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Purushottam Das
Born(1907-07-07)July 7, 1907

Purushottam Das (Born: 7 July 1907 – Died: 21 January 1991) was the pioneer of the Nathdwara school of Pakhawaj (a barrel-shaped, two-headed drum instrument usually played in the Indian subcontinent) playing.[1]

Awards and recognitions

He was the son of Sri Ghanshyam Das ji and the eldest member of Nathdwara parampara. Since he was five years old he was able to recite and play various taals in traditional ways. Sri Ghanshyam Das ji used to take little Purushottam along to the temple while playing for the Lord. When he was just nine, his father died and Purushottam was burdened to carry the parampara. He successfully managed to carry it on his shoulders. And served at Sri Nathdwara Temple following his ancestors for many years. Later he joined Bhartiya Kala Kendra and Kathak Kendra at Delhi and finally came back to Sri Nathdwara and left his body there. He had no son but he trained and developed many good disciples including Sri Prakash Chandra, Sri Shyamlal and Sri Ramkrishna (Nathdwara), Sri Durgalal, Maharaj Chhatrapati Singh, Sri Harikrishna Bahera, Pt Totaram Shrama etc.(by Ananya Sharma from St Kabeer Academy, Dehradun)


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