006 Salvador (Puig Antich) Manuel Huerga Biography Capital punishment, Iberian Liberation Movement, Salvador Puig Antich
2006 V for Vendetta James McTeigue Political thriller Anti-fascism, Propaganda of the deed
2007 Battle in Seattle Stuart Townsend Action-thriller 1999 Seattle WTO protests, Economic inequality
2007 Homotopia Eric Stanley & Chris Vargas Drama Cultural assimilation, Gay Shame, Queer anarchism
2008 The Anarchist's Wife Maria Noelle and Peter Sehr Period drama Anti-fascism
2008 The Wave Dennis Gansel Thriller Anti-fascism, The Third Wave (experiment)
2012 No God, No Master Terry Green Crime thriller 1919 United States anarchist bombings, Ludlow Massacre, Sacco and Vanzetti
2013 The East Zal Batmanglij Thriller Eco-terrorism, Green anarchism
2013 Night Moves Kelly Reichardt Thriller Eco-terrorism
2016 Free State of Jones Gary Ross Period drama Abolitionism, Civil rights, Free State of Jones
2016 Captain Fantastic Matt Ross Comedy-drama Intentional community, Self-reliance, Anarcho-primitivism
2017 Anarchist from Colony Lee Joon-ik Biographical period drama Fumiko Kaneko, Japanese dissidence during the early Shōwa period, Pak Yol
2017 Okja Bong Joon-ho Action-adventure Animal Liberation Front, animal rights, veganarchism
2018 Gun City
2020 The Trial of the Chicago 7 Aaron Sorkin Historical legal drama Chicago Seven, 1968 Democratic National Convention protest activity, Black Panther Party, National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, Students for a Democratic Society, Youth International Party
2022 How to Blow Up a Pipeline Daniel Goldhaber Action-Thriller Eco-terrorism, Social justice, Property destruction, Environmental justice


Year Title Director Themes
1901 Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison Edwin S. Porter Assassination of William McKinley, Leon Czolgosz
1930 À propos de Nice Jean Vigo Social inequality
1963 To Die in Madrid Frédéric Rossif Spanish Civil War
1969 My Girlfriend's Wedding Jim McBride Free love, Marriage of convenience
1971 Mexico, The Frozen Revolution Raymundo Gleyzer Mexican Revolution
1973 The Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord Situationism, The Spectacle, Mass marketing, Social alienation
1974 El Sopar Pere Portabella Prison, Salvador Puig Antich
1976 Deus, Pátria, Autoridade Rui Simões History of Portugal (5 October 1910 revolution, Estado Novo, Carnation Revolution)
1979 The Old Memory Jaime Camino Spanish Civil War
1980 The Free Voice of Labor Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher Jewish Anarchism
1981 Anarchism in America Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher Anarchism in USA
1981 The Decline of Western Civilization Penelope Spheeris Anarcho-punk, Punk rock in California
1983 Mientras el cuerpo aguante Fernando Trueba Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio, Anti-authoritarianism, Anarchism and Marxism
1983 Nice... À Propos de Jean Vigo Manoel de Oliveira Jean Vigo
1983 Signals Through the Flames Sheldon Rochlin The Living Theatre
1991 Lifting the Fog: Intrigue in the Middle East Allan Segal Middle East, Geopolitics
1992 Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media Mark Achbar and Peter Wintonick Manufacturing Consent, Media bias, Noam Chomsky
1993 The Revenge of the Dead Indians Henning Lohner John Cage
1995 Nestor Makhno, Peasant of Ukraine Hélène Châtelain Nestor Makhno
1997 Living Utopia Juan Gamero Anarcho-syndicalism, Spanish Revolution
1998 A Place Called Chiapas Nettie Wild Zapatista Army of National Liberation
1999 Breaking the Spell CrimethInc. 1999 Seattle WTO protests, Anti-capitalism
2000 Ácratas Virginia Martínez Anarchism in Uruguay
2000 Emma Goldman: The Anarchist Guest Coleman Romalis Emma Goldman
2001 Los cuentos del timonel Eduardo Montes-Bradley Osvaldo Bayer
2001 The Code Hannu Puttonen Free Software Movement
2001 Revolution OS J. T. S. Moore GNU, Free Software Movement
2002 Power and Terror John Junkerman Terrorism
2003 The Corporation Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott Corporatocracy
2003 Distorted Morality – America's War On Terror? John Junkerman War on Terror
2003 The Fourth World War Richard Rowley Israel-Palestine conflict
2004 The Diary of Sacco and Vanzetti David Rothauser Sacco and Vanzetti
2004 The Miami Model Independent Media Center Miami model
2004 The Take Avi Lewis Horizontalidad, Organizational Self-management
2005 The Oil Factor Gerard Ungerman Petroleum politics, War on Terror
2006 Lake of Fire Tony Kaye Abortion in the United States
2006 Sacco and Vanzetti Peter Miller Sacco and Vanzetti
2006 There Is No Authority But Yourself Alexander Oey Anarcho-punk, Crass
2007 In Prison My Whole Life Marc Evans Commonwealth v. Abu-Jamal
2007 Lucio José María Goenaga & Aitor Arregi Lucio Urtubia
2008 I Need That Record! Brendan Toller Counterculture, Independent record stores
2010 The Chicago Conspiracy CrimethInc. 2006 student protests in Chile, Armed resistance in Chile (1973–1990), Mapuche conflict, Military dictatorship of Chile (1973–1990)
2010 El cine libertario: Cuando las películas hacen historia[1] José María Almela, Verónica Vigil Anarchist cinema during the Spanish Civil War
2011 pickAxe CrimethInc. Ecotage
2011 END:CIV Franklin López Anti-civ, Peak Oil
2011 Hombres de ideas avanzadas Diego Fidalgo Joaquim Penina
2011 Je lutte donc je suis Yannis Youlountas Political struggles in Greece and Spain
2013 Simón, hijo del pueblo Rolando Goldman & Julián Troksberg Simón Radowitzky
2016 American Anarchist Charlie Siskel Interviews with William Powell, author of The Anarchist Cookbook, published in 1971.
2016 No Gods, No Masters: A History of Anarchism Tancrède Ramonet History of Anarchism

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