Protul Chandra Sorcar
P. C. Sorcar
Born(1913-02-23)23 February 1913
Died6 January 1971(1971-01-06) (aged 57)
SpouseBasanti Devi
Children3 sons, Manick Sorcar, P. C. Sorcar Jr., P. C. Sorcar, Young
RelativesPiya Sorcar, Maneka Sorcar, Moubani Sorcar, Mumtaz Sorcar (grandchildren)

Protul Chandra Sorcar (23 February 1913 – 6 January 1971) was an Indian magician.[1] He was an internationally active magician throughout the 1950s and 1960s, performing his Indrajal show before live audiences and on television. Sorcar died of a heart attack at the age of 57 in Asahikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan, on 6 January 1971, where he was performing.[2] P.C. Sorcar is known also as P.C. Sorcar Senior (as his son P.C. Sorcar Jr. also performs under the same name), is renowned as "Father of Modern Indian Magic".[3]


At the age of 21, Sorcar decided to give up formal education (he was likely to study to become an engineer), and decided to become a conjuror despite the profession's low esteem in India.[4]: 151 

Sorcar became famous in the mid-1930s, when he performed shows in Kolkata and also in Japan and several other countries. Among other routines, he performed a Floating Lady routine featuring aerial suspension in 1964.[5] Ganapati Chakraborty was his mentor.[6]

In 1956, he performed the sawing a woman in half illusion on the BBC's Panorama program.[7] When he performed it on live television, it drew huge attention in the United Kingdom because the climax made it appear as though the women had actually been cut in half and died, which caused a public panic.[8]

His self-appointed title was "The World's Greatest Magician".[4]: 152 

Sorcar died in Japan in 1971.[4]: 153 

Personal life

Sorcar was married to Basanti Devi. They were the parents of the animator, director and laserist Manick Sorcar and magicians P. C. Sorcar Jr. and P. C. Sorcar, Young.


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Postage stamp

Sorcar on a 2010 stamp of India

On 23 February 2010, India Post issued a commemorative stamp to honour him.[9][10]


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