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Bronze Age

Pyramid texts from Teti I's pyramid.

Ancient Egyptian religion

Main article: Ancient Egyptian religion

Sumerian religion

Main article: Sumerian religion

Babylonian religion

Main article: Babylonian religion

Canaanite religion

Main article: Canaanite religion

Classical antiquity

The Cippus of Perugia, 3rd or 2nd century BCE

Etruscan religion

Main article: Etruscan mythology

Ancient Greek religion

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Main article: Hermeticism


Main article: List of Mandaean scriptures

Main texts:

Ritual texts:

Esoteric texts:

Historical texts:



Main article: Manichaeism


Main article: Orphism (religion)

East Asian religions

Further information: East Asian religions


Main article: Confucianism

The Four Books and Five Classics:

The Thirteen Classics (I Ching, Book of Documents, Classic of Poetry, Rites of Zhou, Etiquette and Ceremonial, Book of Rites, The Commentary of Zuo, The Commentary of Gongyang, The Commentary of Guliang, The Analects, Classic of Filial Piety, Erya, Mencius)


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Main article: Shinto

Iranian religions

Further information: Iranian religions

Yasna 28.1 (Bodleian MS J2)


Main article: Zoroastrianism

Primary religious texts (the Avesta collection):

There are some 60 secondary religious texts, none of which are considered scripture. The most important of these are:

For general use by the laity:


Main article: Yarsanism


Main article: Yazidi

The true core texts of the Yazidi religion that exist today are the hymns, known as qawls. Spurious examples of so-called "Yazidi religious texts" include the Yazidi Black Book and the Yazidi Book of Revelation, which are believed to have been forged in the early 20th century; the Yazidi Black Book, for instance, is thought to be a combination of genuine Yazidi beliefs and Western forgeries.[1][2]

Indian religions

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Main article: Ayyavazhi scriptures

Akilattirattu Ammanai:

Arul Nool:


Ancient style of scripture used for the Pāli Canon

See also: Early Buddhist Texts and Buddhist texts

Theravada Buddhism:

The Chinese Diamond Sutra, the oldest known dated printed book in the world, printed in the 9th year of Xiantong Era of the Tang dynasty, or 868 CE.

East Asian Mahayana:

Tibetan Buddhism:


Main article: Hindu texts


The Bhagavad Gita is Lord Krishna's counsel to Arjuna on the battlefield of the Kurukshetra.


In Purva Mimamsa:

In Vedanta (Uttar Mimamsa):

In Yoga:

In Samkhya:

In Nyaya:

In Vaisheshika:

In Vaishnavism:

In Saktism:

In Kashmir Saivism:

In Pashupata Shaivism:

In Shaiva Siddhanta:

In Gaudiya Vaishnavism:


In Lingayatism:

In Kabir Panth:

In Dadu Panth:


Main article: Jain Agamas





Main article: Ravidassia

Amritbani Guru Ravidass Ji, the holy book contains the following hymns: Raga – Siri (1), Gauri (5), Asa (6), Gujari (1), Sorath (7), Dhanasari (3), Jaitsari (1), Suhi (3), Bilaval (2), Gaund (2), Ramkali (1), Maru (2), Kedara (1), Bhairau (1), Basant (1), and Malhar (3). The book contains 140 shabads, 40 pade, and 231 salok.[3] There are 177 pages in all of the book.


Illuminated Guru Granth folio with Mul Mantar(basic religion mantra) with signature of Guru Gobind Singh.

Main article: Sikh scriptures


Main articles: Satpanth and Ginans

Abrahamic religions

Further information: Abrahamic religions

Bahá'í Faith

Further information: Bahá'í literature


Christian Bible, 1407 handwritten copy


Further information: Biblical canon

The contents of Christian Bibles differ by denomination.

Additional and alternative scriptures

Some Christian denominations have additional or alternate holy scriptures, some with authoritativeness similar to the Old Testament and New Testament.

Latter Day Saint movement
1841, first European (London) edition of the Book of Mormon, at the Springs Preserve museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Further information: Standard works

Liturgical books

Liturgical books are used to guide or script worship, and many are specific to a denomination.

Catholic liturgical books:

Protestant liturgical books:

Doctrines and laws

Further information: Christian theology and Biblical law in Christianity

The Bible (left) and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (right) serve as the pastor of the Christian Science church.

Various Christian denominations have texts which define the doctrines of the group or set out laws which are considered binding. The groups consider these to range in permanence from unquestionable interpretations of divine revelations to human decisions made for convenience or elucidation which are subject to reconsideration.


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11th century North African Qur'an in the British Museum

Main article: Islamic holy books

The five universally acknowledged messengers (rasul) in Islam are Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus and Muhammad,[10] each believed to have been sent with a scripture. Muslims believe David (Dāwūd) received Psalms (Zabur)[11] (cf. Q38:28); Jesus (Īsā) the Gospel (Injil); Muhammad received the Qur'an; Abraham (Ibrahim) the Scrolls of Abraham; and Moses (Mūsā) the Torah (Tawrat).[12]

Sunni Islam

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Shia Islam

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Main article: Alawites


Main article: Ahmadiyya


Main article: Alevism

Mevlevi Order

Main article: Mevlevi Order


Main article: Judaism

A Sefer Torah opened for liturgical use in a synagogue service

Rabbinic Judaism

Further information: Rabbinic literature


Main article: Haymanot


Non-rabbinic Judaism

Karaite Judaism

Main article: Karaite Judaism

Jewish Science

Main article: Jewish Science

Rastafari movement

Main article: Rastafari movement


Main article: Samaritanism

Pre-Columbian Americas

Aztec religion

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Maya religion

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Ethnic religions

Bon (autochthonous religious tradition of Tibet)

Main article: Bon

Old Norse religion

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Main article: Kirat Mundhum


Main article: Shabakism


Main article: Qizilbash


Main article: Yoruba religion

New religious movements

Further information: New religious movements


Main article: Ayyavazhi

The ACIM Movement

The writings of Franklin Albert Jones a.k.a. Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

Aetherius Society

Main article: Aetherius Society


Main article: Caodaism


Main article: Cheondoism

Creativity Movement

Main article: Creativity Movement

The writings of Ben Klassen:


Main article: Discordianism


Main article: Druidry (modern)


Main article: Dudeism


Main article: Heathenry (new religious movement)


Main article: Jediism


Main article: Konkokyo

Meher Baba

Main article: Meher Baba


Main article: Meivazhi

Oahspe Faithism


Main article: Pastafarianism


Main article: Raëlism

The writings of Raël a.k.a. Claude Vorilhon:


Main article: Ravidassia

Religious Science

Main article: Religious Science


Main article: Satanism


Main article: Scientology


Main article: Spiritism


Main article: Tenrikyo


Main article: Thelema

Unarius Academy of Science

Main article: Unarius Academy of Science


Main article: Urantianism


Main article: Wicca

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