Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Rénlì Zīyuán Hé Shèhuì Bǎozhàngbù

Ministry headquarters
Agency overview
Formed1949; 75 years ago (1949)
2008; 16 years ago (2008) (current form)
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Security
  • Ministry of Personnel
JurisdictionGovernment of China
Minister responsible
Deputy Ministers responsible
  • Wang Shaofeng
  • Wu Xiuzhang
  • Li Zhong
  • Yu Jiadong
Agency executive
  • Zhang Min, Leader of Discipline Inspection & Supervision Team
Parent agencyState Council of China Edit this at Wikidata

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is a ministry under the State Council of China which is responsible for national labor policies, standards, regulations and managing the national social security. This includes labor force management, labor relationship readjustment, social insurance management and legal construction of labor.[1] The State Bureau of Civil Servants reports to the new ministry.[2][3]


The ministry was created from the merger of the former Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Labor and Social Security, announced at the 2008 National People's Congress.[4]

Since December 30, 2022, the ministry is headed by Wang Xiaoping.[citation needed]


The MOHRSS has responsibility for managing the employment market in mainland China. The ministry also oversees the China Overseas Talent Network, part of the Thousand Talents Plan, and has internal bureaus focused on technology transfer.[5][6]

Due to the financial crisis of 2008 and late 2000s recession, the department has recommended companies to prevent and control large staff reduction.[7] The agency also provides assistance to labor-intensive industries and enterprises to create more employment. MOHRSS stressed that priority be given to migrant workers, laid-off workers, poor people and graduates from universities and colleges in offering works.[citation needed]

List of ministers of human resources and social security

(Human Resources) original Ministry of Personnel
No. Name Took office Left office
Minister of Personnel
1 An Ziwen October 1949 November 1954
post abolished
2 Zhao Dongwan (赵东宛) April 1988 March 1993
3 Song Defu March 1993 December 2000
4 Zhang Xuezhong December 2000 December 2002
5 Zhang Bolin (张柏林) December 2002 August 2007
6 Yin Weimin August 2007 March 2008
(Social Security) original Ministry of Labor
No. Name Took office Left office
Minister of Labor
1 Li Lisan October 1949 September 1954
2 Ma Wenrui September 1954 1966
post abolished
3 Luo Gan April 1988 December 1988
4 Ruan Chongwu December 1988 1989
5 Li Boyong 1989 March 1993
Minister of Labor and Social Security
6 Zhang Zuoji March 1998 March 2003
7 Zheng Silin March 2003 July 2005
8 Tian Chengping July 2005 March 2008
Human Resources and Social Security (Personnel and Labor)
No. Name Took office Left office
Minister of Labor and Personnel
1 Zhao Shouyi (赵守一) 1982 1985
2 Zhao Dongwan (赵东宛) 1985 April 1988
Minister of Human Resources and Social Security
3 Yin Weimin March 2008 March 2018
4 Zhang Jinan March 2018 June 2022
5 Zhou Zuyi June 2022 December 2022
6 Wang Xiaoping December 2022 Incumbent

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