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The decorations (Slovene: Odlikovanja Republike Slovenije) for citizens who do great deeds for, or on behalf of, the country.

Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia

The Order of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene: Častni znak svobode Republike Slovenije) is a decoration "for services rendered in the defence of freedom and assertion of the sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia or only in connection with the said acts related to the gaining of independence." They are the highest civilian award given by the government of Slovenia. A majority of recipients of the Orders of Freedom were directly involved in Slovenia's struggle for independence from Yugoslavia, including the Ten-Day War which established their independence.

There are three degrees in the Order of Freedom:

The Orders of Freedom were established by the Orders of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia Act in 1992.

Other Orders and Medals

The other orders and medals (Slovene: Redi in medalje) were established to honor works that advance Slovenia as a nation. With the exception of the highest honor, the Order of Exceptional Merits, they are split into three different categories, with a different medal design for each category: civil field, diplomatic and international field, and military or security field. These decorations were established by the Decorations of the Republic of Slovenia Act, instituted in 2004. Except for the Order of Exceptional Merits each field has a slightly different medal design.