Luyi is located in Henan
Location in Henan
Coordinates: 33°51′36″N 115°29′02″E / 33.860°N 115.484°E / 33.860; 115.484Coordinates: 33°51′36″N 115°29′02″E / 33.860°N 115.484°E / 33.860; 115.484
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityZhoukou
 • Total1,248 km2 (482 sq mi)
41 m (133 ft)
 • Total878,200
 • Density700/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code

Luyi County (simplified Chinese: 鹿邑县; traditional Chinese: 鹿邑縣; pinyin: Lùyì Xiàn) is a county of eastern Henan, People's Republic of China, bordering Anhui province to the east. It is under the administration of Zhoukou City.

The county is known for its make-up brushes production, with over 150 million brushes produced annually. This industry started concentrating in Luyi in the 2010s, the county already had a wool processing industry before.[3][4][5]

It is also the birthplace of ancient Chinese philosopher and writer Laozi. During the Song dynasty the Taiqing Palace was built in Luyi, an important Taoist shrine. Although it only exists as ruins nowadays, it remains an important religious and archeological site.[6][7]

According to some historians, the Battle of Gaixia took place in what is now Luyi County.[8][9]

Administrative divisions

As 2012, this county is divided to 9 towns and 13 townships.[10]

  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Xuanwu (玄武镇)
  • Zaoji (枣集镇)
  • Taiqinggong (太清宫镇)
  • Wangpiliu (王皮溜镇)
  • Shiliang (试量镇)
  • Xinji (辛集镇)
  • Mapu (马铺镇)
  • Wobei (涡北镇)
  • Luyi Township (城郊乡)
  • Zhengjiaji Township (郑家集乡)
  • Guantang Township (观堂乡)
  • Shengtiezhong Township (生铁冢乡)
  • Zhangdian Township (张店乡)
  • Zhaocun Township (赵村乡)
  • Renji Township (任集乡)
  • Tangji Township (唐集乡)
  • Gaoji Township (高集乡)
  • Qiuji Township (邱集乡)
  • Mudian Township (穆店乡)
  • Yanghukou Township (杨湖口乡)
  • Jiatan Township (贾滩乡)


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