Sieved rice mieum as baby food
Place of originKorea
Associated cuisineKorean cuisine
Main ingredientsRice or foxtail millet
Korean name
Revised Romanizationmieum

Mieum (Korean미음; Hanja米飮) is a thin, strained gruel made from white rice, white glutinous rice, foxtail millet, or glutinous foxtail millet.[1][2] It is often used in liquid diet for patients and for recently weaned children.[2] A thinner mieum, made from rice water or mixed with powdered milk, is sometimes used as a breast milk substitute for younger babies.[2][3]

Preparation and varieties

Rice or foxtail millet is soaked for at least 2 hours before being drained and boiled, usually at a ratio of 1 part grain to 10 parts water.[3][4] It is simmered until sodden and mushy, then strained through a double sieve.[4] The sieved gruel is then warmed again and served with two small dishes of salt and cheongjang (clear soup soy sauce).[4]


Sok-mieum (속미음; 粟米飮) is a mieum made with jujube, chestnut, and ginseng.[5] Thinly sliced ginseng is simmered for an hour, and the water is used to make sok-mieum.[5] Glutinous rice or glutinous foxtail millet, jujube, and chestnut is prepared in the same way: boiling until mushy and double-sieving.[5] Glutinous rice-based sok-mieum is seasoned with sugar, while glutinous foxtail millet-based sok-mieum is seasoned with salt before being served.[2]

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